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Aprilia Is Working on a Yamaha Nikken Challenger



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Honda Highness

Royal Enfield Should Get Ready Although there isn’t even one look at the motorcycle, Honda has teased it’s new Royal Enfield-challenging motorcycle. In the teaser video (included below) there are some folks sitting around a table outside a very nice home or mansion. A motorcycle comes riding by and you can hear it, but you …

Aprilia reverse trike

Another Three-Wheeled Wonder Aprilia isn’t ready to let Yamaha own the three-wheeled market. According to some new patent info showcased by Motorcycle News, Aprilia has a new tilting front suspension design that it has attached to a Mana 850. The leaning trike game is now afoot. For those unfamiliar with the Mana 850 from Aprilia, …

Harley-Davidson 388R

The Baby HD for China by China News of the Harley-Davidson Chinese-made motorcycle has come out before. The company partnered with Qianjiang for a new bike. I wasn’t sure if this would continue due to the fact that Harley is going through a dramatic restructuring, but now design filings with China’s National Intellectual Property Administration …

6D Brings the Concrete To Your Head With a New Glossy Cement Grey Colorway For Their ATS-1R Helmet The ATS-1R is a great looking helmet in my opinion. I really am a sucker for fast, MotoGP styled lids with winglets and aero features (Shoei, please send me an X-14. I will get your logo tattooed …

Trailblazer To Professional Dune Hopper For $1700 RebelX Sports has made a name for themselves making rally kits for various off-road bikes over the years from the larger displacement KTM’s, Yamahas, and even Husqvarnas. Today is the day they bring a kit to the Honda realm. Built to be specifically bolted on directly to your …

gasgas motocross

Ready for AMA Supercross and Motocross GasGas, which is owned by Pierer Mobility Group (the same company that owns Husqvarna and KTM), has announced the lineup for 2021. These bikes will feature similar engines to KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles and WP Suspension throughout the lineup. The brand also came with its own expertise, so there’s …



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