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[REVIEW] Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Short Sleeve Shirt

The Mobile Cooling SS Shirt

Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt Review
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Review Summary
The Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Short Sleeve T-Shirt is a technical materials tour de force cleverly disguised as a (very) well-made, comfortable, high-performance garment. It works to keep you comfortable, cooled, dry from body-generated moisture, and, at least for me, odor-free (a subjective assessment I know). And it is made from recycled materials and without chemical coatings – all very good things.
Build Quality
Value for Money
Comfort, comfort, and comfort
Technology-enhanced textiles for efficiency and effectiveness
Ventilating, fast-wicking, quick-drying
UV protection
Effective odor control without chemical coatings
Recycled materials
Versatile (a true understatement)
Listed as men’s sizing, but also works as a unisex garment.
No women’s or unisex sizes for this and related models
Canadian-based resellers limit items carried or carryable
Expensive to get products shipped from the US…at least right now. Bummer.

Acknowledging that this review is somewhat overdue and that Alan Buller beat me to the punch with his most informative review of the Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Long Sleeve Shirt, I will try to make up this shortfall in this less-is-(possibly)more review of the Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Short Sleeve (SS) Shirt.

And like Alan, the small package with the aforementioned T-shirt arrived in an already established prolonged stretch of the (usual) Ottawa area heat and humidity that can meet or exceed temperatures experienced anywhere in NA and this year, without any significant rainfall; it’s been a hot one – whew!

All to say that while the prolonged long-distance travel is not being done yet, between the weather and conditions experienced in urban, rural, and off-road activities it has indeed been a very good environment to assess the effectiveness of the Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS T-Shirt – riding or otherwise.

About Fieldsheer

I can acknowledge that my insight into and use of Fieldsheer products can be traced back to their most early days in the late 70s when seeking riding gear that had more (even some) protection than just what the (far less) protective material-based padding of the day provided.

And the first heated gear ever used was Fieldsheer heated gear. Since that time, it seems Fieldsheer was always there, as they say, “carrying the torch of our heritage of innovation…”, most recently reflected in a product refresh of their flagship ‘RiderWear’ line along with the focused Mobile Cooling and Mobile Warming products.

Fieldsheer is a proven and trusted player in not only our community but for consumers across a wide range of activities and lifestyles, designing and producing gear that leverages technology while combining experience, design, production, and safety standards for all their products.

A view of the Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt's build

Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt: First Impressions

Packaged simply in a light plastic bag, the Mobile Cooling SS Shirt impresses regarding its lightweight qualities, even in the 2XL sizing and its great subdued Coyote tone that seems to be ever-changing depending on the lighting.

All of the color choices are good, but I often go for the lighter tones for many reasons, one being to better camouflage myself from the small dive bombers that love to feed on me. But the Coyote tone definitely caught my eye from the pick-list and besides, sometimes the darker tones look cleaner, longer – no?

So the bag is opened, the SS T-shirt is unfolded, hung, and admired for its obvious clean-cut lines, multiple material layout, and (excellent) build at first look. Pulling it on reveals probably the best first impression: It sure is comfortable; no break is required for this piece of gear.

Finally, unlike so many other motorcycle-oriented gear (including next to the body and middle layers), branding is minimal and what little there is, is discrete; the approach is appreciated.

Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt: Features

The Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling products do come loaded with a host of textile or materials-based technologies and features to keep the wearer ventilated, cooled, and protected from the sun with minimal maintenance and minimal odor generation. See Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Technology below.

Key Features

  • drirelease® GEO Cool Knit for full-motion flexibility and skin temperature reduction
  • Sunsheer for powerful UV protection, up to 50+ UPF
  • Odorsheer anti-odor technology prevents odor-causing bacterial growth
  • Sweatsheer for effective wicking of moisture to keep the user dry and cool
  • Flat-lock seams prevent rubbing and chafing
  • Comfortable crew neck with a back cushioning strip
  • Short sleeve raglan design
  • Ventilated mesh back, sides, and underarm panels
  • 92% recycled polyester and 8% spandex for shell
  • 91% recycled polyester and 9% spandex for trim


A view of the colors available for the Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt Credit: Fieldsheer

The Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Short Sleeve T-Shirt is available in Blue, Coyote, Morel, and Cerulean, as shown above.

Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Technology

A view of the imagery connected to the mobile cooling technology in the Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt

drirelease® GEO Cool

The drirelease® GEO Cool technology is not a surface application (no chemical coatings here) but rather built into each thread with a blending of 85-90% hydrophobic, to 10-15% hydrophilic fibers.

The result is that the material constantly works to wick sweat away while drying up to four times faster and regulating skin or next-to-skin temperatures by up to 7 degrees (presuming that’s in Fahrenheit) for superior in-use comfort.

Use of the premium quality fabrics results in garments that are easy to care for, retain their shape, and are eco-friendly – 92% recycled material and, as noted earlier, no chemical coatings.


This UPF 50 technology locks 99% of harmful UVA/UVB radiation to protect the skin, reduces risk while exposed outdoors, promotes active cooling in higher temperatures – breathable fabric maintains a cool and comfortable next-to-skin environment and minimal sensitivity issues – which I can attest to.

SUNSHEER™ works with drirelease®, along with all the other technologies, to provide removal of excess moisture, promote rapid drying to better regulate core temperatures and, enhance the care of the garments – anti-microbial, washer and dryer safe.


ODORSHEER™ combats the effects of bacterial growth and elimination of unwanted odors due to outdoor activities, sunlight, and high temperatures, the feature contains no unnatural additives and is gentle on the skin, resulting in improved hygiene, longer-term freshness, and better odor control. Its anti-odor properties also minimize the ‘trapping’ of unwanted odors from surrounding environments.


This cooling technology combines with the other proprietary fabric technologies identified above to provide garments that naturally draw perspiration away from the skin; the garments should never get heavy, sticky, or soaked in sweat. Whether in dry or wet conditions, the garments remain comfortable in maintaining next-to-skin breathability with rapid drying.

All the fabric technologies identified above are fascinating in their own right and being able to delve deeper into any or all of the material available under this Mobile Cooling Technology link was a most informative way to spend a couple of hours absorbing the information, all of which provides a (much) better understanding of and appreciation for the sum of the parts.

The bottom line here – does it all work? You betcha.

A view of the collar of the Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt

Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt: Materials & Construct

The Mobile Cooling SS Shirt is made of recycled polyester and a spandex blend for lightness, strength, conformity, and breathability. All the sections are precisely cut, laid out, folded, and double stitched flat seams without puckering or loose ends. Only a couple of untrimmed end threads were observed and trimmed off – otherwise, perfect.

Front Panel & Arms

A more solid or tighter weave for coverage, privacy, and wicking/drying effectiveness; the front panels and arms transition to mesh-look open weave sections for the underarm and back sections.

Back & Underarms

These sections utilize a mesh (open-weave) construct for a lighter feel, better breathability, great wicking, and great airflow while providing cushioning or absorbency when the ATGATT layer is sitting on top.


Material and density as used for the front panel with a slightly padded strip across the back of the collar for cushioning to reduce pressure and minimize rubbing due to any outer garment and typically, absorbing some of the particulates the body sheds.


Shell is 92% recycled polyester and 8% spandex, and Trim is 91% recycle polyester and 9% spandex.

Sum of the Parts

Between the fabric technologies, the fabrics themselves, design, layout, cut, sizing, and finish quality this Fieldsheer garment exudes quality, attention to detail, and in all probability, great durability.

A close-up of the fabric textures in the Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt

Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt: Style, Sizing, Fit & Comfort


The Mobile Cooling SS Shirt is classically styled and that’s all good with me; I prefer a simple cut that reflects upper body form without being fully conforming. Its low flat collar with back comfort strip is well-formed and it sits perfectly – not too high, not too low. Overall the whole garment looks good and wearable almost anywhere.

A view of the men's sizing chart available on Fieldsheer's website


In consulting the Fieldsheer Men’s Size Chart (above) the 2XL is selected knowing that I basically sit in between XL and 2XL and factoring in that so many sizing charts are overly optimistic; the 2XL is deemed the lesser risk approach. Result – a bit of a lesson learned regarding Fieldsheer’s true-to-form sizing statement and a most refreshing change.


As Fieldsheer clearly identifies, the garments are true to size, with an athletic cut that allows movement and is not constrictive in any area. The 2XL is a bit loose in the body but fits well in other areas. But an XL (being procured) is likely to be the best overall fit as a close next to the skin layer to leverage all the benefits of the fabric technology.


Did I say this garment is comfortable? I could (live) in garments like this and for the most part, I have been since it was received – it’s that testing thing, right? Two or three of these with one in the long sleeve version will let me reduce my pack list significantly.

The garment has presence without weight or pull, it is conforming without being restrictive and is long-term comfortable whether worn loose or tucked in, as the outer layer or under riding gear (mesh or otherwise) when it’s’ hot and humid. The Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt just plain works.

Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt Review

Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt: Functionality & Durability

As mentioned earlier, the Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt has been in (almost) constant use since it was received and this (almost) constant use isn’t just because it’s the way to go in testing but rather because this garment is that good; performance with minimal maintenance, what more could one want…

Moisture Control & Wicking

Specific mention needs to be made of its moisture control (wicking and drying) features. I’m used to warm-to-hot temperatures but humidity and I don’t get along well, which is why summer up here is (typically) an uncomfortable season for me personally.

Cue the Mobile Cooling SS Shirt that is outstanding in its ability to help me cope with the prolonged stretches of high temps and high humidity levels experienced so far this year – whether the garment is worn while exercising, working in the yard or garage or, as the first layer under mesh or three-season riding gear in traffic or at speed.


OK, I don’t expect that the ‘Mobile Cooling’ moniker is going to result in this garment making me feel like I’ve stepped into a nicely air-conditioned personal environment but there is a distinct difference in the feel and comfort levels when wearing this garment vis-à-vis most of my other cotton or technology-based first or single layers.


Its antimicrobial properties seem to work well and unlike materials with a chemical coating that can ‘wash out’ with wear and care, the Fieldsheer ‘integration’ approach should provide a longer life for this property – time will tell.

UV Protection

In using the SS T-shirt out and about while walking or driving and working around the yard (assembling a shed) or just standing or sitting around, the protection provided for the torso and shoulders and upper arms is noticeable and appreciated although arm coverage is limited, for understandable reasons…

And to expand on a comment that Alan made in his first off-the-mark review regarding the effectiveness of the long sleeve piece; in using ‘cooling’ or ‘warming’ technology-based long-sleeved first layer pieces over the years for (career and motorcycle-related activities) there are indeed benefits to be had from the extended coverage a long-sleeved shirt provides.


Alan also noted some puckering on the back area of his shirt – some of this has been noted with my 2XL shirt – seemingly related to the layout of or pressure from the outer garment and/or it could be a trait of the material. But for the most part, any markings on the garment seem to minimize with hanging and are even less noticeable after it is washed and hung to dry.

Care & Cleaning (Maintenance)

…And speaking of cleaning, when ‘maintenance’ is due or recommended (sic) a quick cold water wash and air drying has the ‘T’ looking great in an hour or so; less if hung outside (although ambient humidity levels impact drying time).

The Mobile Cooling SS Shirt has had two good cool-water-with-mild-detergent washings (along with other lightweight personal items) and it came through with flying colors – “look ma, hardly any wrinkles”.


The durability remains to be seen as the use of the Mobile Cooling SS Shirt is just now progressing from the shorter-term to the longer-term, but based on this somewhat early use and given the Fieldsheer reputation, this garment is likely to be around and it will surely be in use for a long time.

Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt: Warranty & Support

The Fieldsheer Warranty pages lay out the terms and conditions regarding warranty and related support, although full coverage would seem to be limited to purchase of the motorcycle brand product from an authorized Fieldsheer dealer within the United States, so any claim from outside the US might need some additional steps.

And in digging through the FAQs, it seems that online retailers are not authorized to ship Fieldsheer products internationally and therefore, these sales are not covered under the Fieldsheer warranty, and as such, consumers would need to facilitate any claim directly with the authorized Fieldsheer dealer from which the products were purchased.

However, there is a Warranty Request form that consumers can fill in and submit or use the contact information to query about or initiate any warranty action. A query has been sent to a contact to see if further territorial conditions or limitations apply other than those listed on the website.

Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt: Concluding Thoughts

Did I say that the Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt is comfortable?

It does such a good job of pampering the upper body (even in 40+ C temps with humidity) that it’s typically good for multi-day/multi-activity wear and doesn’t seem to take on body odor easily; that’s a good thing.

The garment has presence without weight or pull; it is conforming without being restrictive, and comfortable – whether worn loose or tucked in as the outer layer when dismounted or under riding gear (mesh or otherwise) – even when it’s hot and humid.

For those who pack light (or want to), two or three of these things (with perhaps one of them in the long-sleeved version) can go a long way to reducing the pack load significantly; this is my plan going forward…

And no Alan, you can’t have my Coyote-tone Mobile Cooling SS Shirt…

Bottom Line: The Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling SS Shirt in that classy-looking Coyote tone sure is comfortable and superbly functional in every way; the technologies, materials, and panels come together perfectly. For what the garment offers and provides it is very well priced, and more so now with some ongoing discounts. A highly recommended product.


  • Comfort, comfort, and comfort
  • Technology-enhanced textiles for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Ventilating, fast-wicking, quick-drying
  • UV protection
  • Effective odor control without chemical coatings
  • Recycled materials
  • Versatile (a true understatement)
  • Listed as men’s sizing, but also works as a unisex garment.


  • No women’s or unisex sizes for this and related models
  • Canadian-based resellers limit items carried or carryable
  • Expensive to get products shipped from the US…at least right now. Bummer.

wBW Specs

  • Manufacturer: Fieldsheer
  • Price when tested: Regular $56.79 USD, may be on sale for less
  • Made in: China
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL and 3XL
  • Colors: Blue, Morel, Cerulean, and Coyote
  • Warranty: One year limited, see Fieldsheer Warranty (conditions may apply)
  • Review Date: July to September 2021

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