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Police in Sardinia Choose BMW C Evolution Scooters

(Press release edited by webBikeWorld.com) - In the autumn of 2013, BMW Motorrad opened up a new chapter in the field of urban mobility, with the introduction of the C evolution electric scooter.

The new, electrically driven BMW C evolution melds dynamic performance and riding pleasure with the benefits of a zero-emissions vehicle to create a unique rider experience.

Now the Sardinian capital of Cagliari is set to benefit from the fascinating advantages of the BMW C evolution; the local police force has been equipped with fifteen of the highly efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles.

The scooters were presented to the force in the presence of Massimo Zedda, mayor of Cagliari, as well as other representatives of the city council, plus the police chief, Mario Delogu.

"We are proud to equip the local police in Cagliari with fifteen new BMW C evolution scooters. Equipping motorcycle-mounted police with BMW vehicles is something of a time-honoured tradition at BMW Motorrad. Since 2001, police forces in Italy have placed their faith in BMW motorcycles such as the R 850 RT, F 650 GS, R 1150 RT and R 1200 RT as well as the F 700 GS.

And now the BMW C evolution electric scooter is among their number as well," declared Stefano Ronzoni, head of BMW Motorrad Italia, on the occasion of the vehicle handover.

Only a few weeks ago, Günther Seemann, head of the BMW Group Spain, presented a fleet of 30 BMW C evolution scooters to Barcelona's mayor, Xavier Trias.

The city council of the Spanish metropolitan city of Barcelona was the first local authority in the world to equip its local police with what is an ideal vehicle for coping with city traffic and urban environments.

For Barcelona, with its population of 1.6 million, is a pioneer when it comes to deploying zero-emission vehicles and the BMW C evolution was the first choice, not least because of its high performance.

With a nominal power of 11 kW (15 hp), a peak power of 35 kW (47.5 hp), a top speed of 120 km/h, and acceleration values that exceed those of some maxi scooters with combustion engines of 600 cc and more, the C evolution is absolutely predestined for use in cities and their urban settings.

A further optimum factor is the scooter's range of around 100 km before requiring recharging from the mains supply.

The C evolution scooters made for police use are basically the same as the civilian version. However, the police vehicles are fitted with additional equipment, such as a loudspeaker and signalling equipment.
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YouTube is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Take a look back at the very first (and very pathetic) webBikeWorld video, posted June 29, 2007: the Schuberth R1 helmet. Fast-forward 8 years later and we now have 431 videos and counting!

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Video tour of the new Schuberth R1. Full review on webBikeWorld.com. Video taken with a Panasonic PV-GS35 mini-DV videocam and converted to QuickTime using A...

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BMW "Ignite Straight Six" 6-Cylinder Customs in Japan

In the past year, four known Japanese customizers have put the BMW R nineT spectacularly in show with their outstanding creations. Now, the project "Ignite Straight Six" follows, being created one more time by Japanese customizers. This conceals two radically modified BMW K 1600 GTL with six-cylinder engine of a displacement of 1649 cc.

Another two leading japanese customizers, Kenji Nagai of Ken’s Factory and Keiji Kawakita of Hot-Dock Custom-Cycles, where in charge of interpreting the K 1600 GTL’s six-cylinder engine a completely different way.

The only retained relations to the original bike are engine and frame, and, in the case of Keiji Kawakita’s creation ‘Juggernaut’, the BMW Motorrad Duolever front suspension. Kenji Nagai’s creation named ‘Ken’s Factory Special’ relies on hand-made aluminum girder-type front forks raked out in chopper style using a modified headstock. The K 1600 GTL’s original full fairing was replaced by a small aluminum front cowl housing the headlight and the stock rear subframe and seat were replaced by a low positioned aluminum seat.

Kenji Nagai: ‘At first I had a bagger style in mind that grew out of the tourer image. But simply transforming a tourer into a bagger was a bit too obvious a choice. So I thought of a different approach. I settled on the digger style. The long, thin digger style would make the in-line six-cylinder engine look even more prominent.’

The illusion of a dramatically low seat height and narrow motorcycle is enhanced by the use of a 23-inch front wheel and a 20-inch rear wheel. More nicely manufactured details made from aluminum like covers for fuel tank and radiator or handlebars are completing Kenji Nagai’s artificial craftsmanship.

Keiji Kawakita’s ‘Juggernaut’ is a complete contrast by way of its dark, masculine stature. There’s no sign of minimalism here and the loud and proud appearance makes ‘Juggernaut’ rather looking like a synthesis of Mad Max metal and Jules Verne’s imaginations.

A skeleton of aluminum tubing broadens the naked K 1600 GTL’s chassis and instruments at each side of the fuel tank fit neatly with the military look. Reminiscences to the BMW Motorrad GS range are the dual fog lights and the front trail-like beak.

It’s a monumental feat and the desired custom finish was, according to Keiji Kawakita, inspired by history: ‘I found an old photograph of the cockpit of a convertible that looked like something from the near future, and I got the idea of making a bike that had that kind of atmospheric feel. Looking at the front forks and Duolever suspension, I thought I could do this with the K 1600 GTL.

But the actual work was long and hard, a tough job to handle. Even when I finished, I still wasn’t really sure whether the work was complete. But that’s the thing about customizing, isn’t it?‘
In a spectacular way, project ‚Ignite Straight Six’ continues the engagement and the ideas of the customizing scene in the land of the rising sun.

BMW Motorrad can’t wait to see the impetuses both the new creations are giving and what kind of new projects the future is going to bring. More information on the project ‘Ignite Straight Six’ is available on:
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Check it out, just added a new feature, Google's "Matched Content" lists a scrolling responsive window with photos and links to related webBikeWorld articles. I have it set to appear at the end of each article, here's a screenshot example. ... See MoreSee Less

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