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Oil In The Blood Movie

Get Your Fix of Beautiful Customs Custom motorcycles are intoxicatingly beautiful works of art that also happen to provide some of the most fun you can have on two wheels. Now there’s a feature film called Oil In The Blood. The film premiered at the One Moto Show in Portland, Oregon, earlier this month. You can check out …

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Lightning Motorcycles Strike

The First Photo Looks Good Lightning Motorcycle’s new Strike bike is set to be fully revealed in March. Until then, the company has to keep the attention of the media and interested prospective customers. Hence the latest teaser image. In the first photo of the Lightning Motorcycles’ Strike, you can see the bike’s electric motor.  …

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Kawasaki electric bike patent

New Patent Drawings Reveal Progress It would seem that Kawasaki has an electric motorcycle it’s working on. Visordown nabbed some patent drawings that show how the bike is progressing. In short, Kawasaki’s getting closer. There are two drawings that show some interesting things about the bike. The first shows a mostly complete motorcycle, or rather …

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I’m not one to shy away from that which is bold, so when Icon introduced the Overlord SB2 Wild Child, a full textile sport-specific jacket featuring turquoise/purple/magenta ombre with a zebra/ tiger stripe overlay… I was all in. For reference, I’m wearing an XL in the photos and am a US women’s size 10/12 dress. …

Alpinestars Copper Out Denim Pants

For most riders, Alpinestars is a well-known name in the area of motorcycle gear. Starting back in 1963 producing footwear for off-road riding, the company has blossomed into a powerhouse in the technical apparel field. Today they offer products not only for motorcyclists but auto racers and cyclists have products to choose from Alpinestars lineup …

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Alpinestars Apex Drystar Gloves

It’s easy enough to make a cheap motorbike glove. There are plenty of them already on the market. Take some cheap leather, or polyester fabric, add some plastic armor at the knuckles, some Velcro at the cuff, and you’re almost there to having a ready-made motorbike glove. It’s a lot tougher to make a quality …

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Women's Motorcycle Jackets Worth Wearing

Due to the lack of motorcycle jackets made specifically for ladies, in the past, a selection was made mostly based on what came the closest to fitting properly. But with the huge influx in ladies on bikes, manufacturers have spent millions of dollars designing and creating motorcycle jackets and full lines of apparel that are …

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Druid Motorcycles sorcerer

Another Player to the EV Market Add Druid Motorcycles to the list of companies that make electric bikes. Well, Druid makes an electric bike and a hybrid one. Other than some seriously obnoxious branding and the fact that the company is way too proud of its name, I’m pretty pumped about these bikes. There are …

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Aprilia Racer Days

Test Aprilia Motorcycles On the Track Get ready for some fun. Aprilia is now offering what it’s calling Aprilia Racer Days. Basically, it’s seven track-day events where enthusiasts can come out and ride the latest Aprilia bikes in the environment they were built for. Aprilia says it wants to offer an experience with no stop …

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Get Ready for Harley’s Next Efforts Harley-Davidson needs to innovate to change its fortune. Currently, the motorcycle manufacturer isn’t doing so hot. It hopes that new bikes will entice a whole new group of buyers. Recently, filings with the European Union Intellectual Property Office showed details about three of the company’s upcoming bikes.  The Streetfighter, Custom 1250, …

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Suzuki engine patent

Just Flip It Around In a recent patent filing, Suzuki decided it would take the standard motorcycle engine placement and flip it on end. The company filed a patent for a bike with an engine that’s essentially flipped around with the cylinder heads of what appears to be a single-cylinder engine positioned almost horizontally and …

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NS West and Shoei IT-HL

The Smart Helmet Confirmed At the last CES, NS West and Shoei teamed up to bring a unique smart helmet with a head-up display (HUD) called the IT-HT. Shoei just confirmed it. Japan Today reported that the helmet manufacturer will produce the IT-HT and begin selling it in Spring of 2020.  Shoei is well-known in …

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Alpinestars air-tech

Alpinestars Isn’t Backing Down We reported that the court ruling that Alpinestars infringed on Daixnese’s patent for its D-Air gear recently. That court ruling states that Alpinestars can’t continue to sell its Air-Tech gear in Germany and has to compensate Dainese for the infringement and recall all the gear it sold there that infringes on …

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Lightning Motorcycles Strike riding position

It’s a Bit More Upright If you were worried that the Lightning Motorcycles Strike was going to have the same super-hunched riding position that the superbike has, then you can breathe easy. It will have a more upright riding position than the company’s LS-218. This is good news. While the LS-218’s riding position is right for …

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Pirelli Diablo tires

Some Proper Racing Tires for Your Small Bike We’re not the only one noticing a major shift in the motorcycle industry towards smaller bikes. Pirelli will add some new sizes for its Diablo Superbike tire lineup so that entry-level sized sportbikes can have some legit racing slicks to add to their bike.  According to a …

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ONYX Mopeds

Pedals and Electric Power Mopeds were popular machines in the 1970s and 80s, but over time the bicycle/motorcycle bike fell out of style. Now, they’re quite uncommon. You see either scooters or motorcycles, but the pedal moped is a rarity on the road. That may change in the future thanks to ONYX Motorbikes. ONYX Motorbikes …

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