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New Comfort Seat Now Conditions Cabooses For Indian Challengers

An Indian Challenger With the company logo on the gas tank

If I had been told as a kid that motorcycles would eventually receive the luxury of air-conditioned seats, I would have tried to call someone’s bluff.

After all, the concept of a cool set of cheeks on a sweltering day is the stuff that every motorcyclist covets, at one point or another.

And Indian Motorcycles is making dreams come true with the expansion of their trademark ClimaCommand Comfort Seat to the Challenger series showroom. 

Inaidna Motorcycles ClimaCommand Comfort Seat, Now available for Challenger series

The ClimaCommand Comfort Seat – originally available only for Thunderstroke models –  uses the same materials and technology for the Challenger series as the original model, with a modern style complementing the comfy factor and a highly conductive, flexible graphene material that keeps riders cheery when chipping away at the miles.

The seat will be available to all Challenger models created between 2019 and 2021 and comes with a slightly elevated passenger perch, so more than one rider can share the benefits.

To initiate the heating/cooling, both rider and passenger have integrated buttons that provide three different levels of energy output. The Challenger’s seven-inch RideCommand infotainment system is also said to synchronize up very nicely with the seat – an upgrade from the original model, and one that allows riders to keep both hands front and center, if necessary. 

Indian Motorcycles ClimaCommand Comfort Seat, Now available for Challenger series

The ClimaCommand will be available in a few weeks, as the release date is expected to be sometime in July of this year. 

Upon initial release, riders will be able to purchase this little piece of perfection – with a highly durable, water-resistant, and UV-resistant vinyl cover included – for $1,199.90 USD.