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2024 Surface 604 Trio eBike Review

2024 surface 604 trio parked on a bridge

New for 2024, the Surface 604 Trio is unique among its three-wheeled peers because of its mid-drive motor configuration. Instead of a hub motor in the front or rear wheels, the mid-drive motor provides ample power and better weight distribution than any hub configuration.

If you’re short on time, here are the five main takeaways from my experience with this electric tricycle:

  1. The Trio is very accessible, with a low-step frame and a very stable stance, thanks to its rear wheels. The seat can be adjusted to accommodate most people under 6’4”. It’s front and rear racks are oversized and well-made. You can carry a lot of cargo on this trike.
  2. Surface 604 has governed the Trio at 14 mph / 22 kph (or thereabouts). You can pedal faster than that, but the Trio is a tricycle, and handling dynamics becomes challenging at higher speeds. The speed limiter can be unlocked via the display.
  3. The 4” Panaracer tires perform well on pavement and are okay in dirt. Run them at around 24 psi for paved riding and 5 – 10 psi for off-road.
  4. Even with the tires at low pressure, the ride is stiff. You will feel bumps in the road; secure your cargo if you anticipate uneven terrain.
  5. The groupset, brakes, and drivetrain are excellent. The torque-sensing mid-drive is configured to feel very natural and has enough power to spin both rear tires (on dirt). It will go up any hill you’ll see in an urban environment that can accommodate its size.

Loaded front and rear with my camera equipment, the Trio and I set out for the first of several rides I would take over one week. Today’s ride would include climbs, declines, pavement, dirt, and gravel, and serve as a good demonstration of just how capable and practical the Trio is.

Words & Photography: Cameron Martel 

Surface 604 loaned us the trio for a week in mid-April via eBikes Calgary, which provided the demo unit. wBW has no financial or affiliate relationship with Surface 604 or eBikes Calgary. All reviews are subject to our review policies. Products are scored based on our hands-on experiences with it. To date, I have hands-on reviewed more than 30 ebikes and have five in my garage at any given time.

2024 surface 604 trio

2024 Surface 604 Trio Specifications

  • MSRP: $3,500 USD / $4,499 CAD
  • Where to Buy: (USA) / EbikesCalgary (Canada)
  • Warranty: 1 year on parts, three years on the frame. 7-day return policy.
  • Top Speed: 14 mph / 22 kph 
  • eBike Class: Class 2 out of the box, class 3 unlockable
  • Range: Claimed 70 miles / 110 km (wBW estimated 45 miles / 72 km)
  • Bike Weight: 88 lbs / 39 kg (including battery)
  • Weight capacity: 450 lbs (205 kg)
  • Motor: Bafang BBS02 500-watt mid-drive
  • Torque: Estimated 100 nm
  • PAS: Torque, 5 PAS levels
  • Brakes: Tektro Auriga hydraulic brakes with 180 mm rotors and parking lock
  • Gearing: Shimano Altus 7-speed groupset
  • Battery: 48V 20 Ah (960 Wh)
  • Wheels & Tires: 20” x 4” wire wheels with Panaracer tires
  • Other: Headlight, powered taillight, front and rear racks, front and rear fenders

2024 surface 604 trio

What is the Surface 604 Trio?

The Trio is Surface 604’s first three-wheeled cargo electric tricycle, with a “traditional” tricycle frame configuration.

If you haven’t ridden a trike before, it’s important to consider the differences in how a three-wheeled bike (or motorcycle) handles compared to a “regular” bike. It is significantly different from a two-wheeled vehicle. You don’t want to lean into corners too much, and it won’t feel as stable at higher speeds.

Three-wheeled ebikes are great as cargo haulers, and fittingly, the Trio is equipped with oversized front and rear baskets. Both are made from robust metal and are cleanly finished with smooth welds and even paint. The front rack has the Buschel 120 headlight mounted on it (the taillight is mounted underneath the rear rack).

The Trio is not the only three-wheeled ebike on the market, but it is one of the only ones at this price point. It is equipped with a BBS02 mid-drive, three-wheel hydraulic disc brakes (with park brake), and a huge 20 Ah battery. Wiring is tucked away neatly, and the Trio comes with racks and fenders as standard equipment.

Its folding stem (taken from the Surface 604 Twist folding ebike) is unique to the Trio, making it more transportable than other trikes. With the stem folded down (toward the seat), you can more easily fit the Trio in a mid-size or larger SUV.

2024 surface 604 trio

Surface 604 Trio Ride Quality

At lower speeds, the Trio is stable and accessible. Nearly everyone can adjust the seat height to their liking and enjoy their time with it. With the parking lock in place, you can get on and in position before releasing the brake and getting going. 

The mid-drive motor is mounted to a rear axle that spins both wheels. There is no differential, so one tire can take all the power. In normal circumstances, there is tons of grip from the rear, though the Trio has a slightly forward weight bias and can feel light on the rear end in dirt and gravel.

Keeping the Trio at around 14 mph / 22 kph also keeps bumps and uneven terrain at bay. I received the bike with 24 psi in the tires, and I reduced it to 8 psi in each tire when I decided to take it on some light dirt trails. This significantly improved the ride quality, and though it does make the bike feel more sluggish when pedaling, the motor is so powerful that it doesn’t matter – the improvement in ride quality is more than worth the small tradeoff in battery life.

The racks are deep so that you can load them up. I could see you easily carrying home a week’s worth of groceries on this bike. The parking brake function works very similarly to how it does in a car and is reliable to use on moderate grades.

Surface 604 has governed the motor at 14 mph / 22 kph, and while I was first dismayed by that, I soon realized the error in my thinking. The Trio could easily go twice as fast, but it’s a trike, and going much faster than the limit is dangerous. You can input the code 0510 into the display to unlock it, but neither Surface 604 nor I suggest you do that.

As-is, the Trio will easily climb any hill you’re likely to encounter in an urban or suburban area. It has enough torque to climb steepish grades, and its three-wheel disc brakes have enough clamping force to stop the bike on downhill stretches. 

The Trio is about as good as a trike ebike can get and has enough range to be useful all day as a cargo hauler. Perfect for short-haul couriers, community deliveries, recreational parks, campsites, and more. 

2024 surface 604 trio

Surface 604 Build Quality & Components

The Trio is fit with good-quality components all around and wiring is appropriately tucked away. You shouldn’t have any problem servicing or replacing components.

Motor & Drivetrain

The Bafang BBS02 500-watt mid-drive motor is a proven reliable model often used on long-range eMTBs and commuters. It produces 100 nm of torque and has a motor cut-out feature that engages when you shift.

2024 surface 604 trio motor and drivetrain

The drivetrain is unique to other bikes because it powers a rear axle. The cassette and derailleur are located in the center at the back of the bike. The chain has about 4” of ground clearance at the rear.


Shimano Altus groupset

The Altus is a reliable entry-level groupset from Shimano, and 7 gears are very practical for this bike. The motor ensures you’ll never need more than 7 speeds, and the gearing range allows the motor to put down tons of torque when needed.


2024 surface 604 trio front wheel and brakes

Tektro’s Auriga-series hydraulic brakes are also reliable, and the Trio sports three 180 mm disc brakes. Despite weighing nearly 90 lbs, the brakes will easily stop the bike at the speeds the Trio will be going at.

Also, while solid forks don’t help much with ride quality, they do reduce complexity and maintenance requirements.

2024 surface 604 trio

How Does the Surface 604 Trio Compare to Other Electric Tricycles?

While not alone in its class, the atypical configuration of parts and mid-drive motor sets the Trio well apart from most other class competitors in component quality, capability, and price.

On the lower end of the market, you have the RadTrike and XP Trike.

The more popular RadTrike is only $1,600, but it’s much lower-specced to the point where it’s not really a comparison. It sports a 10 Ah battery, an inferior cadence PAS system, and a 750-watt front-hub motor. Baskets are extra.

There’s also the Lectric XP Trike, priced at $1,949. It’s similar to other peers regarding components and power, though this one folds at both the stem and mid-line.

Both the RadTrike and XP Trike mount a single rear brake disc on the axle vs. one for each wheel.

If you spend a bit more, you can get bikes with better components, such as the Perraro Polar or Pedego Trike.

The Perraro Polar is a 750-watt hub trike priced at $2,899. Like the Trio, it has front and rear baskets, fenders, and powered lights. However, it uses a front-hub motor that is much less capable (and powerful) than the Trio’s mid-drive. Like the Trio, it has three-wheel disc brakes.

The Pedego Trike is $3,499 and is designed very differently. It lacks a front rack and is much more limited regarding components and capability. However, it does come with a backrest (so that’s nice).

2024 surface 604 trio

Cargo Ready & Easy for Anyone to Ride

While riding the Trio, I dreamed of setting up a bike tour where we’d take a handful of these around the river pathways, stop for a picnic lunch, and then ride home. With speed limiters in place, I’m confident that everyone can ride the Trio safely and with fewer falls. Maybe there’s a business in the making…

At 6’2”, I can comfortably ride and pedal the Trio (as could my wife, who is 5’8”). The trike configuration simplifies getting on and off, and few bikes have comparable cargo space.

The downsides to this bike only materialize if you ride it off-road or try to test its top speed. Otherwise, aside from being a tad pricey at $3,500 USD / $4,499 CAD, there’s very little about the Trio to fault and there’s lots to enjoy. From the oversized racks to the overpowered motor, the Trio is almost overbuilt (and that’s not bad).

It is one of few Trikes as capable as it is and is a smidge overkill. But, if you want a Trike that uses the right components and has a monster motor (and battery to match), you’ve found it.

Review Summary
The Surface 604 Trio fits an interesting niche. Its front and rear racks are both oversized and made to last, and its mid-drive motor gives it plenty of oomph. Riding dynamics are tepid due to its three-wheel layout. A folding stem lets the Trio fit inside a large SUV, and hydraulic brakes and front/rear powered lights make it daily usable. If you want a bike that offers light cargo duties, the Trio is a great choice and stands alone in terms of hardware, capability, and price.
Design & Style
Build Quality
Value for Money
48V 20 Ah battery provides a claimed 70-mile range (I estimate a real-world 40 - 50 miles of range)
Folding stem makes it more transportable
Huge front and rear racks + fenders as standard
Max load of 450 lbs means anyone can ride and load it
Mid-drive motor has enough power to spin both rear wheels
Handlebar height is not adjustable
Cornering dynamics are unstable at speed (typical of a trike)
It weighs just under 90 lbs
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