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Yamaha: New Type-Approval Documents Could Mean a YZF-R9 In The Works

A view of the R7 and the Yamaha MT-07
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Two 750cc–1,000cc Street Models Revealed For Yammie Fans

We’ve just been given word that Yamaha isn’t done with their new bikes reveal – and if the rumours are true, this next surprise could be a doozy.

With new type-approval documents showing off two machines slotted for the 750cc–1,000cc street segment, we’re thinking the end product will be either naked or sportbike…and given Yamaha’s R7 was a full-fairinged sibling to the MT-07, it really wouldn’t take much for Yamaha to apply the same sporty formula to their bullet-proof MT-09

A view fo the Yamaha MT-09 SP

The two bikes are given code names in the type-approval documentation – code names ‘RN82’ and ‘RN83,’ with CycleWorld providing a brief blurb on how the coding works (and why we’re THIS sure about what’s next in the pipeline for Yammie). 

“As many firms do, Yamaha uses code names designed to reflect a bike’s position in its range. In this case, the initial “R” means it’s a street model—a cruiser would have a “V” and an off-road or adventure bike would have a “D” in that position. The second letter, “N,” tells us that both new bikes have a capacity of between 750cc and 1,000cc.”

“The very first bike to use the RN code—RN01—was the original 1998 YZF-R1, and the most recent new models to fit the same profile are the 2022 MT-10 (RN78) and the recently revamped XSR900 (RN80). Inevitably there are gaps in the sequence, representing projects that haven’t reached fruition, but the new approval applications show that RN82 and RN83 are both due to be launched soon.”

A view of the Yamaha R1

Sliding further into this coding system, we can also add a list of (current) engines in the ‘N’ designation; they are the 889cc ‘CP3’ triple engine from the MT-09/Tracer 9/XSR900 and the 998cc ‘CP4’ crossplane-crank four-cylinder engine courtesy of Yamaha’s YZF-R1/MT-10.

With a wee bit more wiggle room in the market for the former, we’ve got our fingers crossed and will keep our eyes open for the next tidbits of info as they come to us. 

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*All media sourced from Yamaha*