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Ruroc EOX Revealed

Ruroc's new lid unveiled during New Dawn World Tour at Bike Shed, LA

Ruroc EOX Buzzsaw

If you’re already a Ruroc fan, or want to know more about their products, we’ve done in-depth reviews on their lineup of helmets:

Despite being a relative newcomer in the motorcycle industry, Ruroc has been turning heads with its unmatched style and bold graphics on the streets and at the racetracks. Their helmets are becoming synonymous with aggressive design and safety backed by new technologies.

Personally, their ATLAS 3.0 Fujin is still one of my favorite helmet graphics of all time. So, when they gear up to launch their new flagship premium helmet, EOX (pronounced “ee-yos”), it was only suitable to have it at the equally stylish Tommy’s Bar, an exclusive speakeasy nestled in the back of Bike Shed, LA.

Ruroc EOX Ignis

Ruroc EOX colourways

This makes the fifth time Ruroc has released a new model in six years, a testament to Ruroc’s commitment to continuous improvement. As Jim Pruner, who reviewed ATLAS 3.0, noted, “Nobody else does that!”

With anticipation, I drove from San Diego to their pre-release event, aptly named The New Dawn World Tour in LA. The drive took a god-awful three hours, but the event didn’t disappoint.

Ruroc EOX Ghost

Inside the hidden door, the brand new EOX helmets adorned the horseshoe-shaped bar. The slightly dim lighting made the photography a bit of a challenge, but it was enough to capture the striking appearance of EOX.

Ruroc EOX Ghost

The EOX’s profile is aggressive and somewhat narrow, and the addition of a spoiler gives it a sleek, aerodynamic look. The more noticeable change in its appearance is that EOX has forgone the side vents that plagued the ATLAS with noise issues. Instead, the integrated Cardo / Shockwave system ports are in place.

Ruroc EOX Ignis Ruroc EOX Ignis

When installed, the system is very low profile and seamlessly blends with the helmet’s aesthetic. The newly engineered Shockwave Mesh system, powered by Cardo’s Dynamic Mesh Communication technology, boasts the capability to connect up to 15 riders over a range of up to one mile.

Ruroc EOX Rheon integrated headliner

When I lifted up the helmet, its lightweight immediately caught my attention. Compared to a size Small ATLAS 4.0 Carbon, the EOX of the same size weighs 200g less at 1400g (3.09lb). This reduction in weight is attributed to the new Quad-Matrix carbon composite shell, reinforced with Kevlar, nylon, and fiberglass. According to Ruroc, this is “the lightest yet most robust carbon composite to date.”  Along with the Rheon polymer integrated headliner, first introduced with ATLAS 4.0, the EOX provides comfortable yet DOT and ECE 22.06 certified protection for impact and rotational forces.

The interior liners are covered in antimicrobial, washable material and are completely removable. Normally, I wear a size Small helmet, but I could not fit my head into a Small EOX because of the thick neck roll. Although I managed to don a Medium, the fit was not quite right. Given comments from our reviewers that the cheek pads required a break-in, I would still wear a Small. Fortunately, EOX also comes with a set of ‘Slim-line’ cheek pads in addition to the regular set as standard. This may easily resolve the fitment issue.

Let’s talk about the colorways. Ruroc EOX is available in matt black (Core), gloss white (Ghost), matt black carbon weave (Raw Carbon), gloss black carbon weave (Liquid Carbon), and four graphics (Squadron, Mictlan, Ignis, and Buzzsaw). Once again, Ruroc’s design team delivers. Regardless of what you ride, whether sportbikes or cruisers, you will look totally badass with EOX.

Ruroc EOX Squadron Ruroc EOX Mictlan Ruroc EOX Ignis Ruroc EOX Buzzsaw

We must wait for the hands-on review for the final verdict on Ruroc EOX. However, the improvements are there from ATLAS 4.0. I appreciate the company that listens to riders and continues to renovate its product accordingly.

Ruroc EOX will be released on April 24 with prices starting from US $499 (€539).