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Motorcycle Handlebar End Weights - Quick Look, discussion and ruminations on handlebar end weights, featuring the Sato Racing handlebar end cap.
Kabuto Ibuki Helmet Review - Solid first flip-up from Kabuto has excellent upper ventilation and a very comfortable and relatively quiet interior. Is that enough to beat the current segment leader?
Pilot Visto Air Jacket Review - Mesh jacket for hot weather, with the emphasis on high-visibility and value.
Interphone Pro Case for iPhone 6 Review - Waterproof handlebar mounting solution for carrying an iPhone 6 and 6+ on the motorcycle.
Racer Grip Gloves Review - New for 2015, these street sport gloves have plenty of protection, comfort and a bit of ventilation.
Skene Design Photon Blaster Review - Powerful LED conspicuity lights can also be used as auxiliary turn signals.
Schuberth M1 Helmet Review - Beautifully made and a nice design with a fully integrated M1 SRC Bluetooth intercom system. But it will cost you dearly... (NOTE: Updated with accessory information August 13, 2015.)
BMW S1000XR Review - New "adventure sport" bike from BMW blurs the lines between street, standard, sport, touring and adventure. First impressions with more to come...
Held Sambia Gloves Review - Another hot-weather riding glove, these have excellent quality and ventilation along with a good array of protective features.
Motorcycle Mirror Extenders Review - Another (quick) look at mirror extenders, these are the wedge type that fit motorcycles with mirrors mounted on a fairing.
Denali Soundbomb Horn Review - A big horn replacement for the Stebel Nautilus Compact with a 120 dB high-pitched sound and good reliability. UPDATED with correct horn mounting orientation.
Klim Induction Gloves Review - Protection, hot-weather ventilation and quality in a short or long gauntlet.
Arai Corsair-X Preview - Arai revamps the venerated Corsair with a new ventilation system, face shield and lots more.
SHAD Zulupack Review - The SHAD SW22 tank bag, SW42 panniers and SW55 travel bag work on and off the bike as waterproof luggage or can be converted to a backpack for travel or hiking.
REV'IT! Jersey and Philly Jeans Review - Are these the perfect compromise between comfort and safety? They're both good-looking, comfortable and have excellent abrasion resistance. Your choice: dark or light blue.
Nexx XT1 Review - Forget everything you think you knew about Nexx and behold their new top-of-the-line supersport helmet!
Cardo Packtalk Review - Super high-tech intercom system has the new Cardo "Dynamic Meshwork Communication" feature with real-time, full-duplex, self-healing group communications and more. (UPDATED July 10, 2015)
Audio-Technica Noise Cancelling Earbuds Review - Yet another attempt to find a modern electronic solution to motorcycle helmet noise.
BMW Dynamic Brake Light - BMW gets into the "smart" brake light game with a new system for 2016. Includes 2 videos describing the system and illustrating how it works.
Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Jacket Review - Take your basic Phoenix mesh jacket, add a few bells and whistles and a puzzling type of reflective material that doesn't really reflect and what do you get?
CMS GTRS Carbon DNA Helmet Review - Ultra light weight carbon fiber helmet with solid construction and a beautiful design is hand made in Portugal and it's reasonably priced.
Sidi All Road Gore-Tex Boots Review - The new replacement for the ever-popular On Road boots has many upgrades, including a lightweight synthetic exterior.
Motobrain Review - Another high-tech Power Distribution Unit that works with an app to centralize the control of up to 8 different motorcycle accessories.
Acebikes Brakefix Review - Handy device secures the front brake lever to prevent the motorcycle from rolling on a slope or hill or to hold it securely on a trailer.
NikWax Review - wBW Owner Report - More than you ever wanted to know about cleaning and waterproofing textile motorcycle clothing with the popular Nikwax non-fluorocarbon products.
wBW Exclusive Special Report! 2015 Arai Corsair V Limited Editions Review - The Arai Corsair V in the 2015 Isle of Man TT and Nicky 5 Limited Edition versions! Includes tons of photos and a video.
FOBO Bike TPMS Review - Bluetooth 4.0 based Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) works with an Android or iPhone app to monitor tire pressures and temperatures.
Nexx XD1 Review - Light weight, internal sun visor, loaded with features and it converts to a good-looking "Streetfighter" style. All at a price $150.00 to $200.00 less than the competition!
Shoei Hornet X2 Review - Shoei deconstructs and completely redesigns the Dual Sport helmet concept and sets the new benchmark for others to meet. UPDATE: Two videos just added.
motoPOCKET Accessory Bags Review - Handy accessory soft luggage bags are made in the U.S.A. in different sizes and can be attached to the windshield, handlebar or inside a top case or side case.
REV'IT! Dominator GTX Review Preview - New ultra-high-end-jacket evolves the adventure-touring design started 10 years ago with the Cayenne. ALSO: This review tests a new responsive design page layout!
BMW Concept 101 - BMW builds a woody! You read that right: a six-cylinder power cruiser built via a Roland Sands commission. And it has wood...
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