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MotoE: Ducati Takes Energica Motorcycles to the Lab and Energica Gives Reason For Stepping Out

A side view of an Energica MotoE race bike

What do you do when you list yourself as the official electric superbike supplier for MotoE but don’t have any electric machines of your own?

You learn from someone else’s, apparently. 

Ducati’s jump-starting their new role as MotoE supplier by checking out Energica’s previous race units for MotoE – and there’s been a teensy bit of tension as everybody settles. 

A view of racers at the MotoE qualifying

Energica has gotten so much done in such a small amount of time – proof that they are doing it right and take pride in what they do. From founding a high-end electric motorcycle range to becoming MotoE’s official electric supersport supplier as of 2019 – and all accomplished within seven years. 

A view of the Energica lineup

Energica CEO Livia Cevolini is proud of what the company has accomplished – but to grow, they can’t just settle. They must be ready to tackle the next chapter in the brand’s history. 

Energica CEO Cevolini explains about her electric motorcycles

“The experience has been absolutely positive in all areas. Because it was a launching pad, both for us in particular and for the electric motorcycle industry in general,” states Cevolini. 

“It was the first time, on a motorcycle, that a large company like Dorna and MotoGP got involved in the electrical sector…[but] I want us to do something else. We have always tried new avenues that weren’t yet explored. We are a growing business, and if we stop, we are dead. We have to be the first to do something new. What scares me is that we are staying in our comfort zone.”

Energica CEO Livia Cevolini holding the engine that is housed in Energica's electric motorcycles

VisorDown states that the CEO also admits she wasn’t aware Ducati would replace them – in fact, “Cevolini indicated some surprise given the firm’s negative opinions in previous years.”

Of course, this is with the knowledge that Ducati currently stands in line as Energica’s ‘clearest rival’ if they ever did launch an electric model of their own – to which Cevolini doesn’t seem that bothered. 

A side view of a racer with an Energica MotoE race bike

“It’s true that Domenicali’s comments weren’t always positive, but it’s part of [their] DNA: to say one thing and then to do the opposite. They just have to make a motorcycle at the required level of reliability and make sure they all work the same way, but what the market demands is that the big brands get involved.”

Cevolini also admits that “she expected the class to move away from a control formula to an open one – such as the four-wheel Formula E World Championship –  in order to encourage electric technology development among manufacturers.”

A side view of a racer with an Energica MotoE race bike

Amidst all this, Ducati is counting their eggs and prepping for their year with big dreams. 

Like, really big.

Claudio Domenicali has even told us how big he expects MotoE to be after Ducati’s integration. 

Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali

“I think it’s a huge chance because, for the first time, the supplier of the MotoE championship will be a manufacturer that has the technology to place three motorbikes on the first row in MotoGP. With this involvement, we are sure that the MotoE will become something important.”

Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali

Ignoring the veiled meaning – MotoE’s ‘importance’ without Ducati – Cevolini’s comeback comment is priceless:

“The advantage is that thanks to our ten years of experience, we will always be one step ahead of Ducati.”

“It’s good that they are going their own way, even though I know they have our bikes in their factory that they are studying.”

Energica CEO Cevolini explains about her electric motorcycles


We will keep you posted on any new updates here; in the meantime, make sure to read the play-by-play of Energica’s decision to step out and Ducati’s decision to step in – and as always, stay safe on the twisties.