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Ducati Concludes 2021 With Record Sales

A view of a Ducati Multistrada V4

I think we can sit back and say that Ducati’s on a roll.

Between signing on as the official electric motorcycle supplier for MotoE (succeeding Energica), releasing their all-new DesertX Adventure bike model at the climax of their World Premiere (let alone snatching the title of MotoGP Constructors’ World Champion for the second consecutive year and the fact that they’ve partnered with Valentino Rossi’s new VR46 team for the track), Team Red is busier than ever – which is why the fact that they just broke their record for most annual sales, ever, is right in line with their insane 2021 schedule. 

A view of the Ducati MotoGP Team

Source: HiConsumption

The report from Superbike News states that “Ducati concluded 2021 with a record figure of 59,447 motorcycles delivered to customers all over the world and achieving an increase in sales of + 24% over 2020 (48,042) and + 12% over 2019 (53,183).”

Claudio Domenicali, Ducati’s CEO, is proud of the work the company has achieved, and praises the brand’s ethic during the lockdown delays:  

“The pandemic, which is still underway, in addition to generating so much suffering, has also made activities more complex, forcing us to conduct a continuous internal reorganization. Supply chains created delivery delays for which I want to apologize to all Ducatisti, thanking them for their patience.”

A view of Claudio Domenicali, Ducatis CEO

Source: Audi Media Center

“Despite all these difficulties, the desire to excel of our employees here in Borgo Panigale and in our subsidiaries around the world helped us to achieve these record results. We are investing in an extremely ambitious growth path that will lead the company to improve even further, by entering new market segments. With the DesertX we will have from this year on an extremely attractive proposal for adventure fans, and other ambitious projects are currently in development.”

The report also tells us that their top bike for this year was the incredibly popular Multistrada V4, with 9,957 motorcycles delivered to customers. Coming as runner-up for bike sales is their Scrambler 800 family (9,059 units), followed by their Monster which sold 8,734 motorcycles.

A view of two multistrada v4s

Source: RoadRacing World

Ducati’s List of 2021 Sales In Order of Country and Volume:

United States

9,007 units (+32% on 2020)


8,707 units (+ 23% on 2020)


6,107 units (+ 11% on 2020)


4,901 motorcycles (+ 21% on 2020)


4,352 (+ 12% on 2020)


2,941 units (+ 30% on 2020).

Ducati's Monster 821

Source: Motor Scribe

A hefty congrats to Team Red for their accomplishments, and we will be excited to see their prowess on the electrified track of MotoE 2023.

For more stories like this, be sure to check our newsie archives, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

*Title media sourced from IAMABIKER*