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The 2021 Can-Am On-Road Lineup + Our Take on Each Model

Can-Am On road Lineup

A Special Kind of Motorcycle Lineup

 Can-Am On-Road has been doing really great lately. While some purists don’t think of the three-wheeled machines as motorcycles, I think if you’re out there in the saddle behind some handlebars having fun, then that’s all you need. 

The lineup is really made up of three different models, but there are multiple variations of each of the models, and that is what makes the Can-Am lineup special. So, let’s get into the models that you can buy this year.

2021 Can-Am Lineup

2021 Can-Am Ryker

2021 can-am ryker

The Can-am Ryker is the lowest cost machine that seems to be appealing to those hard-to-reach demographics (women and minorities) for many motorcycle companies. This is likely because it’s genuinely different and wickedly cool. The trike is geared towards urban riders and has an aggressive aesthetic. 

In the regular Ryker, you get to choose between a 600cc or 900cc Rotax engine. There is an automatic CVT transmission that enables twist-n-go capability. The bike is low maintenance with a shaft drive and tool-free adjustability. There’s plenty of ways to customize it, and the bike comes with two ride modes: Eco Mode and Sport Mode. 

2021 Can-Am Ryker Rally Edition

2021 Can-Am ryker rally edition

The Ryker Rally Edition is a little more extreme. The bike is only made in the 900cc form and it gets all-road rally tires, reinforced rims, front grille protection, and a skid plate. There’s also some protection for the rider. This is essentially the scrambler of the Ryker lineup. 

The 900cc Rotax engine comes with a CVT automatic transmission, just like the regular Ryker and it also gets the Max Mount structure for adding accessories and cargo. The bike also has a Rally Mode that lets you drift around on loose surfaces. 

2021 Can-Am Spyder F3

2021 can-am spyder f3

The Can-Am Spyder F3 is the bike that the company calls the model for the “American customer.” It’s a bit more muscular than the rest of the Can-Am On-Road lineup, and it features a power cruiser kind of aesthetic. 

The bike gets the inline-triple Rotax 1330 ACE engine. That engine makes around 105 hp and mates with a semi-automatic transmission. The bike also comes with vehicle stability control and an Eco Mode to conserve gas when you’re not tearing up the twisties. 

2021 Can-Am Spyder F3-S

2021 can-am spyder f3-s

The Spyder F3-S is an upgrade from the standard F3. The bike gets gas-charged FOX PODIUM shocks, a sport mode for more fun on the road (it’s great for drifting), and a larger digital gauge cluster that measures 7.6 inches. 

The engine is the same Rotax 1,330cc engine, but in the F3-S you get an additional 10 hp. This is the muscular power cruiser trike that will really turn some heads out there on just about any road. 

2021 Can-Am Spyder F3 Special Series

2021 can-am spyder f3 special series

The Can-Am Spyder F3-S Special Series is up next. This bike takes what the Spyder F3-S offers and adds to it to make a more exclusive package that’s hard to ignore. The bike gets exterior upgrades, including a super-sport grille, gauge spoiler, and mono seat cowl. 

The bike has the same Rotax 1,330cc engine that’s mated to the same semi-automatic transmission. The engine is this bike is the up-rated one from the F3-S so it makes 115 hp. This bike also gets an upgrades 7.8-inch digital gauge with BRP Connect. 

2021 Can-Am Spyder F3-T

2021 can-am spyder f3-t

The Can-Am Spyder F3-T is the first of the touring models in the F3 lineup. It’s still a muscular-looking machine, but this one has more protection for the rider and adjustable rear air suspension. There’s also 21-gallons of storage thanks to some saddlebags and a glove box. 

The bike comes with the Rotax 1,330cc engine that’s uprated to 115 hp. The engine mates to a semi-automatic transmission. There’s also vehicle stability control and an Eco Mode ride mode. The model also comes with a BRP audio four-speaker sound system, cruise control, and towing capabilities as standard equipment. 

2021 Can-Am Spyder F3 Limited

2021 can-am spyder f3 limited

The final version of the Spyder F3 that is for sale in 2021, is the F3 Limited. This model has all of the F3-T’s features plus a self-leveling rear air suspension and integrated passenger backrest, footboards, and heated grips. The bike also comes with your choice of dark or chrome rims.  

The engine is the same as that in the F3-T, and so is the semi-automatic transmission. The bike also gets the premium BRP audio six-speaker sound system and 36.5 gallons of storage capacity with a top case. 

2021 Can-Am Spyder RT

2021 can-am spyder rt

The Spyder RT is the Can-Am On-Road model that leans more towards comfortable ergonomics and touring. While some of the F3 models are outfitted for touring duties, the RT is built from the start with touring in mind. 

The Spyder RT features the Rotax 1,330cc engine with 115 hp. That engine mates to a semi-automatic transmission. There’s also vehicle stability control and an Eco Mode. It has a 31-gallon storage capacity with LinQ compatibility. There is a six-speaker audio system, and there’s a 7.8-inch LCD display. 

2021 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited

2021 can-am spuder rt limited

Taking a step up from the basic Spyder RT, you’ll find the Spyder RT Limited. This bike is decked out for touring. It has all of the standard RT’s features plus self-leveling rear air suspension, integrated passenger backrest, and heated driver and passenger seats and grips. There are 47 gallons of storage space, too, and the bike comes with a LinQ compatible top case. 

The bike has the same Rotax 1,330 engine that makes 115 hp and the semi-automatic transmission is here, too. The bike also gets a six-speaker stereo system as well as LED lights, a front cargo light, and your choice of dark or chrome trim. 

2021 Can-Am Spyder RT Sea-to-Sky

2021 can-am spyder rt sea-to-sky

New for and only for 2021, the Sea-to-Sky version of the Spyder RT won’t be made outside of this model year. It has all of the Spyder RT Limited’s features plus a Highland Green color, six-spoke liquid titanium-colored wheels with a satin finish, a new seat with adaptive foam, Sea-to-Sky badging. 

The bike also gets the same Rotax 1,330cc engine as the other RT models and the same semi-automatic transmission. The bike has three semi-rigid front and rear cargo travel bags and a colored rear panel gives this model a sportier look overall.