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ESA Shock Upgrade for the F800GS Announced

The ESA option for BMW’s 2013 and newer F800GS allows the rider to choose from three modes on the rear shock. With the press of a button, the damping settings on the rear shock change between Comfort, Normal, and Sport.

The shortcomings with the OEM shock are that the damping is set-up for a relatively lightweight rider who travels without luggage, and the unit is not serviceable.

Material and design compromises made in order to hit a price point on the OEM unit result in a shock that will wear out or blow seals, long before the rest of the bike gets tired and it must be replaced.

To solve these problems, Touratech Suspension has developed the Plug & Travel ESA Upgrade.

A high-performance replacement shock that offers world-class ride characteristics, is 100% serviceable, and is a bolt-on solution that plugs in to the BMW ESA system allowing the ride-mode buttons to function even better than stock.

The Plug & Travel ESA Upgrade shock also includes bottoming prevention that works like a hydraulic pillow at the end of the stroke.

There are other after-market solutions that will add some new parts and pieces to the OEM shock electronics, but the Plug & Travel ESA Upgrade is the only solution that offers a completely new shock with integrated electronic hardware as one package. (Touratech press release edited by #webBikeWorld).
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Got a Triumph and a 3D Printer? Here's a bag mount for you.

I bought a bag to put on the front of my Triumph. The straps did not work out well. I recently got a 3D printer. I made mounts to hold the bag. These worked out real well.

I made the 3D file available for others who might want to do the same:

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Akrapovič Launches Smartphone Exhaust Sound Controller

The Akrapovič Sound Kit allows the motorcyclist to control the amount of sound volume from the exhaust. It works either with the Akrapovič sound controller handlebar button or by using a smartphone app.

The system was originally developed for automobiles and apparently switches between two sound volumes, normal and louder.

"With the use of a receiver to drive the actuators that open and close the valves at the end of the exhaust system (in front of the muffler on the bike system), the rider can use the Sound Remote Controller or new smartphone app to regulate the valves", according to Akrapovič. "This is done via the receiver near the valve system.

"Car exhaust sound systems have an open and closed mode (regular and sporty), whereas most of the motorcycle systems will be EC/ECE approved to enable closed and auto mode (regular and rich sound). The sound difference can be heard immediately", according to Akrapovič.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles will get the system first with others coming later.
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Posted 6 days ago ago

SHOEI Marc Marquez Replicas for 2015

Marc Marquez and his X-Twelve were all but unstoppable in 2014 along the way to a record-tying 10 consecutive wins (13 total) and second-straight MotoGP World Championship.

The youngest rider ever to win back-to-back world titles, Marquez and his progressive style and unmatched speed reply on the X-Twelve’s innovative features to keep him at the top of his game.

Track certified by the fastest rider on the planet, the X-Twelve is a proven race weapon for those in need of high-end performance.

Indy Marquez TC-2 – This special edition graphic made its debut during last year’s grand prix at the historical circuit of Indianapolis as a tribute to its heritage in flat-track racing.

Most people know that Marc loves flat-track racing and competes against the world’s best at a few select rounds often using his Indy tribute graphic. MSRP $626.99

Marquez3 TC-1 – This special edition graphic is brand new for this 2015 season. This helmet debuted a few days ago when Marc showed it to his 3 million+ social media fans.

This will be his new graphic for the 2015 season and will be first used in competition at round 1 in Qatar, just a few days away. MSRP $626.99
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Interesting manual chain oiler, you fill the reservoir, the twist the cap to pressurize the system. It drips for 30 seconds. Repeat every once and a while I guess. looks like way too much oil dripping on the chain though?

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Posted 1 week ago ago

Honda SFA Single-Cylinder Streetfighter Concept

No other info provided. Announced at the Osaka show today.
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Posted 2 weeks ago ago

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WebBikeWorldReminds me (sort of) of my old Ascot from...1978 I think it was?2 weeks ago ago
Sloan EssmanLooks like a Grom at first glance1 week ago ago
Joe McCulloughThe KTM Duke 390 competition.2 weeks ago ago

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Honda Exhibits World Premiere of the "BULLDOG" Concept

OSAKA, Japan, March 20, 2015 - Honda today unveiled the world premiere of the BULLDOG as an exhibition model (concept model) at a press conference, at the 31st Osaka Motorcycle Show 2015.

The BULLDOG promotes a new world of leisure with motorcycles. The model was developed with the concept “Lovable Touring Partner,” and was designed to go beyond the boundaries of conventional leisure motorcycles, to actively enjoy outdoor life.

The BULLDOG’s 15-inch wide-tires and low center-of-gravity realize a low, 730mm seat height, ensuring a solid footing. Its unique robust, yet charming styling undoubtedly brings smiles to the faces of not only riders, but people who don’t usually ride motorcycles.

The liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC inline 2-cylinder 400cc engine has powerful, yet easy to handle output characteristics, realizing a nimble ride in a wide range of environments from urban to rural areas.

The BULLDOG is equipped with a carrier suitable for camping-touring, and features accessory storage on the sides of the fuel tank, which also act as a styling accent.

The BULLDOG, a playful, next-era concept model, will be exhibited at 42nd Tokyo Motorcycle Show from Friday, March 27 to Sunday, March 29 at Tokyo Big Sight.

•Key features of the BULLDOG

・Seat Height (mm): 730
・Engine Type: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC inline 2-cylinder
・Displacement (cm3): 399
・Transmission: 6 speeds
・Tires: 15 inch (front/rear)
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Posted 2 weeks ago ago

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Florida FeralcatHonda sure is on a tear designing bikes for beginners and total newbies! If this concept were done a little more beefed up-IE 17" tires, 500cc's or more...OH wait, that'd be the NCX, which I have. :D ...They'd just need to lower the seat height I guess.2 weeks ago ago  ·  2
Robert Fri Golamola mazo, pero no és podrá dir bulldog perqué Yamaha ja te una2 weeks ago ago  ·  1
Oscar Fri GolaQuè et sembla Robert ?2 weeks ago ago

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