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MotoE: What’s Next For Energica?

A view of an Energica motorcycle from the front

Livia Cevolini, a brilliant woman in a position to make a difference, has been very forthcoming about what their plans are now that they’re phasing out of their current position as suppliers for MotoE (effective as of the end of 2022). 

“We started at this level and grew, but after a year we looked around and understood that anyone could have done what we were doing: we asked ourselves what we were doing because it kind of became useless to us, to our strategy,” admits Cevolini in an interview with GPOne

The move was made in part by the company’s realization that growth could not happen within a single-manufacturer contract. After all, with everyone racing Energica motorcycles, how much competition could there be for the supplier itself?

“My dream is to see a MotoE class with many manufacturers involved and maybe we’ll return once it will be this way, but right now it is impossible because riders, mechanics and teams need time,” Cevolini says. 

“It will be possible in the future and maybe we’ll be there, too. True racing is between different manufactures developing different bikes. This is my dream, if we also consider the visibility and technology it would bring. It would push past the limits in every direction. It would allow everyone to push past their own limits, but I think right now it would be too difficult for teams and riders.”

A side view of an Energica MotoE race bike

As for what the Italian company is currently up to, they’ve swiveled about to see if they’d be a good fit for the fast-growing niche that is small-displacement machines.

“We are now looking for other projects to focus on as well as new markets – like the ones connected to micro-mobility such as scooters, e-bikes and so on….We can’t do everything; we need to choose what to do. We don’t want to be followers, but be the leaders in what we do.”

A view of racers in the 2020 MotoE series run by MotoGP and Dorna Sports

The Italian electric motorcycle company was founded in 2014, but Wikipedia states that the company’s roots go further back than that to something called The Energica project – “started in 2010 in Modena, Italy, by CRP Group, an international company involved in computer numerical control machining, additive manufacturing with advanced selective laser sintering materials windform.”

Energica CEO Livia Cevolini when she was a part of CRP Group

Since the name of Energica’s game has always been to innovate, it makes sense that they would let others such as Ducati play ball while they continue to chase the latest and greatest – in this case, the current focus being Energica’s continuing journey towards sustainable energy. 

“We are approaching new clients in different segments. We made an agreement with Dell’Orto that gave birth to a new Power Unit, which we are selling to different clients. It starts from 2kw all the way to 40kw, so from electric scooters to small electric motorcycles. A lot of research is needed supplier-wise. We started from the top-end, because this what we know best, but now I like the idea to apply our know-how to a much wider range of products.”

Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica Motorcycles

As for the company’s aspirations on the financial sector, they’ve still got a brand on the Nasdaq Stock Market looking to invest more green in their company than ever before – and Ideanomics is still planning to expand Energica through the country with the increase of share holdings to 70%, provided the original designers and creators of the Italian team stay put and continue to work their magic. 

“Ideanomics has helped us a lot. Today we are the bridgehead of the American partner that joined last March, and after agreeing with them, we launched a takeover bid in September: Ideanomics could get up to 70% of the ownership. They are an important financial partner, while we stay as the head of design, development and production.”

A view of the Energica lineup

We will keep you posted on what Energica gets up to as they prep for the future in the coming months; in the meantime, be sure to check out the latest on Energica from our news archives, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.