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Schuberth USA to Distribute Held Apparel in the U.S.A. April 15, 2014 - (Press release edited by #webBikeWorld) - Schuberth North America is proud to announce their partnership with German motorcycle apparel and equipment manufacturer Held. Schuberth NA will serve as the sole distributor of Held products in the United States, with a selection of products to become available in June 2014. This selection will include Held’s famous GORE-TEX, leather and textile riding gloves, premium GORE-TEX textile adventure riding suits for both men and women, and waterproof bag systems. More information to be provided in coming weeks. “We are very excited to welcome Held Rider Equipment to the Schuberth North America family,” said Randy Northrup, Vice President of Schuberth North America. “Held uses the highest quality materials and draws on decades of engineering innovation to produce some of the best motorcycle gear available, which we believe will perfectly complement our offering of Schuberth helmets.” Best known worldwide for their award-winning glove lines, Held also designs and manufactures premium motorcycle safety gear, utilizing the highest quality materials and armour. Held’s innovations include being the first equipment manufacturer to implement naturally abrasion-resistant kangaroo and sting ray leathers in its products, the first to use a special inside stepped seam to eliminate seam discomfort, and the first manufacturer to use a titanium knuckle cover on their gloves. Held has built a reputation for quality and durability in the United States with its premium gloves. Drawing on over 68 years of experience engineering and testing cutting-edge glove designs, Held is continually developing new technology to create better, safer and more comfortable gloves for the future. ... See MoreSee Less

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Yamaha X-Max 400 special edition with MOMO Design. ... See MoreSee Less


Design your streets Working closely with MOMO Design's Italian creative team, we've made a premium sport scooter that represents the ultimate step up in X-MA...

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Get Your Head Scanned for a Custom Helmet Fit (Press release edited by #webBikeWorld) - We get many emails from webBikeWorld visitors who can't quite find a helmet that fits correctly. Well, here's your chance to get a custom-fitted Bell Star helmet for your exact head shape! Bell will laser scan your head and make a helmet just for you. It's not cheap, but it may be worth it if you're like me, with a head shape no off-the-shelf helmet can match. To learn more, visit the Bell Helmets booth at the upcoming MotoGP race at the Circuit of the Americas on April 11-13. Here's the Bell Helmets press release: There's nothing quite like a custom fit suit, tailored specifically to the dimensions of the body. But suits aren't designed to save your life. Helmets on the other hand are, and this week, fans on hand at the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas will have the chance to have a motorcycle helmet custom designed to the unique contours of their skull. It's all part of a new technology being rolled out to consumers by long-time American helmet innovators, Bell Helmets. For the first time ever in Austin, and only the second time ever, consumers will have the opportunity to purchase a truly one-of-a-kind CUSTOM Bell Star helmet, designed specifically to the unique characteristics of their skull. This high-tech process of digital mapping, is typically how Bell provides its professional athletes with an extra-special edge with a helmet that is literally formed to the exact physical shape of the rider's head. No two cranium shapes are exactly the same, and when riders demand the absolute best for their head, there's nothing better than a custom fit. Using a proprietary, 3D imaging program, Bell Helmets has created an industry-first, custom-mold process for the Star Carbon. The result is a fit like no other helmet on the planet – made for the rider's exact specifications. ... See MoreSee Less

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WebBikeWorldJust talked to Bell, it's $650.00 for the Bell Star Carbon helmet, plus the cost of the scan and custom manufacturing. Total about $1,000.00, not bad actually!1 week ago ago

WebBikeWorldUPDATE: Bell told me the plan is to ultimately train select retailers to scan customers' heads and the send the data to Bell for them to create the special custom-fit! Can't wait!1 week ago ago

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"CurbNinja" app helps motorcyclists and scooterists find and share best and safest places to park in the city. #webBikeWorld ... See MoreSee Less

CurbNinja Promo Pitch

CurbNinja is the first mobile app to help motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts find the best and safest places to park in the city.

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