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The BMW C 650 GT Scooter

BMW C 650 GT Scooter Blog

Welcome to the BMW C 650 GT Scooter blog!

This scooter is the webBikeWorld Project Bike for 2013.

The links to the reviews are entered in the table below as we customize the bike.

The C 650 GT and C 600 Sport scooters mark a new direction for BMW, although the company made the short-lived C1 scooter for a few years in the 2000’s.

The BMW “C” series scooters have many high-end features, including ABS, triple-disk brakes with ABS and optional heated seats, grips and a TPMS.

This is one scooter that handles better than many motorcycles!

Not many accessories are available for the C series scooters, but we’ll be reviewing as many as we can get and relating life with the “C” over the next year, so stay tuned!

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If you have any tips on parts or accessories for the BMW scooters, please feel free to drop me a line at

And More Reviews…

BMW 49 Liter Top Case on the C650GT?

From “T.G.” (February 2016): “We have spoken in the past about replacing the C650GT’s original top case with the 49 liter top case of the K1600GT.

At last, i decided to not take the risk to buy the expensive K1600GTS top case for my C650GT and I bought a Givi V47 top case instead. Although, I found a pic on the internet with a 49 liter top case on a C650GT.

I am really interesting in doing this to my C650GT, I would appreciate for any info you have.”

2016 BMW Scooters! Photos, Updates, Changes

Here are photos and info on all the updates in our 2016 BMW Scooters report! Photos were taken at the 2015 AIMExpo (report) in a private showing prior to the international release of the BMW C 650 Sport and C 650 GT.

Mounting a GPS on a BMW Scooter

From “B.G.” (May 16, 2014): I was looking for info on best practices for GPS mounting, asked the gang on the Google + BMW C Series forum and got a good consensus of opinion on how to proceed.

Based on their comments here is what I ordered for my 650GT, with part numbers and Amazon pricing. I read that RAM mounts are universally popular and respected. I decided to go with the universal X-grip to allow me to switch between phone and Garmin Nuvi, as well as something that can be quickly removed.

Here are the three parts needed to mount the GPS to the left brake reservoir, as the C-series don’t easily offer a handlebar mounting site without modifying the bike.

The X-grip mount and reservoir mounts are 1″ balls and both fit into one of two sockets on either end of a RAM short arm.  The RAM site has a lot of useful videos on how their system works.

  1. RAM Brake Reservoir Mount RAM-B-346U, 1″ ball, off-set mount. $21.80.
  2. RAM Short Arm Mount Extension RAM-B-201UA, powder coated Aluminum, double 1″ ball sockets either end, 2.4″ length. $12.40
  3. RAM Universal X-Grip RAM-HOL-UN7BU for cell phones, 1″ ball. $21.57

I also ordered a cigarette lighter USB charger. The thought I have is that I’ll run the phone or GPS on their battery, when in the X grip, and keep the appropriate USB charger cords with me, should they need recharging during a trip. Simply put the phone or GPS in the left compartment and let it charge.

Handlebar Bag

(February 17, 2014): I discovered a handlebar bag that was originally designed for the BMW GW but which fits nicely on the BMW scooter and comes in very handy for carrying frequently used items like sunglasses, a cell phone and more. Read all about it in the Motorcycle Handlebar Bag review.

SW-Motech Bags-Connection EVO Rear Bag

(December 2, 2013): I had a Bags-Connection EVO Rear Bag (review), also known as a tail bag, that I acquired for the Suzuki GW250 (review). In playing around with it, I discovered it fits nicely on the C 650 GT scooter. Read the full review and here are a few more pics of the bag fitted on the passenger section of the C 650 GT:

Bags-Connection EVO Rear Bag on the BMW Scooter
Bags-Connection EVO Rear Bag on the C 650 GT.
Bags-Connection EVO Rear Bag on the BMW Scooter
Bags-Connection EVO Rear Bag on the C 650 GT with rear side (handle side) facing forward.
Bags-Connection EVO Rear Bag on the BMW Scooter
Bags-Connection EVO Rear Bag on the C 650 GT with rear side facing forward. The bag fits both ways. Note the Marsee Rocket Pocket tank bag (review) mounted on the luggage rack for extra storage.

Changing the Headlight Bulb on the BMW Scooter

From “S.T.” (September 16, 2013): “Here’s a forum thread about my ordeal changing the low beam headlight bulb on my BMW C650GT (shaken to death by the rough roads in New Orleans).

The shop service manual originally called for disassembling most of the front end bodywork including the right mirror and base! Shop time was estimated at 1.5-2 hrs. Between $75/hr shop time, bulb cost and taxes I was looking at up to $200 for a simple light bulb change.

When I contacted BMW Motorrad USA on Facebook, they were very responsive and came up with an alternate rework method that I could accomplish at home in about 20 minutes. I hope this is of assistance to others when their bulbs eventually die.”

From “B.S.” (November 2013): “In response to S.T.’s headlight change post: My low beam bulb died at 14,000 km, after riding the bike for three months. My dealer replaced it under warranty (thank you!).

It took the mechanic two minutes: he just reached under the fairing and felt his way to it. I tried it too, and it’s feasible without removing any parts. It took me ten  minutes and a bunch of four-letter words (and a mirror), but it can be done faster and just by feel with practice.

Incidentally, both high and low beam use the same bulb, so just swap them if you don’t have a spare handy…

PS: I’ll have a 15,000km to submit to you as soon as grad-school cuts me some slack. I have >15,000 km on the scoot and use it for commuting and long-distance touring.

Teaser: I’ve had nothing but trouble with the windshield (which hasn’t worked in five months); the left turn signal also has a mind of its own, and the horn started honking by itself. Dealers in BC (Canada) don’t seem to stock parts, and ordering them from Germany takes six weeks (or in the case of my windshield controller, the part is out of stock with no ETA). Other than that, and how fast the bike goes through tires, I love it!”

Dual Horn Relay Wiring Harness Installation

(July 13, 2013): I went back in and installed a dual horn relay and wiring harness assembly on the two Hella trumpet horns installed previously. Read all about it in my Dual Horn Relay Wiring Harness report.

BMW Scooter Oil and Filter Change

(May 11, 2013): It’s easy! Here’s how to change the oil and filter on the BMW scooter.

Russell Day Long Saddle for the BMW Scooter

(May 9, 2013): Scooter owner “J.W.” installed a Russell Day Long seat on his scooter; here are a couple of pics.

Rigid SRM2 Lights for the BMW Scooter

(May 7, 2013): Scooter owner “S.T.” installed a pair of Rigid SRM2 lights (driving and wide beam) on his scooter and here’s his report.

BMW Scooter Top Case and Liner

(March 16, 2013): I finally got the 35 liter BMW scooter top case, liner and luggage rack mounted. It’s expensive, but you get a lot for the money.

SHAD SC20 Tunnel Bag

(March 10, 2013): The SHAD SC20 tunnel bag is nicely made but…does it fit the BMW scooter? Read my SHAD SC20 bag review to find out!

Morimoto Bi-Xenon Headlight Conversion

(February 25, 2013): More from “A.Z.” (see the Malossi Variator conversion entry below). He converted the stock headlights on his BMW scooter to these cool-looking Morimoto Bi-Xenon lights in this report, check it out!

Morimoto Bi-Xenon LightsMalossi Multivar Variator Kit

(February 15, 2013): BMW scooter owner “A.Z.” sent this information and photos of his cool-looking black scooter: “I changed my variator with the new Multivar variator from Malossi, It comes with 22 gram and 24 gram rollers. Better acceleration, more torque and no latency between 0 and 50 km/h… (Just check the rollers every 5000 or 6000 km).

And here are some pics of my bike: full black, GPR exhaust, ram-mount Next step for this weekend: bi-xenon headlamp Morimoto H1 with angel’s eyes. I stay in touch…”

Malossi Multivar Variator Kit

BMW Scooter BlackKaoko Throttle Control for the BMW Scooters

(February 4, 2013): The BMW C 650 GT has the makings of a nice tourer and here’s a brand-newKaoko Throttle Control (review) to fit the C-Series scoots. We asked Kaoko to make one up for the scooters, they did and we provided feedback on the prototype and now it’s ready for purchase.

BMW Wiring a BMW Scooter Top Case

(January 29, 2013): Here is a good tip from scooter owner “E.R.” on wiring the BMW top case for extra tail lights:

“First of all I really appreciate your C650GT blog, particularly since there are no very active English-language forums on it; it’s kind of a black sheep bike.

Anyway I bought one a couple of days ago and hooked up a top case with running/brake/turn lights, as well as satellite radio, so I have some input for anyone looking to hook into the bike’s wiring. This is specific to the GT but the Sport is very likely similar.

Open the seat and pull off the foam; it’s not attached to anything and can be simply pulled out. On the right side you’ll see two Torx bolts and a black Phillips-head quick-release fastener. Remove these and the right rear fairing will easily pop out. This exposes the wiring that goes to the rear lights.

You’ll see a plug, and behind it are five wires in regular insulation (and not the woven tape that is used in most places). This insulation is very easy to cut off to expose the wires.

You’ll see five wires; the colors are as follows: brown = ground white = running (12V when the bike is on, 0V otherwise) red = brake (12V when either brake is applied) green = right signal (alternates between 12V and 0V as the signal blinks) yellow = left signal (likewise). So that’s pretty much every wire you’d need for most things (still don’t know how to access the headlight wires though).

For my radio, I had a 12V->5V DC-DC converter and an AmpliRider amplifier that needed to be stowed somewhere, so I popped off the plastic panel at the center of the handlebars (just remove one Torx screw) and this exposed a large cavity in which I was easily able to place both things (with 3M Dual-Lock tape) as well as the excess wire lengths.”

Torx Bits and Drivers for the BMW Scooter

(January 28, 2013): The BMW C-series scooters are basically put together with Torx fasteners. You’ll need a good selection of bits and drivers, all the way up to T55 (and counting). The wheels use a T50 and the handlebar end cap is a T55, believe it or not! No wonder this baby is so heavy… Be sure to read the webBikeWorld Torx Bits and Drivers review just posted today.

BMW C 600 Sport CVT Maintenance – Panel Removal

(January 26, 2013): C 600 Sport owner “J.T.” sent these pics illustrating the panel removal on the scooter to access the CVT. Looks like it might not be as difficult as everyone thought.

J.T. wrote: “This morning I managed to get a Nikon L100 and tried it on the right side of the Sport. I started by removing the 2 Torx screws holding down the upper silver cover over the CVT. By putting one finger and lightly pulling under the rear portion, the panel popped off very easy.

Next there was one screw under the footpad rubber, no removal of the pad was necessary, the rubber just bending up. Next, the pull pin and plastic lock button was pulled out. The plastic pin is directly under where the floor pad is. Moving back, about halfway, is a socket head bolt, it is torque down as it also doubles as the lower CVT cover bolt.

Finally all the way back and up slightly is the last screw. Remove the cover by prying lightly at the rear and pulling from the front floor plan.

Once the covers are removed, one last item is a support frame to the front. Is looks like a support for the foot, but the area it goes to, you don’t necessarily rest your foot on. Two bolts and it will remove and allow full access to the CVT.

I also noted that the vent cover comes off easily, as well as, has markers noting angled forward for sport (6) or down for the GT. I am feel good about having such easy access to the CVT for maintenance and cleaning.

BMW C 600 Sport Panel Removal

BMW C 600 Sport Panel Removal

BMW C 600 Sport Panel Off

BMW C 600 Sport CVT Cover

BMW C 600 Sport CVT Filter
Foam filter over the CVT.

Also From J.T.: “I started peeling off covers to see what was underneath, and how to access the coils (for when I take it to my dyno guy for more exact measurements). While taking off my lower fairings, I was amazed to see Stainless steel braided brake lines. In fact the rubbing of the rear brake line, is a rubber coating on the steel braid line. Adding more covering may be moot.

Another Item is that the panels, unlike the Burgman, are painted and not cast plastic. Further investigation shows that Color Rite has the BMW cosmic blue and lists the C600 sport under vehicles it is used for. I have no doubt that the other colors are supported as well. So if a nasty scratch was seen, I could order a kit to prime and re-spray, rather than order a complete new panel. This also includes my lower panel of silver.

The Sport air intake, while the filter is on the right side, the air intake tube opens up on the left side under the left light. That’s just a few items you can add, I imagine a lot of this is similar to the GT, no sense in changing these items from one bike to the next.”

SHAD Tunnel Bag for BMW Scooters

(January 23, 2013): SHAD is sending one of their bags for the BMW scooter, I’ll see how it fits and it looks like it attaches with the BMW bag system. Hopefully, it will allow the front compartments to open! I’ll report on it as soon as we’ve played with it a bit, here are a couple of pics from SHAD:

SHAD SB X0SC20 Luggage Bag on BMW Scooter

SHAD SB X0SC20 Luggage Bag on BMW Scooter

BMW Scooter Brake Levers

(January 22, 2013): wBW visitor “A.Z.” sent these photos of brake and…brake levers for the BMW scooters. “The BMW C-series scooters and the Suzuki Burgman (Skywave) 650 have the same levers” he said. “I buy it from (Webike in Japan) but the import taxes are very expensive ($146.00)! Or you can find some levers here at MG Biketec.”

BMW Scooter Levers Close-up

BMW Scooter Levers

BMW Scooter Levers

Akrapovič Exhaust!

(January 19, 2013): wBW visitor “J.T.” sent this pic of his C 600 Sport with the new Akrapovič exhaust installed!

BMW C 600 Sport Scooter With Akropovic Exhaust

BMW Online Parts List

(January 14, 2013): wBW visitor “J.T.” sent this info about the BMW WebEPC parts list for all modern and classic BMWs, including the C-series scooters. Click on the “WebEPC Instructions” link on the lower right when you get to the page for the login instructions.

BMW Scooter Tunnel Bag

(January 13, 2013): The BMW tunnel bag is a big disappointment for me. Read my BMW Scooter Tunnel Bag review to learn why! It’s loaded with photos and a video.

BMW Scooter Top Boxes

(January 5, 2013): Here’s a sneak peek at the BMW and SHAD top boxes for the BMW scooter, posted to the webBikeWorld Facebook page. Reviews coming soon!

UPDATE (January 7, 2013): Just added the SHAD SH37 and SH48 top case review, which also has info, photos and a video of the new mounting kit for the BMW scooters!

BMW Scooter Recalls

(January 3, 2013): NHTSA has issued a safety recall for the BMW C 600 Sport scooter in the U.S.A. I started a page for BMW Scooter Safety Recalls with all the information. Let’s hope it doesn’t become a trend!

BMW Scooter Oil Leak?

From “J.C.” (January 2, 2013): “I am a C650GT owner in Taiwan. Here we have about 200+ of the first arrival lot of C series scooters delivered within last 2 months. Our scooters were manufactured during August 2012.

Almost every one has the same problem: The oil leak (minor) on the final transmission case. It is just a bit wet on the case, looks like gasket is not doing its job very well. It is not dripping though.

The dealer said the bolts might not be tighten with required torque at the assembly line, and tried to apply more torque to the bolts for those which went for the first service. However, the situation still exists. We wonder if the owners in other countries are also experiencing the same issue?”

From “F.M.” (March 8, 2013): “I have an oil leak similar to the one mentioned in JC’s note of Jan 02, 2013. Right now it is not dripping but is very noticeable in the gasket area of the casing. Scooter has 900 miles and is going in for the initial service next week. Is this a serious problem, and is BMW working on it? Hopefully it will only require torque the bolts down, but I doubt it. Would appreciate any feedback on this problem area.”

Follow-up From “F.M.” (March 27, 2013): “The BMW dealer says the oil is coming from the vent cap on the top of the chain oil case. A fine mist is spraying out on to the top of the case and migrates to the crease where the gasket is located. They changed the O ring on the cap and cleaned it up. Scoot has gone 400 miles and no notice of any further leak or oil accumulation. They say that BMW is aware of this condition and is working on it.”

BMW Scooter Final Drive Oil LeakBMW Scooter Dyno Run!

From “J.W.T.” (December 28, 2012): “Just ran a C 650 GT on a Dynojet dyno, the power maxes out at 47hp (blue graph). The Burgman is at 41, and 44 (red graph) dyno tuned with SS exhaust.”

BMW Scooter Oil Drain Plug Screen and PansBMW Scooter Oil Change

From “K.M.K.” (December 27, 2012): “I collected my C650GT last Monday and I love it. This afternoon, did my engine oil & engine filter change at my friend bike shop. My mechanical remove the drain plug according to the info (photo at but it only drain a small portion of engine oil. We found another drain plug (beside the side stand) which drain the remain oil out. I attach the photos for your info.”

BMW Scooter Oil Drain Plug

BMW Scooter Oil Drain Plug Screen and Pans

From “D.R.” (December 28, 2012): “I was reading the maintenance schedule for the C650GT and in addition to changing the oil and filter it says to replace the “Front Oil Strainer”. Could that be what K.M.K. removed? Anybody know what the part number is for it? Also do you know what the part number is for the air filter, I tried looking up some numbers from the filter you pulled out of your bike they didn’t work when I tried Goggling them.”

Rick’s Reply: My dealer told me the oil filter is a standard BMW part, used on the motorcycles also?

BMW Scooter Stalling Problem Update

December 26, 2012: Be sure to read the latest report on the BMW scooter stalling problem. It may be a vapor recovery system issue in combination with warm weather.

BMW Scooter Accessories

December 20, 2012: Some accessories are starting to show up for the BMW scooters. Thanks to scooter owner “A.Z.” who sent this link to CM Echappment in France, it looks to be a catalytic converter replacement (I don’t recommend removing the catalytic converter!).

Also, here’s a link to Razor Korea, which has some pretty cool-looking accessories for the BMW scooters, including a lighted BMW roundel, frame sliders and more!

Once I start seeing more accessories become available, I’ll create a new page with links to the manufacturers and retailers.

BMW Lighted Roundel

BMW Scooter Frame Slider

BMW Scooter Frame Sliders

More Accessories for the BMW Scooter: webBikeWorld visitor “A.S.” installed a Wunderlich wind deflector on his BMW scooter. Wunderlich also has some chrome accessories for the BMW scooter, including crash bars and a replacement chrome cover for the rear drive.

I’ve actually found the stock BMW scooter windscreen to work nicely, it directs the air over the top of my helmet.

But, it depends on the helmet; a helmet with vent scoops on top will have more wind noise than something like the HJC CS-R1 (review), with its flat vent cover on top. I discovered that helmet works very nicely with the BMW scooter to reduce wind noise! I guess that was the karmic reason why the CS-R1 never sold in the webBikeWorld Garage Sale — it was meant for me to wear on the scooter!

Wunderlich Wind Deflector

From “A.Z.” (December 2012): Carbon fiber front trim, anodized brake fluid reservoir covers, side stand foot enlarger, frame sliders and more for the BMW C 650 GT at DMV.

BMW Scooter Maintenance Schedule Update

December 19, 2012: Thanks to scooter owner “J.W.”, the maintenance schedules for 10k, 20k, 30k and 40k are now available and have been added as downloads to the BMW scooter maintenance schedules page.

BMW Scooter Air Filter

December 18, 2012: I removed both side panels from both sides of the scooter to add a set of horns and the Denali Mini LED lights (reviews coming soon). I described the procedure for removing the top panel in my BMW C 650 GT Battery report.

To remove the bottom panel, first pull out the plastic friction plugs as described below in the blog report on the horn. Then remove one Torx fastener at the top of the panel and there are two more (three on the right side) under the rubber foot pad located at the front of the footwell. The panel then lifts off.

I discovered the air filter on the right-hand side, here are photos:

BMW Scooter Right Side Covers Removed
Right side panels removed. Note folded-back foot rest pad.
BMW Scooter Air Filter Location
Air filter location.
BMW Scooter Air Filter
BMW scooter air filter. Probably a $65.00 part, knowing BMW?

BMW Scooter Paint Protection

December 16, 2012: I noticed right away that the top of the “step-through” on the scooter was getting scratched and dirty from my foot. Apparently, I’m dragging my foot over the top and it didn’t take long for the scratches to appear.

So, it’s 3M Scotchcal to the rescue! Fitting it to the compound curves on the BMW scooter is a bit tricky, but with patience, anyone can do it. Check out the result in this article “BMW Scooter Paint Protection“.

BMW Scooter Stalling Problem?

UPDATE: (December 17, 2012) – BMW scooter stalling problem reports from owners now on a separate page.

Brake Hose Interference

December 10, 2012: I received a couple of emails from BMW scooter owners that have made me aware of a potential problem. The rear brake hose rubs on the top of the fender liner and this could cause some issues in the future:

From “J.W.”: “On your Scooter, have close look at the area under the back wheel well. Now follow the rear brake line foreword and concentrate on the area at the area just above the pivot point. You may notice at rest there is about 1.25 inches of space. Now look at the plastic just above you may notice it being dirty but at the same time you may notice that your brake line has been rubbing rubbing or at least touched. This could be a safety concern in the long haul. You may want to show your dealer next time you are in for service or at least at your earliest convenience. Will the brake line wear through? Yes, in time. Yes this is a safety issue. What your dealer does or says I do not know.”

[UPDATE: See the BMW scooter owner reports page for J.W.’s solution to the problem.]

It looks like BMW needs to put a Teflon tube or lining or something over the brake hose or relocate it. As the suspension sags or the preload is changed, I wonder if there’s even the possibility of the brake hose becoming pinched.

Here are a couple of pics. Check your rear brake hose and let me know what you find!

BMW Scooter Rear Brake Hose Interference

BMW Scooter Rear Brake Hose

From “D.R.” (December 2012): “My GT has the same smudge as the bike in the picture has.”

  Top Box(es) and Tunnel Bag

December 8, 2012: Picked up the BMW top box, parts, mounting brackets, internal bag and the tunnel bag from Battley’s today. Also got the two SHAD top boxes and mounting rack, so as soon as I get a chance, hopefully next week, I’ll mount ’em up and report back.

  BMW Scooter Low Seat Option

December 5, 2012: News from BMW scooter owner “J.W.”, looks like BMW has added a low seat option for the C scooters in this news article from Australia.

  BMW Scooter Engine Oil Check – Update

December 4, 2012: I added some info and photos on checking the oil level on the BMW scooters to the BMW Scooter Maintenance Schedule report. The procedure is slightly different than you might expect…

BMW Scooter Accessories

December 2, 2012: Thanks to reader “J.W.”, here’s the official pamphlet (opens in .pdf format) ofBMW Scooter Accessories for the C 600 Sport and C 650 GT. The list, part numbers and photos includes all the currently available accessories. I have the top box kit, liner and tunnel bag on the way and we’ll install those and report on that project as soon as possible.

BMW Scooter Engine Oil

November 29, 2012: I added information about the 15W50 SJ, JASO MA engine oil that BMW specifies for the scooter, along with other information in the BMW Scooter Motor Oil section of the BMW Scooter Maintenance Schedule page.

BMW Scooter Maintenance Schedule

BMW Scooter Maintenance Schedule
November 27, 2012: Several webBikeWorld readers have asked about the maintenance schedule for the BMW scooters. Not much is known at this point, but hopefully more information will be forthcoming and I’ll post it as I get it on theBMW Scooter Maintenance Schedule page.

Checking the Coolant Level on the BMW Scooters

BMW Scooter Coolant Level Check
November 25, 2012: Checking the coolant shouldn’t be this difficult! BMW didn’t make it very easy, but here are some tips for checking the coolant on the BMW scooters.


World’s First 3D BMW C 650 GT Scooter Photos!

BMW Scooter 3D Photo

November 19, 2012: It was a nice day for a ride and I just happened to have my Fuji 3D camera on board, so I snapped a couple of photos of the C 650 GT in 3D!

Get your (red/cyan) 3D viewing specs on and take a look!

Photo 1  |  Photo 2  |  Photo 3

BMW Scooter C-Series Horn

December 20, 2012: UPDATED! Adding dual horns to the BMW scooter!

November 18, 2012: The horn that BMW installed in the C-series scooters sounds pretty wimpy and will definitely need replacing. I’m a bit surprised, as BMW usually installs a decent-sounding horn, but perhaps this was a carryover from the Kymco connection.

The horn is a small single “pancake” type, located in the front left fairing half. Underneath the front fairing is a black plastic one-piece liner of the type used to line a car’s wheel well. It secures with the push-pin type friction connectors, photo below.

Note that I haven’t seen a fastener yet on the scooter that isn’t a Torx type. Even the oil drain plug looks like a Torx; I took a peek underneath and I’ll be changing the oil soon and will report on that (supposedly, the C scooters use a standard BMW filter).

I peeled away the left half of the fender liner but I can’t figure out (yet) how to remove the outer left body panel, which needs to come off to easy access to the horn. As soon as I can figure that out, I’ll swap the horn for a trumpet type and larger pancake type, like the Hella Supertone horn (review) I installed on the Ducati GT1000 (blog).

Even the quietest horn in our motorcycle horns comparison review was 115 dB, so 101 dB is a whisper.

Here’s a quick .mp3 sound file of the C 650 GT horn, taken from 10 feet away, with the scooter in the garage pointing out and the garage door open. It registered a measly 101 dB on the sound meter.

BMW C 650 GT horn.
C 650 GT horn is buried under the left front fairing.
BMC C 650 GT Panel Connectors
Plastic friction connectors hold the inner fender liner.

 Adjustable Backrest

BMW C 650 GT Adjustable Backrest
November 16, 2012: Here’s a quick look at the adjustable backrest of the C 650 GT. It really isn’t all that adjustable; it can be moved slightly forward but could actually use more rearward adjustment. It does not adjust up and down. [UPDATED May 7, 2013]

Scooter? Or Motorcycle?

November 14, 2012: So far, 4 different people have looked puzzled when I told them the C 650 GT is a scooter. “What’s the difference between a scooter and a motorcycle then?” one asked. Good question!

Other than having an open center so I can swing my leg over the front of the seat rather than assuming the traditional “dog letting loose on a fire hydrant” leg lift to climb on board a motorcycle, there’s not much else.

Under-seat storage perhaps? I dunno — I can store quite a bit under the seat of my ’86 R65 (although not a full-face helmet). Automatic (CVT actually) transmission? Nope. The Aprilia Mana 850 GT (review) had that, and it’s pure motorcycle. 15″ tires? Maybe…

I noticed something else: other motorcyclists — even Harley riders! — actually wave to me when I pass. I’m surprised…should I be? Bottom line: the C 650 GT definitely blurs the lines between “motorcycle” and “scooter”. Scootercycle?

BMW C 650 GT Details and Features – Video

BMW C 650 GT Details and Features Video
November 11, 2012: Here’s a detailed look at all of the features and details of the BMW C 650 GT scooter in this video report.


BMW C 650 GT Battery

BMW C 650 GT Battery
November 11, 2012: BMW C 650 GT Battery. There are acres of plastic covering up just about every part of the C 650 GT. One of these days, we’ll pull it apart to get a look at the engine — there is one in there, right? In the meantime, I couldn’t resist pulling the side panel to take a peek at the battery. Here’s what I found. UPDATE(November 14, 2012): More photos added with battery removed.

BMW Scooter Google+ Community Giveaway

(October 4, 2015): To celebrate our 400th member in the webBikeWorld Google + BMW Scooter Community, we’ll give away three cool items from the webBikeWorld swag we have on hand.

Item 1: A Sena 3S-WB (review)! This is the new version of the Sena 3S intercom system. It’s as tiny as they come but it packs a big punch! This one was used for photos only, so it’s virtually brand new and ready to go.

Item 2: A Roadgear Programmable Digital Tire Pressure Gauge (review) is way more than you need, but it’s a cool tool for gearheads.

Item 3: A Master Lock “Self Coiling” Combination Cable Lock (review). Comes in handy to lock a helmet, jacket (or both) to the scooter.

NOTES: As far as I know, this giveaway is compatible and permissible via the rules of theGoogle+ “Contests” Policy. If anyone knows different, please contact me immediately at

Here’s how it works: All Google+ BMW Scooter Community members as of Wednesday, October 7, are eligible. Post a cool photo of your scooter in the Google+ BMW Scooters Community, along with some comments on what you like and what you’d like to see improved. Use the hashtag #BMWScooters.

On Monday, October 12 (2015), I’ll count the number of members who have posted a photo with comments and the hashtag in the Google+ BMW Scooters Community. I’ll count the entries and draw 3 at random for giveaway 1, 2 and 3 above.

I’ll mail the item to you but if you live outside the U.S., you will be responsible for any Customs fees. The items will be shipped First Class Package mail so if they get lost, we’re all out of luck.

Any questions, contact me via the Community or at

Should be fun! Good Luck!

BMW C 650 GT vs. C 600 Sport

BMW C 650 GT vs. C 600 Sport
November 11, 2012: Alice Dryden takes a quick spin on the C scooters and gives us her initial impressions of both in BMW C 650 GT vs. C 600 Sport Comparison


BMW C 650 GT Review and First Impressions

BMW C 650 GT Review
November 5, 2012: Hurricane Sandy hit just as the scooter was delivered. That left time for one day’s worth of riding and some initial photos and more in BMW C 650 GT Review, Video and First Impressions.
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