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How about NOT running over us?

New motorcycle awareness video, produced by the Washington State Motorcycle Safety Program, for use in training new car drivers (mostly teens) about looking out for motorcycles.

In Washington, about 30% of motorcycle fatalities involve a car and motorcycle, often with the car turning across the rider's path of travel.
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DOL Motorcycle Awareness — A Second Look This video, created by the Washington Motorcycle Safety Program, follows a teen driver as a motorcyclist helps the d...

Posted 2 weeks ago ago

Ryan Vallieu, Bj-ct Rally Rider and 9 others like this

Ryan VallieuI got hit head on by an 84 year old woman while I was sitting at a red left turn arrow. Couldn't escape to the right due to traffic moving. She "didn't even know she hit anything..." :/2 weeks ago ago
Oscar Fri GolaRobert2 weeks ago ago
Andrew-Taamir Fawaz-Abdul Hakeem-Arif"Ferguson" Ct.... Noooooooooo!2 weeks ago ago

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