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6 Motorcycles To Look Out For In 2024

2024 is a promising year, with several notable models that have never been seen before ranging from sleek street bikes to warriors to rugged adventurers.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a novice eager to embrace the biker’s lifestyle, we think this list will have something for you. It’s not an exhaustive list of the latest and greatest that 2024 has to offer, but some of our favorites instead.

Kawasaki Ninja e-1

2024 Kawasaki Ninja e-1

The 2024 Ninja e-1 is Kawasaki’s new electric motorcycle, marking a significant step into the electric vehicle market for the brand. This model features a compact, brushless electric motor which offers smooth and responsive power delivery. It is designed with a clutch-less operation, making it very rider-friendly, especially for urban commuting.

Quick Specs & Features

  • Dual Power Modes: Riders can choose between ROAD and ECO modes, where ROAD mode allows for full power and a top speed of 55 mph while ECO mode limits the speed to 40mph for those who want to preserve battery life during a longer commute.
  • e-Boost Function: This feature provides a temporary boost in power for about 15 seconds, enhancing acceleration and top speed​​. ROAD mode increases the speed to 65mph while ECO mode increases the top speed to 47mph.
  • Walk/Reverse Modes: These modes facilitate riders with low-speed maneuvering and parking.
  • Battery and Charging: The e-1 is powered by dual removable lithium-ion batteries with a combined nominal capacity of 60 Ah, offering an estimated range of 41 miles in ROAD mode without using e-boost. Each battery takes roughly 3.7 hours to reach full charge.
  • Handling and Ergonomics: The Ninja e-1 features a lightweight trellis frame similar to that of the Ninja 400, designed for agility and ease of handling, making it suitable for urban environments​.
  • Chassis and Safety: The motorcycle includes front and rear disc brakes with ABS, ensuring good stopping power.

Why We Like It

Electric motorcycles are a relatively new segment, with North American brands such as Zero and Damon Motorcycles commanding the largest presence.

The Kawasaki Ninja e-1 is a new competitor in this segment, with MSRP starting at $7,899 USD / $9,499 CAD. The bike merges the sporty aesthetic of the Ninja lineup with the benefits of electric power, offering a promising option for those looking to transition to electric motorcycles​.

Kawasaki Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z7 Hybrid

2024 Kawasaki Z7 Hybrid

Electric bikes not your thing? No problem.

The 2024 Kawasaki Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z7 Hybrid are innovative additions to Kawasaki’s motorcycle lineup, integrating hybrid technology with sportbike dynamics. These models feature a 451cc internal combustion engine paired with a compact electric traction motor, so you can benefit from both ICE power and electric efficiency.

The chassis and suspension design are optimized for light and nimble handling, akin to the Ninja 650, with a focus on achieving responsive and sporty handling characteristics suitable for a hybrid motorcycle.

Quick Specs & Features

  • Hybrid Power Unit: Both models utilize a combination of a gasoline engine and an electric motor, with a total output of 68.5 horsepower. The hybrid system system allows for powerful acceleration thanks to the instant torque provided by the electric motor.
  • Drive Modes: Three selectable driving modes are available. The SPORT-HYBRID mode maximizes the hybrid system’s capabilities for spirited riding, ECO-HYBRID mode optimizes fuel efficiency by primarily using the electric motor at low speeds, and EV mode offers quiet, zero-emission travel for short distances.
  • E-Boost Function: Similar to the Ninja e-1,the e-boost function temporarily is available in SPORT-HYBRID mode, which increases the motorcycle’s power output. Comparatively, the power delivery rivals a 650cc-class machine for about five seconds, providing a burst of acceleration when needed.
  • Transmission and Control: These models are equipped with an innovative automated manual transmission that can be operated in either fully automatic or manual mode using button controls on the handlebars. This system includes an Automatic Launch Position Finder that automatically shifts to the first gear at stops to aid in smooth starts.
  • Walk/Reverse Modes: Enhancing low-speed maneuverability, especially in tight spaces like parking lots, this feature allows the motorcycle to move forward or backward at walking speed when activated.

Why We Like It

Kawasaki’s new electric and hybrid models are an exciting addition to the powersport industry. As electric technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous in both cars and motorcycles, the Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z7 Hybrid represent Kawasaki’s innovation and riders have a wider range of options to choose between performance and efficiency in the sportbike category​.

The Ninja 7 Hybrid starts at $12,499 USD / $15,699 CAD. Financing is available through Kawasaki but you can also go through independent financing options. Use a motorcycle loan calculator to get an estimate to see what payment options are available.

Harley-Davidson Hydra-Glide Revival

2024 Harley-Davidson Hydra Glide Revival

The 2024 Harley-Davidson Hydra-Glide Revival is a standout addition to their Icons Motorcycle Collection, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the original Hydra-Glide, a hallmark of the Panhead era.

With only 1,750 units available, each bike has a unique serial number and is graced with special Icons Motorcycle Collection graphics​​.

Quick Specs & Features

  • Engine: Equipped with the powerful Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine, delivering 94 horsepower and 119 ft-lb of torque​​. The bike also features a Screamin’ Eagle™ High-Flow Air Cleaner for enhanced performance​​.
  • Chassis and Suspension: Built on the Softail® frame, featuring a hidden mono-shock suspension that mimics the appearance of a vintage rigid frame while providing modern ride comfort​​. Chrome Steel Laced wheels with hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power​​.
  • Design and Aesthetics: Features a classic two-tone “slash” paint scheme reminiscent of the 1956 models, and a detachable, color-matched windshield that is period correct​​.
  • Additional Features: Includes keyless ignition, a digitally encoded security system, and a leather solo seat with distinctive candy-colored rosettes and contrast stitching​. Like many modern bikes, LED lighting is utilized for better visibility with ABS brakes for enhanced safety and stopping power.

Why We Like It

Harley-Davidson brings back the Hydra-Glide Revival by way of honoring its while pushing forward with innovative motorcycle technology. As a figurehead of the Panhead era, the throwback of this model sends a clear message: it’s not just another motorcycle; it’s a piece of history that is brought into the modern times for Harley enthusaists.

BMW M 1000 XR

2024 BMW M 1000 XR

For riders who enjoy the thrill of adventuring and tons of power, BMW’s all-new 2024 M 1000 XR might just be the bike you’re looking for. It’s a high-performance adventure sport motorcycle that builds on a successful platform, borrowing from its successful predecessors with notable advancements in power, handling, and technology.

Quick Specs & Features

  • Engine Performance: The M 1000 XR is equipped with a liquid-cooled 999cc inline-four engine, derived from the BMW S 1000 RR. It boasts BMW’s ShiftCam technology with a peak output of over 200 horsepower at 12,750 rpm and 83 lb-ft of torque at 11,000 rpm​.
  • Advanced Aerodynamics: Incorporating aerodynamic winglets, the M 1000 XR enhances stability and reduces wheelie tendencies at high speeds, improving mechanical grip and ride stability. The streamlined body design and winglets generate significant downforce to keep the bike stable as speeds of 130mph and more.
  • Suspension and Handling: The M 1000 XR features a sophisticated suspension system including a 45mm fork with closed cartridge inserts, allowing for separate compression and rebound adjustments. It also integrates BMW’s Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) for real-time suspension adjustments based on conditions​.
  • Braking System: This bike is equipped with high-performance M brakes, similar to BMW’s factory superbikes. Adorned with gorgeous blue anodized calipers, they are paired with dual 320mm discs for superior braking control​​.
  • Technology and Comfort: The M 1000 XR offers a 6.5-inch TFT display, providing access to a host of electronic controls and settings, including a GPS lap trigger and data logging capabilities for track days. It also has keyless ride, adaptive headlights, and optional carbon wheels as part of the M Competition Package for reduced weight and enhanced performance​.

Why We Like It

It’s an exciting addition to the German marque which historically had only 2 M bikes: the blistering M 1000 R and M 1000 RR.

MSRP starts at $24,990 USD / $30,145 CAD and marks a significant entry in the adventure sport segment, combining the essence of a sportbike with the comfort and capability of a touring motorcycle​.

Time will tell how it compares to competitors such as Ducati’s Multistrada V4 RS.

BMW R 12 nineT

2024 BMW R12 nineT

We love a good-looking classic roadster, and the 2024 BMW R 12 nineT fits the bill.

The model is an evolution of BMW’s beloved R nineT platform, celebrating the legacy of BMW’s boxer engines with significant updates and a focus on customization and classic design.

Quick Specs & Features

  • Engine: The R 12 nineT continues to use the proven 1,170 cc air/oil-cooled boxer engine, now with a slightly different tuning to deliver 109 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and 85 lb-ft of torque at 6,500 rpm. The engine incorporates a new airbox design and an updated twin-pipe exhaust system, enhancing both performance and the signature boxer sound​.
  • Chassis and Design: A major update includes a new one-piece trellis steel frame that replaces the previous two-piece setup, contributing to a cleaner look and reduced weight. The design retains its classic roadster appeal with an emphasis on ease of customization. The tank, seat, and side covers have been styled to echo BMW’s iconic /5 series motorcycles from the 1970s, combining heritage aesthetics with modern technology​​.
  • Suspension and Brakes: BMW Motorrad ABS Pro comes standard with the R 12. It features a fully-adjustable 45mm inverted telescopic fork and a Paralever rear suspension system. Braking comes in the form of twin 310mm front discs and radially mounted 4-piston monoblock calipers, and a single 265mm rear disc.
  • Ride Modes and Technology: The R 12 nineT offers three ride modes—Rain, Road, and Dynamic allowing riders to tailor the bike to rider preference. Other features include safety and convenience tech like Dynamic Traction Control, Engine Drag Torque Control, and an optional Shift Assistant Pro for clutchless shifting​​.
  • Ergonomics and Comfort: With a focus on rider comfort and control, the R 12 nineT’s ergonomics have been optimized. It features a more approachable seat height and an adjustable suspension setup, making it suitable for both spirited rides and relaxed cruising​.

Why We Like It

The 2024 BMW R 12 nineT not only pays homage to BMW’s 100 years of motorcycle manufacturing but also advances the lineage with modern technology and a strong focus on rider customization.

It’s perfect for BMW enthusiasts who want the comforts of modern tech like full LED lighting, a 3.5” TFT display, and Connected Ride Control which allows riders to pair with their smartphone and track vehicle data, riding dynamics data, and map navigation.

Ride in style, and have all of your creature comforts.

Aprilia RS 457

2024 Aprilia RS 457

The Aprilia RS 457 is an all-new model for 2024. This bike marks Aprilia’s expansion into the sportbike segment with a focus on offering a dynamic riding experience through a blend of power, handling, and advanced technology in a compact package.

As a lightweight offering in the sportbike segment, it follows a similar design philosophy as its older sibling, the RS 660.

Quick Specs & Features

  • Engine and Performance: The RS 457 is equipped with a 457cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine, producing 47 horsepower. It features a throttle-by-wire system and comes with three ride modes that adjust power, torque, and traction control, which can also be turned off entirely. This setup offers versatility based on rider preference and is suitable for both new riders and experienced enthusiasts looking for a nimble ride​.
  • Chassis and Handling: The motorcycle uses an innovative aluminum frame where the engine acts as a stressed member, contributing to its lightweight and dynamic riding qualities. The suspension includes a 41mm inverted fork at the front and a preload-adjustable rear monoshock​.
  • Braking System: Braking is managed by a 320mm front disc with a radial-mount four-piston caliper and a 220mm rear disc with a single-piston caliper. It also features a two-channel ABS system that can be adjusted to operate on both wheels or just the front​.
  • Design and Ergonomics: The RS 457 continues Aprilia’s tradition of sporty and aggressive styling with features like a full LED front headlight and a modern 5-inch TFT color dashboard that enhances its sporty appeal. With a lower seat height of 34.2 inches, it can accommodate a wide range of rider sizes, and clip-on handlebars positioned for an engaging riding posture​​. Early reports indicate that the seat has plenty of room for riders to sit in an upright position (perfect for commuters and street riders).
  • Technology and Accessories: The bike is not just about performance; it also comes equipped with modern technological aids like multi-level traction control and ABS. An optional quickshifter enhances the riding experience by allowing for smooth, fast gear changes​.

Why We Like It

Overall, the Aprilia RS 457 offers an exciting package for those looking to enjoy the essence of sport riding in a more accessible, mid-sized motorcycle.

This bike features class-leading performance features that are commonly seen in bikes within the high-performance sport bike category. The RS 457 is a sporty and capable bike that both new and experienced riders will find plenty to enjoy without outgrowing the bike.

It’s a bike that promises to deliver both on the road and on the track, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of riders.