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  Mission Statement

The Mission: 

Provide information that helps our visitors make informed purchasing decisions.

The mission is implemented by providing news, information, product reviews and personal opinions regarding unique and hard-to-find motorcycle products and accessories.

webBikeWorld articles and reviews contain subjective personal opinions about motorcycling, motorcycle products and accessories. Note that our opinions and findings may and probably will differ from yours, but that is the nature of opinions!

There are no claims made whatsoever as to the usefulness, veracity or quality of any of the company, organizational or informational links, information or webBikeWorld page content. Neither the authors nor the Editor have control over the quality of the products or services provided by any of the companies, manufacturers, retailers or others listed on this site. For more information, READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS!

Note that webBikeWorld® is a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

 ►Product Reviews Defined

webBikeWorld publishes peer-to-peer subjective opinions of motorcycle-related products that the authors think may be useful, unique or which might be of interest to others.

Remember that you may or you may not agree with the findings, opinions or conclusions of any of the authors or the published articles on this website. That is the nature of opinion, and we think it is one of the features of this website that makes it so interesting and useful.

Product Evaluation vs. Product "Testing"
Manufacturers will typically make many performance or safety claims about a product, which can not always be verified. We occasionally will point this out; e.g., when we state that a jacket is "claimed waterproof".

Therefore, it is important to note that webBikeWorld does not "test" products. We believe that the word "test" has specific connotations related to objective analysis of product performance vs. manufacturer claims and that is beyond the scope of this website.

Thus, we provide personal subjective opinions only about products that are evaluated by motorcycle riders.

Also, since we typically have only a single example of the product to evaluate, making it difficult for the evaluator to project conclusions for the entire product run over what may be a several year manufacturing production run.

Manufacturers often change features, suppliers and technologies, which can make other samples of the product dramatically different than the single example used for evaluation.

An individual product purchased "off the shelf" may also be defective, giving it very different performance than the example reviewed.

Note that we never accept payment from anyone to publish a review. The manufacturer, distributor or retailer who sends a product or sample for a review must agree to these terms.

When the review is completed, most of the products are sold and some or all of the proceeds are donated to charity (see below).

Some of the published articles have been contributed by visitors and other authors who are not employed by webWorld International, LLC.

Their opinions and findings may not agree with each other or with ours and may not be representative of our findings but are presented for journalistic variety.

You also probably will not see the word "best" used very often, because it's very rare to find a single "best" product that meets the requirements of every rider.

I hope the site serves as a useful resource for you and that it provides quality information that helps you pursue your motorcycling passion. If you have any comments, suggestions for links or content, please feel free to contact the editor at:

Paid Posts and Guest Blogs?

webBikeWorld does not accept paid product placements, guest posts or guest blogs, so please don't even ask.

  Financial Policies and Affiliate Programs

webBikeWorld provides subjective opinions and information on hard-to-find and unique motorcycling products and accessories to motorcyclists all over the world.

The response has been phenomenal, and webBikeWorld visitors have proven to be the friendliest and smartest motorcyclists on the Internet. The cost of running the site is not insignificant, and includes all the costs associated with software, hardware, staff and purchasing items for review.

We believe that webBikeWorld addresses a real need for detailed, unbiased, peer-to-peer, in-depth subjective opinions in our reviews of motorcycle products, clothing, helmets and accessories that convey information that consumers can use to help make purchasing decisions.

Correspondence from our visitors and from retailers, distributors and manufacturers confirm this.

webBikeWorld provides free and unbiased opinions and information for the benefit of webBikeWorld visitors. The products that are reviewed are either purchased outright or provided by manufacturers, distributors or retailers per our guidelines).

We also strive to keep the format as readable and "user friendly" as possible and to minimize the number of advertisements. The downside of this is that our revenue stream is limited.

Nevertheless, we strongly believe that it is important to share with others who are not as fortunate as us. Therefore, a significant portion of the proceeds that are generated on the site are donated to charity (see below).

webBikeWorld Affiliate Retailers, Affiliate Programs and Commissions
We've joined selected affiliate programs which will allow us to place advertisements for select motorcycle and motorcycle-related product retailers on the site.

This will help us generate some revenue and to make it easier for you to purchase products while helping to support webBikeWorld. Note that advertisements for the affiliates may be placed on the product review pages.

Note that we generate commissions on sales that take place if readers click through the ads and purchase a product. Note also that some of the products that are reviewed also are provided without charge by the retailers, distributors or manufacturers and this is noted in each review.

However, the retailers, distributors or manufacturers must agree to these terms for donating products. We believe we are in compliance with recent U.S. Federal Trade Commission rulings on conflict of interest; indeed, our conflict of interest rules have been in place long before the FTC guidelines.

Current Affiliates Include:

RevZilla (Formerly New Enough)

webBikeWorld Store and!

Twisted Throttle

Visitors constantly ask us for recommendations on where to buy products, why we can't sell products directly or why we don't list links to retailers instead of only the manufacturers.

The affiliate ads are a way to direct visitors to sources for buying the products and hopefully we can generate some revenue in the process.

The bottom line is that if we don't raise money, we can't maintain the site.

It costs a huge amount of money each year to purchase all of the products and accessories we review.

We also have to pay the authors of the great articles we publish, license the photographs and content and to maintain the software and hardware necessary to serve information to the many dozens of millions of visitors each year that come from over 200 countries around the world!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the editor at .

Thanks for your support!

Disclaimer for Reviews, Repair, Maintenance or Modifications


Text, Photographs, Images and Logos

No text, photographs or content may be copied from this site!

It simply makes no sense for us to give away our "crown jewels" -- the original intellectual property that constitutes the value of this website -- and all of the hard work that goes into it to others for their gain on their website.

The entire content of webBikeWorld content is copyrighted and cannot be used outside of our website.

For more information, please read the terms and conditions. Hyperlinks to the various articles may, of course, be used. For more information, please contact the editor: .

Submitting Reviews and Articles

Do you have a motorcycle related product that you've recently purchased? Or a repair or maintenance topic? If you have an idea or concept, please do not send unsolicited articles; contact us first. New contributors should also provide reference samples or examples of previously written articles.

Note that we do not purchase products for freelance or volunteer evaluators to use for a review. But if you have a product that you own and you think a review might be of interest to share with others, let us know.

We prefer articles with original content that have not been previously published, either in print or on the Internet.

Original high-quality un-retouched photos illustrating the topic must be included and will become the property of webBikeWorld and will feature our copyright (unless other arrangements have been made).

Note that the author must have no affiliation with or a financial relationship with the manufacturer, distributor or retailer of the product or the subject of the article.

Please contact us first with your topic ideas. Remember that there is no guarantee that an article will be accepted for publication.

For more information or to kick around ideas, contact the editor at


Dating of Articles on
Look in the summary table at the end of each review for the month and year of publication.

We list the publication date at the end of each review or article for a technical reason (search indexing and potential ranking bias based on dates) and for a psychological reason (different opinions on what defines "current" -- some readers will immediately discount an article if it hasn't been published in the last month/week/day/hour...).

The life span of many products we review is measured in years; thus, the date of publication is somewhat immaterial. Other than colors or minor styling changes, most products change very little during their model run.

We never remove a review because even though an item may be out of production, a reader may be searching for information on that particular product before buying it used or in a remaining stock clearance at some retailer.

Also, a product may not be available in one country but it may still be available in other countries. webBikeWorld hosts visitors from over 200 countries around the world, so information that may not be valid for one person may be very valid for another.

Note that some of the very early articles from 1999-2002 may not have dates -- we had no idea that the site would become as popular as it now is!

Why Can't I Buy That Product Where I Live?
webBikeWorld receives visitors from over 225 countries and territories around the world and some of the products we review are not distributed worldwide.

But it's always good to learn about new and exciting gear that is available around the world.

Don't let something as simple as a border stop you -- remember that old saying: "Where there's a will, there's a way". It's not difficult at all in today's global marketplace to buy products from one country and have them shipped to another.

Motorcyclists have been doing it for decades and learning about new and interesting products, finding a source and acquiring a rare product is half the fun.

We've received a few requests to put a note at the beginning of the article to let visitors know that the product isn't available in the U.S.

Curiously, these requests have come only from U.S. visitors, despite the fact that about 35% of webBikeWorld visitors live elsewhere and have much more limited access to the vast number of motorcycle products sold in the U.S.

The goal of the site is for us to provide information and for visitors to learn.

So to then go through all the time and trouble to source a product, evaluate it, take the photos and videos, write the article, create the web page and publish it...and then to have someone say they aren't interested in reading it because it's too inconvenient to buy, is...discouraging, to say the least.

Taken to an extreme, this would mean that we'd have to list with every country and place where each product is sold in every review, and then keep that list updated forever.

It also supposes that we'd be able to mind-read every visitor to know which products they're interested in and ready to buy and only publish reviews of those products.

II can keep going with this, but hopefully you'll see it's a reductio ad absurdum.

A Note on Product Comparisons and Rating Charts
Visitors occasionally ask why we don't feature more product comparison reviews or why we don't rate products with a numerical score.

While it might be nice to compare a product to its competitors, in reality this is very difficult to implement for a number of reasons.

One problem is that many of the reviews are written by different evaluators, located in different parts of the world, sometimes writing about products they have purchased on their own. They usually do not have access to comparable products.

This means that the products don't always come through a central location, so there's no single point of entry or repeat group of reviewers who could compare the items one on one.

So having different people in different parts of the world try to score a product to a particular rating system would be a fruitless exercise and would, in the end, probably add more confusion to the review and would make the reader's decision more difficult.

Another issue with a "Best of" type rating systems is that one person's "great" is another person's "terrible".

Some people want an easy choice -- just go with what the reviewer says is best -- but the problem with this is that no two people are alike, so I think it would be presumptuous for me or anyone else to claim that one product is "best".

The time factor is also involved. The products we reviewed have been sourced at different times since webBikeWorld was launched in 1999, so it's rare when two comparable items are available to a reviewer at the same time.

The helmet reviews are somewhat standardized in terms of format (e.g., criteria like Venting, Noise, Quality, etc.), which should help. We've also tried to standardize on the boot, glove, clothing and polish/wax/cleaner reviews.

This should help visitors study each article to understand which product will most satisfy their needs.

Another issue is that motorcycle gear evolves very rapidly, so what is "best" today may be "worst" tomorrow.

I guess the way to consider webBikeWorld is to compare it to a print magazine, where individual articles are continually published, with an occasional comparison when possible.

But the advantage we have over a print magazine is that all of the articles from the last 16 years are still right there, online, in the "latest issue", so to speak.

This may seem overwhelming, but more is better when it comes to information!

However, the fact that a website is a database also leads people to believe that every new product can be compared with every other product that has been reviewed.

This is not the case with print magazines and it also isn't possible with a website, for many reasons. The products are usually not available, or they are located on different continents, or the evaluators don't have access to the range of products to compare, or the older items have been sold...

Also, remember that we have run several comparison reviews, with products like gloves, GPS systems, polish and waxes, chain lubes, etc.

We try to publish comparison articles whenever we can, but our focus is on providing very detailed, unbiased reviews of individual products, supplemented with detailed narrative, photos and videos.

We leave it up to our visitors to absorb the detailed information, compare products based on their needs and make individual purchasing decisions.

That's why we say that webBikeWorld is the largest, most varied and most detailed reference database for motorcycle products in the world, and we hope you agree.

More on the "Best" Product!
Many webBikeWorld visitors ask "What's the best glove (or helmet, or jacket, or boots, or...). The answer? There is no answer.

Here's the secret: there's really only one most important criteria -- fit. The "best" glove (or helmet, or jacket, or boots, or...) in the world will be useless if they don't fit.

Gloves and helmets are notorious for fitting very differently. So your best bet is to try on as many as you can find, compare, and choose the one with the best fit.

In terms of safety -- who knows which is better?  There are no real-world tests that can tell us which glove (or helmet, or jacket, or boots...) will protect better than another. So the only thing you can do is choose a product that meets a specified safety standard and/or buy from a reputable company.

Probably not what most "Tell me which is best" visitors want to hear, but the question "Which is better" or "Which is best" is impossible to answer, unfortunately.

The Editor.

Last Revised: July 2017