$5,000 SONDORS Metacycle Soon To Hit American Market

A front view of a model riding the SONDORS Metacycle

Electric vehicle manufacturer SONDORS has been preparing their upcoming electric motorcycle for the market – and with an impressive bang-for-buck aesthetic, buyers are curious to see how the SONDORS Metacycle will hold up to the daily commute life. A side view of the SONDORS Metacycle

According to a report from ElecTrek, SONDORS anticipated releasing the MetaCycle in 2021 – and despite the restrictions of the past year, the company has released that they will be able to move forward ahead of schedule. 

That means a release date for fall of this year – so let’s take a look at what they’re asking and what you’d be getting.

A side view of the SONDORS Metacycle

To be clear, the SONDORS Metacycle is not in the same category as its older e-Motorcycle siblings, the LiveWire One and ZERO SR/F.

With a claimed top speed of 80 mph (130 km/h) and a maximum range of 80 miles (130 km) per charge, it’s obvious the goal is urban accessibility over maximum performance.

A view of the battery removal on the SONDORS Metacycle

We’ve been given just over 4000Wh of superior EV cells in a removable battery pack, as well as a PMAC Hub Motor that uses a magnetic current to keep things running smoothly.

The beastie also rides on hydraulic brakes that feature a nifty anti-theft lock feature, as well as adjustable suspension, a digital full-color display, and full-fledged LED lights at the front and the back – everything riding on an exclusive cast “exo-frame” with a slim torso purported to make the beastie that much easier to ride.

A side/back view of the SONDORS Metacycle

The bike even has a reverse function – an achievement that speaks to the company’s goals of providing practicality to the urban commuter.

Essentially, this bike is the cool, modern option for riders wanting a budget-friendly scoot without actually having to buy a scooter/moped.

A front view of a model riding the all-new SONDORS Metacycle

“With the average price of a new car costing $40,000 and many new electric motorcycles – like the LiveWire One and ZERO SR/S – coming in just as expensive, the SONDORS MetaCycle could find itself in an economical price-to-performance sweet spot, especially since the average American’s commute is only about 16 miles per day”, writes Electrek.

A view of three projects from SONDORS - the MetaCycle, SONDORS EV, and an electric bicycle.

Currently, you can check out the SONDORS MetaCycle on their website, though there isn’t yet a function to purchase anything.

A handful of bills (in the form of a $100 deposit) can be tossed to reserve your spot in the stereotypical pre-order style that has become so popular for many electric vehicle companies.

A view of the battery removal on the SONDORS Metacycle

We’re not sure if the American company will be able to make their 2021 deadline, or if we will see a repeat of the delays more similar to that of Damon Motorcycles.

Regardless, with the purported price of the MetaCycle skimming the bar at a stunning $5000, SONDORS will be giving the masses a run for their money…hopefully. 

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  1. Robert s Turnwall
    August 23, 2021

    very excited to read about the Metacycle untill I noticed tube tires that’s a no go on a comuter bike-so close but yet so far

    • August 23, 2021

      Hello Robert,
      I was thinking the same thing! it’s still a beautiful price point for what you’re getting, though.

    • Joseph Dockstader
      August 25, 2021

      I’ve been commuting on a CSC RX4 on tube tires coming up on two years now. Never been an issue. Also, converting to tubeless really isn’t all that hard if you really must have tubeless. At the price point I don’t see this as a major problem.

    • James May
      August 25, 2021

      It’s a motorcycle, they all have tubeless dummy.

    • Nick
      August 26, 2021

      How so? I commuted on a Shadow 750 with tube tires for years. Also had plenty of fun on the weekends with a group of sportbikes and cruisers. I never got a single flat tire.

  2. Paul Girard
    August 24, 2021

    I put a deposit on one. It will be my first e-ride. Bring on 2022.

    • August 25, 2021

      Hello Paul,
      Couldn’t have said it better myself.


  3. Tim M
    August 24, 2021

    I ordered one the first day you could. I have quite a few ICE motorcycles and also have the electric CSC City Slicker and and 2 electric cars.

    The Metacycle may be a great option for some of my riding. Sure tubed tires would be nice. I have 6 other motorcycles that don’t have them and 4 that do. A good tube and some tire sealant do wonders on one of my ADV bikes.

    Once you have a very torquey EV, it is hard to go back to an ICE motor. I love the sound of my Ducati but I love the smooth, massive torque wave of my Tesla and no need to ever downshift even more. I have followed the Zero line for a long time, rode them a lot, but weren’t really practical for longer highways and too expensive for just an urban bike. I think Sondors nailed.

    • August 25, 2021

      Hello Tim,
      I agree – and will be looking forward to where the torque is in the power band for this one. Definitely the most reasonable electric motorcycle I have yet to come across…very curious as to how it handles.

      Thanks for the input! Good gravy Tim, you have my dream garage.


  4. Aaron Cadle
    August 25, 2021

    Shame they stole people’s money that ordered the 3 wheeler and waited for so many years with lots of promises then get told they are making a moped that 80% of people can’t use,, no license,,,
    Doesn’t matter now as I have invested everything I have in Aptera, at least they update their investors.

  5. Neil
    September 17, 2021

    Nice article but I don’t think it requires a crystal ball to see how this is going to play out.
    price point due to (economic circumstances) will rapidly go higher.
    mr Sonders 🤔 just gave out a candid email to all Sonder subscribers with a vailed precursor to this very item.
    I personally am not too hyped about the price but must admit very nearly put down a deposit the first day until researching that he markets aggressively and has seemed to overinflate his time lines and promises . I think he’s just jumping on the electric bandwagon , I’ll wait out the hype to see what products really going to hit the market . Still going to geek out on my ice ,s circa 80-90s

  6. Robert Dryden
    December 9, 2021

    BEWARE . I put down $100 deposit months ago. I have tried multiple time to reach customer service by phone and email. I want my deposit back. There is no response by anyone there. I think this is a SCAM.

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