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Kannenberg Collection Auction Goes Live With Classic and Vintage Bikes Sept 10-11

A view of the Kannenberg Collection Auction Logo.

Deep in the heart of DeKalb County sits Auburn, Indiana – a city with a history steeped deep in the roots of early automotive innovations. 

It has another name – the “Home of the Classics.”

And this year, the Worldwide Auctioneers is putting that title to good use as the Kannenberg Collection – a gem of a series featuring the lifetime collection of celebrated flat track racer Denny “Kannonball” Kannenberg – gets air time on September’s chop block. 

Richard Rawlings with Denny "Kannonball" Kannenberg
Richard Rawlings with Denny “Kannonball” Kannenberg

Not only will the Kannenberg Collection Auction feature classic and vintage machines (both domestic and international) from better-known names such as Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Moto Guzzi, Triumph, Ducati, and Indian – the collection is being aired by none other than Fast N’ Loud reality star Richard Rawlings, founder of Gas Monkey Garage, and a good friend of Kannenberg.

Fast N’ Loud reality star Richard Rawlings, founder of Gas Monkey Garage

“I’m blessed by the opportunity to bring the, literally, lifetime collection of my friend Denny to the world,” says Rawlings.

“Here is a historic offering of everything that it is motoring and bikes and racing, representing a real coming age of motorcycles themselves and racing itself and American flat track, and there will not be another opportunity like it.”

A view of the Kannenberg Collection at the Worldwide Auctioneers

All told, 165 motorcycles will be offered at no reserve, as well as 30 vehicles and other various memorabilia. 

As for the models, the Kannenberg Collection has quite a range.

There is a mint Indian Four complete with a sidecar – one of only about 700, and with chrome paint on the wheels and headlights for that extra pizazz.

1942 Indian Four With Sidecar OFFERED WITHOUT RESERVE

There is also a rare 1972 Honda CB-450 “Street Tracker,” complete with a unique aftermarket cover and club man bars, along with the fitting of upswept pipes and a front disc brake.

1972 Honda CB-450 Street Tracker OFFERED WITHOUT RESERVE

We even have a stunning 1982 Honda “Big Daddy” CX500TC, gifted by Honda itself to drag racing icon Don Garlits, in commemoration of his accomplishments (it’s his autograph that we see on the front cowl). 


And hey – if you’re not as hard into the glory days of the big bikes, we also have a brilliant banana-yellow 1970 Fox mini bike.


Take your pick; we certainly won’t judge – in fact, you might find yourself bidding right alongside us.

Make sure to stay tuned and register to bid on the Worldwide Auctioneers’ website. Auctions have been fewer and farther between in the past year, so make sure to attend if you can; with such a diverse range of history-rich bikes, the energy promises to be electric.

If you just want to take a gander at the motorcycles in the series, don’t go anywhere – below is a photo gallery of the bikes, just for you.