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NeonMoto jacket lights up your ride

NeonMoto Electroluminescent Motorcycle Leather Jacket returned riders

There are many fluoro and lit motorcycle jackets around, but the makers of the NeonMoto Electroluminescent Motorcycle Leather Jacket claim it is the world’s brightest.

NeonMoto founder Dao Nguyen says the jacket is the Asian company’s  “first product”. It hasn’t been made yet, but they have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000.

It doesn’t look like too many riders are interested in standing out like a traffic light while they ride, though. So far the campaign has only two backers for a grand total of $2!

Fluoro is now mandatory for novice riders in Victoria and there are many jurisdictions around the world looking to make hi-vis jackets like these mandatory.

More products similar to this will only encourage the super nannies to forge ahead with their dictatorial demands.

However, if you like the look of these and think they will increase your safety, we can tell you that they will cost $US399 if or when the product launches on the market.

For early backers of their crowd-funding campaign the price is $US225 (shipping included).NeonMoto Electroluminescent Motorcycle Leather JacketNeonMoto Electroluminescent Motorcycle Leather Jacket

NeonMoto light on details

We contacted Dao for details on the product, its materials, certification, protection etc, but have not had a reply yet.

They come with shoulder, back and elbow protectors, but no indication of certification standard. We also don’t know what type or grade of leather they use.

The lights are powered by an inverter pack in an inside pocket that takes four AAA rechargeable batteries.

The jackets come in Asian sizes S to XXXL in red, blue and black and they say they will start production in January and begin shipping in February 2017.NeonMoto Electroluminescent Motorcycle Leather Jacket

They claim on their page “slight delays” are highly unlikely.

“NeonMoto is fully ready to move on to production with our manufacturer, with working prototypes already made and completely operational,” they say.

Be aware that Kickstarter doesn’t evaluate a project’s claims, resolve disputes, or offer refunds. It’s as case of buyer beware or, in this case, backers beware.

Check out NeonMoto’s Facebook page.

  1. wish this whole safety industry would just F..O at the same time
    bikes with horsepower and top speeds that triple what is allowable are sold
    Ludicrous .Anything for a profit. And we riders will end up suffering for it

  2. OMG. WTF is next.

    Surely this falls nothing short of Power Ranger shit.

    I can just hear the safety Nazis, going off their collective tits, how wonderful the idea is.

    And I keep going back to, ” if drivers fails to see my daymaker headlight and LED stop/tail lights, they ain’t gunna see, no Hi-Vis vest” or this new fandangled Power Ranger jacket.

    In the words of Delboy, it can F.R.O. and when it gets there, it can F.O. a whole lot further.

    Grumpy Old Bastard.
    Ride free and safe.

  3. Wow. Interesting concept safety wise but just when I thought the antiquated days of women as arm candy were over – you post an advertising campaign like this.

    Nice try though – but you fell short in areas other than fund raising.

  4. If they Cannot see us in the daytime NOW, HOW are they ain’t gunna see us at night time.
    TRON here i come.
    May be they (other road users eg CARS) will see us if we get a family member to walk in front of us while we ride behind them holding a RED flag like in the 1880’s.
    I need my med’s now.

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