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The 2021 Zero Motorcycles Lineup + Our Take on Each Model

2021 Zero Motorcycles Lineup

Zero Emissions, Tons of Fun

 Zero Motorcycles has been making quality electric motorcycles for years now, and the company continues to pick up steam. It’s the latest addition is the SR/S sport-touring bike, but as you can see below, there’s a slew of great electric motorcycles in its lineup. 

While an electric bike isn’t going to be right for everyone, it can be perfect for the right rider. If you’re interested in getting in on the electrified future now, then you need to check out each and every bike below. They’re all quite good, though, the battery range on a few is too low for much beyond commuting and zipping around town. 

2021 Street Bikes

2021 Zero SR/F

2021 Zero motorcycles SR/F

The Zero SR/F has been out a couple of years now, and it’s perhaps the best and most-impressive electric motorcycle on sale today. It has fantastic performance, good range, excellent tech features, and killer naked bike styling. It’s a great machine and priced below Harley’d LiveWire. 

The motorcycle is offered in Standard and Premium forms. The Standard bike features a 124 mph top speed, 140 lb-ft of torque, and a 200-mile range with a Power Tank. The Premium bike has a slightly lower charge time and some other minor equipment. Overall, this is the flagship naked electric bike to buy. 

2021 Zero SR/S

2021 Zero motorcycles SR/S

Built on the same platform as the SR/F, the SR/S is the sport-touring motorcycle from Zero. It takes what the SR/F does right, adds a full fairing to it, and makes it ready to ride. While some folks will argue this isn’t a true sport-touring machine, I think it’s as close as an electric bike can come at the moment, and applaud Zero’s efforts. 

As you might expect, the bike comes in two configurations there’s Standard and Premium. The standard model has a top speed of 124 mph, peak torque of 140 lb-ft, and a 200-mile range with the Power Tank. The Premium version shortens the charge time and adds a bit of equipment, but otherwise, it is the same bike. 

2021 Zero SR

2021 Zero motorcycles DS

Stepping down from the top dog models from Zero, we land at the Zero DS. This street bike is really the middle of the lineup and one of the best bikes the company sells. It’s a notable step down from the bikes already discussed but a notable step up from the standard S model discussed below. 

The bike is offered in two configurations ZF 14.4 and ZF 14.4 Power Tank. The former offers 179 miles per charge, a top speed of 102 mph, and a 116 lb-ft torque figure. The latter gives you the same top speed and torque figures but the city range jumps to 223 miles. 

2021 Zero S

2021 Zero motorcycles S

If you’re after a good but not wildly impressive electric motorcycle for commuting or just zipping around the Zero S is your machine. It’s a handsomely styled naked bike with a reasonable price tag and acceptable performance and range specs. 

The bike is available in only one configuration, which is called ZF 7.2. The bike has a top speed of 98 mph and it makes 78 lb-ft of torque. The city range for this bike sits at 89 miles and there’s a one hour charge time. 

2021 Zero FXS

2021 Zero motorcycles FXS

A bit different for the street bike lineup is the FXS. It’s essentially a street-focused version of the dual-sport FX. It’s a fantastic little runabout with dual-sport styling and all of the things you could want from a well-crafted street-focused machine. 

The bike comes in two different configurations. The first is the ZF3.6 and the second is the ZF7.2. The former is good for 50 miles of city range, has a top speed of 85 mph, and 78 lb-ft of torque. The latter offers the same torque and top speed figures but a city range of 100 miles per charge. 

2021 Dual Sport Bikes

2021 Zero DSR

2021 Zero motorcycles DSR

For the dual-sport models, let’s talk about the DSR first. This bike offers a well-balanced package for both the road and off-road. The bike is a torque monster and has the suspension travel to soak up bumps in the road or the trail.

The bike comes in two different configurations. There’s the ZF 14.4 and the ZF 14.4 Power Pack. The former packs 163 miles of city range, a 102 mph top speed, and 116 lb-ft of torque. The latter gives you the same torque and top speed numbers (the electric motor is the same), but the range jumps to 204 city miles. 

2021 Zero DS

2021 Zero motorcycles DS

A step down from the DSR is the DS. This bike is another fantastic dual-sport machine that offers excellent performance at a reasonable price point for an electric motorcycle. If you ride trails and want a powerful and attractive bike, this is an excellent choice. 

The bike comes in a single configuration, the ZF 7.2. This makes it good for a city range of 82 miles. It has a peak torque figure of 78 lb-ft and a top speed of 98 mph. You also get a five-year warranty on the power pack and a clutchless transmission (as with all Zero bikes).

2021 Zero DSR/BF

2021 Zero motorcycles DSR/BF

The adventure touring machine of the Zero lineup, the DSR/BF is a typical DSR bike but with the Black Forest treatment, to it, which includes luggage and some additional equipment and accessories to make this an even better adventure machine. 

The technical specifications come in two variants, there’s a ZF14.4 configuration and a ZF14.4 Power Tank configuration. The former features a 102 mph top speed, 157-mile city range, and 116 lb-ft of torque. The latter offers the same top speed and torque numbers but ups the range to 196 miles per charge. 

2021 Zero FX

2021 Zero motorcycles FX

The Zero FX is the lowest level dual-sport model Zero has, but that doesn’t mean that it’s some slouch of a machine. It can handle almost anything you can throw at it off-road and on-road thanks to its long-legged suspension and high-torque motor. The motorcycle features two configurations, the ZF3.6 Modular or the ZF7.2. Both are great models. 

In the ZF3.6 Modular version, you’re looking at a city range of 46 miles. In the ZF7.2 configuration, you’re looking at 91 miles of city range. Other features are the same and include 78 lb-ft of torque, a top speed of 85 mph, and a five-year unlimited miles power pack warranty.