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The Fastest Dirt Bikes You Can Ride [2024 Edition]

Fastest Dirt Bikes 2022

Knobbly tires and long-travel suspensions are not normally associated with top speed. In fact, most of the time spent in the saddle of a motocross machine is spent perfecting your clutch control so you are always in the heart of the power band.

None of those little details really matter though because anything with an engine and tires always leads to the inevitable question, “dude, how fast can it go?” This does have legitimate value if you ride or race enduro, and that is why this list is interesting.

Hopefully, you will find your favorite machine on this list, or maybe you just want to ponder how much more a certain bike could deliver with a gearing change. Let’s get to it!

2022 Yamaha WR250F2022 Yamaha WR 250F

Top Speed: 85mph

New for 2022, Yamaha has taken all the best parts of the YZ250F and placed them in an enduro setup. The revised high-compression cylinder head, forged piston, new cam profiles, new intake port, and much more work together to produce about 36hp @ 12,000rpm.

At only 254lbs this gearing allows the WR to climb up to 85mph.

2022 Zero FX2022 Zero FX

Top Speed: 85 mph

The FX is more to the dual sport side of the dirt world, but it is certainly capable of being a competent Enduro machine. The 2022 FX comes in two specs, 3.6 kWh and 7.2 kWh. I would be choosing the 7.2 battery which has a range of 91 miles and a curb weight of 289 lbs.

There is plenty about making the switch to a Zero that will be new, but experienced riders will adapt quickly. First off, there is no clutch. You have one gear and just a constant progression of power as you twist the throttle. Second, there is huge torque. With 78 ft-lb peak torque available instantly, this bike can easily pull you out of all kinds of situations on the way to 85mph.

2022 Honda CFR450RL2022-Honda-CRF450RL

Top Speed: 87 mph

The Honda CRF450RL is packed with off-road goodness. The “R” reminds us that the 2022 model uses the CRF450R motocross platform, then tunes it for trail greatness. 

Engine modifications include; a specific crankshaft for this bike that adds inertia and enhances low RPM torque, and three-piston rings to increase durability. A new ECU further refines the fuel injection tuning bringing the 449cc Unicam engine to 41.7 hp, and 23.6 lb/ft of torque.

The frame was widened slightly to accommodate a 6-speed transmission, providing a wider gear spacing to benefit both, low-speed abilities, and a tall 6th gear that should have you seeing 87mph. 

2022 Kawasaki KX450X2022 Kawasaki KX450X

Top Speed: 89 mph

Kawasaki has been building top-level motocross bikes seemingly forever, and the 450 engine in this bike has been proven over and over. 

This is the Crosscountry configuration and gets the gearing that allows the rider to really stretch it out on the open stretches. Thanks to a highly capable chassis and suspension there are no worries letting this machine run-up to its 89mph top speed.

2022 Kawasaki KLR 6502022 Kawasaki KLR 650

Top Speed: 95 mph

The Kawasaki KLR650 dual-sport is aimed more at the street side of things but is still incredibly capable off-road. It is that lean towards the street side of things that give the KLR650 the very slight edge, as it is slower from 0 to 60 at over 6 seconds, but has a more freeway-friendly top speed.

This bike was built with touring in mind, evident with the tall gearing and linear power delivery. Hold it wide open and it will take you all the way to 95mph.

2022 Husqvarna FE501S2022 Husqvarna FE501S

Top Speed: 100 mph

The FE 501s is refined in the most impressive way and houses the strongest engine in the Husqvarna dual-sport range. Despite having large internal moving components, a counterbalance shaft keeps vibration to a minimum, so you can enjoy its seemingly limitless power for hours on end.

Dyno tests have shown as much as 44.5hp, in this excellent chassis you will top out at the century mark.

2022 Beta 500 RR-S2022 Beta 500 RR-S

Top Speed: 110 mph

Once again Beta makes small improvements to the RR-S lineup of street-legal off-road bikes. Beta makes this bike with 4 engine choices but it is the 500 that is the sales leader.

With lots of low-end grunt and a very light 243lb wet weight, the Beta 500 RR-S, can certainly stretch your arms. To get the power down,  the rear shock has new compression damping settings with independent high and low-speed damping rates providing the rider wi78 FT-LBth the adjustability for both separate settings. The front fork also gets a small valving change, and the clutch diaphragm is new providing lighter pull and more progressive control.

Fitted with the 15T front sprocket you can tear down backroads maxed out at 110mph.

2022 KTM 450 SX-F2022 KTM 450 SX-F

Top Speed: 124 mph

There should be little doubt that the KTM 450 would own this stat. This engine is legendary for the 63hp it can put down.

As the flagship of the KTM motocross lineup, the chassis and suspension are stellar, and have no problem getting all this power to the dirt. If you have the stones to hold on long enough, KTM can have you seeing speeds that no other dirt bike is capable of reaching, without some serious modifications.