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The International Transport Forum "Road Safety Annual Report 2016" is now available. Has worldwide data on various subjects related to accidents and more, sorted by country. WebBikeWorld

Here's a graph, "Percentage change in the number of deaths among powered two-wheeler users, 2010-14"
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Evan KayOuch. We're at the sucky end of the scale with about a 2% increase.However, does that take into account any increase or decrease in total licensed riders and miles ridden per death? I.e. has the death rate actually increased? Well, the report, I'm sure a fascinating page turner, is over 500 pages long so I haven't had time to read the nitty-gritty. Another question: I wonder how many US states repealed/rolled-back helmet laws during those 5 years (and how many increased restrictions) and whether those states had any change in their death rates?

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Evan KayOkay, I DID open up the 562 page report and read the *relevant* parts (US Ch. 41). Turns out, they don't break out motorcycle rider deaths per 100,000 riders, or examine the number of registered riders each year, or separate the number of miles ridden by motorcyclists out of the total vehicle miles driven by all vehicles. HOWEVER: after many year of increasing rider deaths, there was a slight decrease in 2014 and 2015. That is the good news. Here is the VERY BAD NEWS: Motorcycle rider deaths comprise FOURTEEN PERCENT of all vehicle deaths. That is HORRIBLE because the information I have see shows that motorcycles only constitute about 1% of registered vehicles and account for even less of the total vehicle miles driven per year by all vehicles combined. What's the take-away from this? ALWAYS wear ATTGATT especially a DOT-approved helmet, even if you are just going around the block. Make sure your motorcycle is in perfect working condition, especially the brakes and tires. Finally, and maybe most importantly: keep your head on a swivel when out on the road and when you can, find a safe place to practice your emergency braking skills--it could very well save your life. Ride safe everybody!

1 day ago ago

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