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CFMoto 650NK long-term review

CFMoto 650NK
CFMoto 650NK

CFMoto importers Mojo Motorcycles are either worried about the public’s perception of the bargain-priced Chinese motorcycle brand or so confident in its reliability that they have offered bikes for long-term evaluation to several motorcycle magazines and websites.

MotorbikeWriter’s CFMoto 650NK press bike arrived a couple of weeks ago with the agreement that I hold on to it until the second service in a few months. I’d expect that a bargain-priced bike would expose any of its flaws in that time.

I tested the first batch of 650NKs that arrived a couple of years ago and was very impressed with what you get for the on-road cost of $6990. My main criticisms were the brakes, instruments and tyres. Mojo Motorcycles boss Michael Poynton took note of similar motorcycle press criticisms and the new batch has arrived with decent Spanish/Chinese brakes with braided steel lines and petal discs, upgraded Taiwanese instruments and German Continental Conti Attack tyres. Price remained at $6990 rideaway, but has recently been increased by $300. Still a great bargain and probably an even better bargain if Australia goes ahead with its tipped Free Trade Agreement with China.CFMoto 650NK



The quick changes in components is evidence that CFMoto is intent on producing a quality product and listening to the demands of consumers. This attention to quality control is reflected in the deal they have done with Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM to produce Duke 200 and 390 models in China for the local market.

CFMoto 650NKTo further emphasise their commitment to quality and the development of technology, CFMoto is providing factory support for the WK Bikes race team at the Isle of Man TT next month. The CFMoto 650i will be ridden in the Lightweight category by Gary Johnson who put in a 175km/h (109mph) practice lap last year with the development bike.

Clearly CFMoto is in for the long haul and so is their 650NK in our hands. Before it goes in for its first service this week, it has already clocked 1000km with not a problem at all.

My only criticisms seem rather insignificant when you consider how little the bike costs, but here goes:

  • The fuel float isn’t very accurate and probably needs addressing. The gauge on the LCD Instruments measures the fuel in 11 bars, but it jumps up and down by about three bars at a time.
  • Parallel twin engines tend to buzz a fair bit at high revs and this is no different. It isn’t annoying and doesn’t make your hands tingle, but it does blur the image in the mirrors. You can’t tell if you are being followed by an ambulance or an ice-cream van! The wing mirror housings are good quality, but the mirror needs improved isolation.
  • The indicator switch is flimsy and doesn’t always trigger. Every time you use it, you have to look down and check that it has actuated or cancelled.CFMoto 650NK
  • On a long haul, the hard seat becomes a bit of a pain. At least it’s flat and there aren’t supports that dig into your backside. Maybe a thicker or better-quality foam would help.
  • On bumpy roads the suspension is a bit choppy and lacks the subtlety to take the sting out of sudden bumps.

That’s about it. All fairly minor complaints considering the price of the bike. But I suspect that CFMoto will even iron these out in quick time.

Keep checking back here for more reports on the bike as we take it past its first service.

  1. I keep watching… 5 years on, how long is this service going to take?

    I’d love to see what an owner of a CFMoto 650NK says about their 5 year old bike. This is not a dig. I am genuinely considering options between the CFMoto, Kawazaki ninja 650, and Honda CBR500R as my next bike. I ride 700 – 1,000km each week so the bike needs to last.

  2. Hi david , a bit late I know so here goes ,

    I got my bike brand new in Rockingham WA on 03/15 , its the blue one with black engine so that makes it the 2nd or 3rd generation of this bike .

    I like you ride to and from work 5 days a week clocking up about 400km weekly , rain , hail or 44 degree days and the bike has done really well with a few issues that have been sorted by CFMoto without problems.

    Issue #1 , the speedo !! the origonal fogged up after about 6000km , then the rev counter needle fell off , replaced no problems . BUT ! another 5000km and the replacement did the same thing !!, replaced with a later model cluster that looks way better , plugged straight in and touch wood 15000km later its still like new .

    Issue #2 , the standard brake pads , while they worked ok they left horrible black dust all over the front wheel that needed cleaning off weekly !, replaced with good quality Australian pads , all good now .

    Issue #3 , Number 1 Coil Pack shat its self on a ride home after work about 8 months ago ,, terrible slow ride in traffic on one cylinder , and the bike was out of warrenty but easily sourced and replaced , I did plugs ‘ NGK Iridium ‘ and air filter while the tank was off .

    Issue #4 , small and cosmetic , the plastic rear chain guard cracked at the front mounting bolt , replace by CFMoto for free 6 months after warrinty , well done !

    I wont mention tyres as the standard ones were Ok , lasted 25000km so no problems there . Chain was replaced at the same time , sprockets are still like new .

    I CHANGE MY OIL EVERY 5000KM , Filter twice that , an easy job . Its now 21/12/2020 and I will be changing the oil , cleaning and lubing the chain tomorrow .

    I am on 32000km now and mechanically the bike is still like new , suspension , brakes ( discs and capilers ) and general wear is as I would expect a 5 1/2 year old bike to be and I am more than happy and hope to get much more out of it with the regular maintance it gets .

    Buy with confidence mate .

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