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Rumor Has It: MV Agusta Could Join MotoGP by “End of 2026”

"I Don't Rule Out the Possibility that We Will Enter MotoGP as a Separate Brand”

An MV Agusta motorcycle.
A view of MV Agusta's F3. Media provided by MV Agusta.
  • MV Agusta could join the MotoGP lineup for “after 2026.” 
  • Rumor has it that KTM wants Marc Marquez astride an MV Agusta bike for the brand’s re-entry to the grid
  • Re-entry will be systematic “like [what] we do with GASGAS.” 

The Champ’s Circuit may soon see a new team taking the grid by storm… and we even have a good guess as to MV Agusta’s ideal rider for the occasion. 

Two motorcycles on a stage.
A view of old and newer MV Agusta bikes. Media provided by RideApart.

Why is MV Agusta considering joining MotoGP?

It all boils down to who’s holding the controls. 

Remember when KTM acquired 25.1% of MV Agusta back in December of 2022, and the next-door news of GASGAS debuting their factory race team to MotoGP led everybody to ask whether MV Agusta would also debut a team to MotoGP? 

Back then, Pierer Mobility Group’s CEO – Stephan Pierer – was recorded with the following answer for the masses: 

You can’t rule out anything – but if [we decided to release an MV Agusta team], then it would be systematic work, like we do with GASGAS.” 

– Stephan Pierer, CEO, Pierer Mobility (MV Agusta)

Fast forward to 2024, and Pierer/KTM has officially added MV Agusta to their portfolio, having increased their stake to a majority holding of 50.1% ahead of schedule. 

Naturally, Pierer is once again being asked the right question: 

The CEO of PIERER Mobility.
StefanPierer, CEO of PIERER Mobility and a member of the KTM board.

Will MV Agusta debut a team to MotoGP?

As they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease; in this case, Pierer’s Chief Executive has estimated that an MV Agusta team could be ready for the Grand Prix circuit as soon as 2027! 


Here’s the official statement from Pierer, pulled from Speedweek (and translated from Deutsch):

MotoGP will develop towards Formula 1. As a manufacturer, you will have an engine platform like in Formula 1. The teams will then be distinguished by a different chassis; the drive units remain identical… for 2027, I therefore do not rule out that we will enter MotoGP with MV Agusta as our own brand.

At some point you have to start. MV Agusta has already won many world championship titles, regardless of the fact that they are now active in the luxury sector. That’s why I don’t rule out a MotoGP participation with MV Agusta after 2026.”

– Stephan Pierer, CEO, Pierer Mobility (SpeedWeek)
A close-up of an MV motorcycle.
A view of MV Agusta’s F3. Media provided by MV Agusta.

Who will ride for MV Agusta?

Rumors from Ricard Jove (reported for DAZN) suggest that Marc Marquez, the Ant of Cervera, is KTM’s ideal rider for MV’s resurrection. 

While this tidbit is far from confirmed, coverage from Crash reminds us that Marquez is only contracted into Ducati for a year; after that, the man is free to look at whichever contracts suit the racer’s talents best. 

What do you think Pierer/KTM has in store for the MotoGP grid in the coming years?

*All media provided by RideApart, as well as KTM, TOP LEADER, and MV Agusta*