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The Return of a Legend is Official: 2022 Kawasaki KLR650

2022 KLR650

Kawasaki has now released details on the 2022 Kawasaki KLR 650. The KLR has been legendary in the adventure riding world since it’s release in 1987. A very straightforward, four-stroke single-cylinder with lots of fuel capacity at a fair price point. 

Since 1987, not a lot has changed with Kawasaki KLR other than a slight cosmetic makeover in 2008. In 2018, Kawasaki had decided to end an era of one of the most legendary adventure bikes to date. Skip ahead to the end of 2020, a time where there was little to look forward to, Kawasaki announced a possible dual-sport to hit the production line. Left with little details at that time, our prayers for the return of the iconic KLR have been answered.

2022 KLR650

A few major changes to the KLR650 include a 652cc DOHC single-cylinder engine, with fuel injection for increased fuel efficiency and reliability. A fresh digital instrument panel with multiple functions, and a new fuel tank. The KLR will also include a new LED headlight to bring it up to modern-day functionality. It will also include a slightly longer swingarm than years past to improve ergonomics on long rides. 

The 2022 KLR650 will also have a load of accessories available from Kawasaki in case you want to fully deck out your midsized adventure bike. These accessories include optional ABS, newly designed cases, auxiliary lights, adventure guards, DC outlets, and even a USB plugin. 2022 KLR650


The updates made to the 2022 KLR650 are subtle but needed all while keeping the overall costs down. Kawasaki has also released multiple colorways for the 2022 KLR650, and we think they’re awesome. 

2022 KLR650

Kawasaki USA press release below:


For 2022, Kawasaki welcomes the return of the widely popular and critically acclaimed all-new KLR650 motorcycle to its lineup. The legendary dual-sport bike is back and better than ever, refined and ready to make new memories. Featuring new technology you’ve been waiting for, and the same reputable reliability, the KLR650 is ready for your next expedition. Whether it’s traveling long distances or making the daily commute, this adventure-hungry, on-and-off-road machine offers the versatility and toughness required to accommodate any adventure.

The all-new 2022 KLR650 receives the addition of fuel injection to the 652cc single-cylinder engine offering increased reliability and fuel efficiency. A new multi-functional digital instrumentation panel with a fuel gauge is paired with a new fuel tank design with greater useable volume. Numerous parts have been updated for increased riding confidence when carrying luggage, reduced vibrations, and increased generator capacity, contributing to the improved performance and ride comfort that is needed when searching for a tough adventure partner.

The all-new KLR650 features a new LED headlight, is available with optional ABS, provides a terrific riding position for all-day riding comfort and boasts plenty of carrying capacity. For 2022 the KLR650 motorcycle will also be available in two new special edtions featuring a number of Kawasaki Genuine Accessories including side cases, engine guards, LED auxililary light set, and more.

  • 2022 KLR650 HIGHLIGHTS

NEW Fuel Injected 652 cc Single-Cylinder Engine

NEW Multi-Functional Digital Instrumentation With Fuel Gauge

NEW LED Headlight

NEW Bodywork including fuel tank

NEW Larger Front Disc And Optional ABS

NEW Greater Wind Protection and Styling

NEW Increased Carrying Capacity


NEW Fuel Injection

NEW Revised Cam Profiles

NEW Exhaust Pipe Diameter

NEW Updated Clutch

NEW Increased ACG Output

NEW Low Maintainence Battery

NEW Lighter Starter, Ignition Coil, And Evaporator Canister

NEW Honeycomb Catalyzer

The KLR650 is powered by one of the most well-known, reliable, and trusted engines in the motorcycle industry. Its liquid cooled, four-stroke, 652 cc single-cylinder engine features a DOHC cylinder head and produces a flat power curve that lets you navigate challenging roads and cruise at freeway speeds. The 2022 model is now equipped with fuel injection, which, combined with the fuel tank’s greater useable volume, contributes to an increased range between fuel stops, while updates for increased durability ensure the reliability expected of an adventure tourer. 

Featuring fuel injection for the first time, starting the KLR650 has never been easier, especially at high altitude or in cold conditions, and its reliability and performance have been increased. A 10-hole fine-atomizing injector sprays 60 µm droplets, which contributes to efficient air-fuel mixing for efficient combustion. Revised intake and exhaust cam profiles improve mid-range power and torque characteristics. A stronger cam chain guide material and shape add to the increased reliability.

The exhaust pipe diameter has been reduced by 7.7 mm to improve mid-range torque characteristics to better suit everyday riding. An oxygen sensor provides feedback to the fuel injection system, contributing to cleaner exhaust emissions and increased fuel efficiency.

Several updates have been made to improve shifting feel and reduce weight. In the clutch and transmission, the clutch release bearings were changed from ball to thrust-needle bearings, the gear dogs and shift fork have been revised on third gear, and a new finishing treatment is now used for fourth and fifth gears.

A new sealed battery adds to the convenience and is significantly lighter than the previous battery. The starter, ignition coil, and evaporator canister have all been revised and are now lighter than on previous models.


NEW Rear Frame

NEW Swingarm

NEW Larger Swingarm Pivot Shaft

The KLR650 motorcycle’s proven and high tensile, semi-double-cradle frame receives several updates on the 2022 model. The updates now include a rear frame that is integrated with the main frame to increase torsional rigidity for a more composed ride and a 30mm longer swingarm with a 2mm larger diameter swingarm pivot shaft that also contributes to better handling.


NEW Front and Rear Suspension Settings

NEW Larger Front Brake Disc

NEW Thicker Rear Brake Disc

NEW Optional ABS Models

NEW Stronger Rear Wheel Rim Material

NEW Larger-Diameter Axle Shafts

Both front and rear suspension settings complement the new frame to help provide a more planted feel. In order to meet the demands of both on and off-road riding, 41 mm front forks with 200 mm of suspension travel handle the suspension duties up front and add the rigidity needed for superb performance. Firm fork springs provide excellent bump compliance and bottoming resistance while also reducing front-end dive under heavy braking.

An adjustable Uni-Trak system with 185 mm of suspension travel can be found on the rear and complements the front fork settings, offering progressive rear suspension action while contributing to a low center of gravity. Firm rear shock settings help resist bottoming in rough terrain and accommodate heavy loads. Rear spring preload and rebound damping adjustments allow riders to fine-tune suspension settings to suit the riding conditions and rider’s preference. The front fork and rear shock settings complement each other for light, sharp handling on smooth roads while providing the capability needed off-road.  

Complementing the KLR650 motorcycle’s more powerful engine is a larger 300mm front brake disc that delivers more substantial braking power. The disc shape has been changed from a petal-type disc to a round disc, adding to its tough appearance. On the rear brakes, the disc has been thickened to provide better heat dissipation when under heavy braking. Similar to the front, the back disc shape is now round. Models with and without ABS are now available and the ABS offers additional rider reassurance when riding on low-friction surfaces.

The KLR650 comes equipped with a 21” front wheel and 17” rear wheel that allows riding to be continued even when the paved road ends. A stronger material can now be found on the rear wheel rim, delivering improved torsional rigidity and increased durability. The front and rear tires are tube types, making it possible for the rider to carry out any necessary roadside repairs. A larger-diameter front and rear wheel axle contribute to both durability and handling.


NEW Fine-Tuned Handlebar And Footpeg Positions

NEW Rubber Mounts On Handlebars And Footpegs

NEW Fuel Tank Design With More Useable Volume

NEW Taller Windshield For Increased Wind Protection

NEW Seat Design And Materials For Improved Comfort

NEW Pillion Grab Bars For Passenger Comfort

NEW 30 mm Shorter Side Stand

The KLR650 has long been known for its comfortable, upright riding position, and for 2022 it has been fine-tuned to deliver a stress-free position for a longer adventure.  One significant improvement has been the reduction of vibration from parts that come in contact with the rider, further contributing to comfort when on long rides.

Fine-tuned handlebar and footpeg positions have each been moved 10 mm outwards to provide adjustability and put the rider in a slightly more relaxed position, to support longer hours in the saddle. The handlebars and footpegs are now rubber-mounted, reducing vibration for improved comfort. A new fuel tank design has been fitted to the KLR650 chassis, offering a natural fit with the rider’s knees for comfort and increased controllability. While the volume of the new fuel tank remains the same, the useable volume has been increased through redesign and a new fuel pump that draws from the very bottom of the tank, contributing to a longer cruising range.

Aiding the rider up front, a new stylish windshield can be found, which is now 50 mm taller for better wind protection and features two-position bolt-on adjustability that allows windshield height to be conveniently increased a further 30 mm. The seat shape and cover have been revised and the optimized urethane thickness and firmness all contribute to increased ride comfort. Under the seat, rubber dampers have been added to further aid in rider comfort. Passenger grab bars have been reshaped, improving passenger comfort. The side stand has been shortened 30 mm, making it easier to deploy when on the bike. 


NEW Shroud, Side Cover, And Tail Cowl

NEW Bright LED Headlight

NEW Taillight And Turn Signal

NEW All-Digital Instrument Panel

NEW Longer Mirror Arms

The KLR650’s robust design reflects the bike’s capabilities for an unforgettable adventure. New colors and textured graphics were specially chosen to emphasize its ruggedness. Its modern styling includes a protector-equipped shroud design that contributes to a functional and rugged image, while a new side cover design and tail cowl tie the robust styling package together. In addition to the windshield offering increased wind protection, it also adds to the tough adventure tourer appearance that Kawasaki engineers set out to achieve on the KLR650.

A new bright LED headlight illuminates the way when the ride continues past sunset and also contributes to the intended adventure styling. In the back, a revised taillight and turn signal design add to the tough styling. Rearward field of vision has been improved thanks to longer mirror arms.

An all-digital instrument panel offers information at-a-glance through a large display and easy-to-read LCD screen with white backlighting. The instrument panel features a speedometer, odometer, dual trip meters, fuel gauge, clock, and indicator lamps. The narrowed-down display list prioritizes visibility of the speedometer and fuel gauge.


A number of Kawasaki Genuine Accessories (KGA) will allow riders to personalize the looks of their KLR650 and offer added comfort and convenience. Kawasaki accessory side cases and top case were developed to provide a clean look with their well-matched design.

The side cases feature a top-opening design that makes it easy to add and remove items when they are mounted on the bike. The side cases easily clip onto their mounting brackets for a secure fit. The top case is large enough to accommodate an off-road style helmet. Improving convenience, side cases and the top case can be fitted with a one-key system. Complementing the accessory luggage, a larger aluminum rear carrier offers improved carrying capacity. In addition to its exclusive luggage, accessories include grip heater set, LED auxiliary light set, engine guards, DC power outlet, and USB socket.


Also new for the 2022 KLR650 are two model variations that feature factory-equipped accessories and both come standard with ABS. The KLR 650 ADVENTURE model comes equipped with factory-installed side cases, LED auxiliary light set, engine guards, tank pad, and both DC power outlet and USB socket and is available in the Cypher Camo Gray colorway. This model is designed for the adventurer who is looking for increased carry capacity and convenience.  The KLR 650 TRAVELER model features a factory-installed top case and both DC power outlet and USB socket and comes in Pearl Lava Orange colorway.


The 2022 KLR650 is available in Pearl Sand Khaki and Pearl Lava Orange. The KLR650 ABS is available in Pearl Sand Khaki. The KLR650 ADVENTURE model is available in Cypher Camo Gray and the KLR650 TRAVELER model is available in Pearl Lava Orange.

  • MSRP

KLR650 – $6,699

KLR650 ABS – $6,999

KLR650 TRAVELER – $7,399

KLR650 ADVENTURE – $7,999

  • 2022 Kawasaki KLR650 Specifications

Front Suspension / Wheel Travel: 41mm telescopic fork/ 7.9 in

Rear Suspension / Wheel Travel: Uni-Trak® gas charged shock with piggyback reservoir with adjustable rebound damping and spring preload/ 7.3 in

Front Tire: 90/90-21

Rear Tire: 130/80-17

Front Brakes: Single 300mm disc with 2-piston calipers, ABS

Rear Brakes: Single 240mm disc with single-piston caliper, ABS

Frame Type: Tubular, Semi-Double Cradle

Rake/Trail: 30.0°/4.8 in

Overall Length: 89.8 in

Overall Width: 38.2 in

Overall Height: 57.7/56.3 in (screen hi/lo)

Ground Clearance: 8.3 in

Seat Height: 34.3 in

Curb Weight: 460.6 lb

Fuel Capacity: 6.1 gal

Wheelbase: 60.6 in

Color Choices: Pearl Sand Khaki, Pearl Lava Orange

Warranty: 12 Months

Engine: 4-Stroke, single cylinder, DOHC

Displacement: 652cc

Bore x Stroke: 100.0 x 83.0mm

Compression Ratio: 9.8:1

Fuel System: DFI w/40mm Throttle Body

Transmission: 5-speed, return shift with wet multi-disc manual clutch

Final Drive: Sealed Chain

Maximum Torque: 39.1 lb.-ft. @ 4,500rpm