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Amazon Approved

Now You Don’t Have to Install Those Parts Yourself Did you just find the perfect set of new tires for your bike on Amazon? Do you not really want to put them on yourself? Soon you’ll be able to go to an Amazon-approved dealership to have the work done. An article at YouMotorcycle, shed some …

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AGV Trade and Save

Get Rid of That Old Lid and Get a Good Deal For a limited time, AGV is offering people a pretty good deal. All you need to do is bring in your old helmet to one of its physical stores and you’ll get 20 percent off of a new AGV helmet. AGV calls its program …

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MotoE World Cup

It Will Still be In 2019 The devastating fire that claimed the vast majority of the equipment and materials for the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup forced officials to announce that the race will be moved to a later date. According to Superbike News, MotoE will still race in 2019 but a revised calendar will …

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Aerostich Cousin Jeremy Suit

Introduction If one has been riding motorcycles for a while then the name Aerostich is likely a familiar name. Starting back in the early 1980s the company (called Aero Design & Mfg CO. Inc.) developed the original Roadcrafter riding suit. The Roadcrafter was a departure from the motorcycle gear of the day and employed Cordura …

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Bull-it SP120 Lite Heritage Slim Fit Jeans

Introduction It appears I have become the “riding jeans” guys over the past several years here at I’m not certain how this happened but I’m here today with yet another review of, you guessed it, motorcycle riding jeans. I do worry sometimes that I could suffer from “denim fatigue” with the volume of jeans …

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Some Less Than Pleasant Surprises I was really looking forward to testing this helmet due to the lightness. I am religious about wearing a full face helmet and the lighter the better. I also was very interested in the airflow thinking that the Matrix Alpha Streetfighter had the potential to be my go-to helmet for …

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Hi everyone, has recently partnered with 2Wheel is now one of our affiliate partners, joining Amazon and RevZilla. In the interests of transparency, I’d like to outline our relationship with 2Wheel so that you are aware of the scope of our affiliation with them. First, What is an “Affiliate Relationship”? Simply put, when …

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AGV K5s Helmet

Introduction I have handled a good variety of motorcycle helmets since I started riding in the early ’90s. I’m therefore a bit surprised to realize I’d never owned or tested a helmet from AGV. As part of my review process, I always read up on the manufacturer, even if I’m pretty familiar with them, in …

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A Pleasant Suitprise Looking for the Right One I love trying out new gear and this was the first taste of riding suits for me with a long term hands-on test, so I will admit to being pretty excited. But as I looked at the website, my excitement began to wain as I discovered that …

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I’m not one to shy away from that which is bold, so when ICON introduced the Overlord SB2 Wild Child, a full textile sport-specific jacket featuring turquoise/purple/magenta ombre with a zebra/ tiger stripe overlay… I was all in. For reference, I’m wearing an XL in the photos and am a US women’s size 10/12 dress. …

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Alpinestars Copper Out Denim Pants

For most riders, Alpinestars is a well-known name in the area of motorcycle gear. Starting back in 1963 producing footwear for off-road riding, the company has blossomed into a powerhouse in the technical apparel field. Today they offer products not only for motorcyclists but auto racers and cyclists have products to choose from Alpinestars lineup …

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Eva Killajoule

That’s Not Even Its Fastest Run If you want to watch one of the eeriest things you’ve probably seen in a while, check out the 360-degree video of the electric trike below making a run on the Gairdner Salt Flats in Australia. The bike goes from a standstill all the way to 236 mph. Because …

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Royal Enfield Scrambler

Could Possibly be Called the Trials 350 and 500 Royal Enfield is getting the most out of its current engines. The company has several bikes that utilize only a few different engines, and now it looks like a Scrambler will be coming soon. According to Car and Bike, the company will release full details on …

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SCHUBERTH R2 Enforcer Review Hero Image

Some First Impressions I always wear a full face helmet just because I ride in an environment that has a lot of sand and rock and the full face protection is appreciated. Putting this helmet on for the first time, it was snug but still very comfortable. The fit is secure but not so tight …

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Harley-Davidson Concept

More Electrics and Possible Ride-Sharing Are Coming We all know what Harley-Davidson is focusing on a greener, electric future to help the brand pivot as it attracts a new customer base. A recent report from CNN suggests the company is seriously looking at electric scooter companies like Bird and Lime for its future.  “It’s a …

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Nonstop to Nowhere

Nonstop to Nowhere Paul Pelland, known affectionately as Longhaulpaul, will attempt to set a world record by riding a motorcycle non-stop on a dyno for 24 hours. The run will happen on March 29. Pelland’s 24-hour run supports MS Views and News, Inc. All of the money that Pelland is able to raise will go …

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Aerostich Cousin Jeremy Suit

Introduction If one has been riding motorcycles for a while then the name Aerostich is likely a familiar name. Starting back in the early 1980s the company (called Aero Design & Mfg CO. Inc.) developed the original Roadcrafter riding suit. The Roadcrafter was a departure from the motorcycle gear of the day and employed Cordura …

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Fuell Flow

A Unique Motor for a Unique Bike We recently reported on the Fuell motorcycle and ebike. While the ebike is interesting, the electric motorcycle called the Flow is what really grabbed our attention. Erik Buell and Francois-Xavier Terny are two of the guys making this company happen, and Motorcyclist Magazine got to sit down with …

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Husqvarna Svartpilen

Not Just a Twist-and-Go System The Husqvarna Vitpilen and Svartpilen will both now be able to come with the Rekluse Radius X Centrifugal Clutch Kit. This kit is a semi-automatic clutch kit from Rekluse that combines the unique TorqDrive clutch pack with Rekluse’s EXP automatic clutch disk. This doesn’t eliminate the clutch lever or the …

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Can-Am Ryker Ride Show

Want to Test Out Life on Three Wheels? I’m not a particularly huge fan of the whole reverse trike thing, but I do think they have a place in the wonderful world of motorcycles. When it comes to reverse trikes, Can-Am is at the top, and now it wants to get more folks on the …

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