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2022 KTM RC 8C [Specs, Features, Photos]

2022 KTM RC 8C

The 2022 KTM RC 8C: Proper competition performance inspired by MotoGP

The KTM RC 8C is a rare, track-focused bike for those looking for authentic competition performance. The RC 8C is a highly limited, unique motorcycle with only 100 of these rare weapons going into production.

The heart of the RC 8C is the 128 horsepower, 889cc DOHC 8-valve LC8c twin-cylinder engine from the KTM 890 Duke R, anchored to a multi-tubular chassis made of chrome-molybdenum steel and paired with a six-speed gearbox.

The latest addition to the Austrian brand’s 2022 lineup is a bike engineered to race. It reflects its competitive vocation in components like the air filter box, specific competition filter, and the Akrapovic exhaust with titanium silencer.

Upfront, you get a fully adjustable WP APEX PRO 7543 hand-built closed cartridge 43 mm fork based on the KTM RC16 from MotoGP.

The fork also features zero hydraulic stroke limitation, meaning riders can control damping characteristics at all times. The rear mounts a WP APEX PRO 7746 shock absorber with preload regulator.

The KTM RC 8C shows in every detail its approach to on-track performance. For example, it has a tank with a quick-closing cap and body panels made of Kevlar-reinforced fiberglass.

Lightness is achieved through Dynamag forged wheels and Pirelli SC1 racing tires and the aerodynamic work developed for MotoGP and competition transmission chain. In addition, the RC C8 features CNC milled triple clamps with adjustable offset for tailored rider control.

The brakes include Brembo Stylem front calipers with 290 mm floating aluminum discs fastened by titanium screws and a two-piston rear Brembo caliper with a 230 mm floating disc. The radial master cylinder is the Brembo 19RCS CORSA CORTA, adopted from MotoGP.

The KTM RC 8C uses an AIM MXS 1.2 RACE control and data logging panel with an integrated GPS. The information is displayed through a 5″ TFT screen with integrated data collection and is analyzed in AIM Race Studio.

The 2022 KTM RC 8C starts at $38,999 USD / $50,630 CAD.

On this page: we’ve curated specs, features, news, photos/videos, etc. so you can read up on the new 2022 KTM RC 8C in one place.

2022 KTM RC 8C

Model Overview

General Info

  • Price: $38,999 USD / $50,630 CAD
  • Key Features:
    • Dynamag forged wheels
    • Pirelli SC1 racing tires
    • Fully adjustable WP APEX PRO close cartridge 43mm front fork
    • Brembo Stylema front caliper
    • AIM MXS 1.2 RACE dashboard and data logger

Main Specs

  • Engine: 989 cc Inline 2-Cyl
  • Power: 128 hp (94 kW) at 10,000 rpm
  • Torque: 74 lb-ft (101 Nm) at 8,000 rpm
  • Dry Weight:  308 lbs (140 kg)
  • Seat Height: 32.3 in. (820 mm)

2022 KTM RC 8C

2022 KTM RC 8C Specifications

From KTM


Engine 889cc, 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, parallel twin
Power 128 Hp
Bore x Stroke 90.7 mm x 68.8 mm
EMS Bosch EMS with RBW
Power in KW 94 kW
Starter Electric starter
Lubrication Forced oil lubrication with 2 oil pumps


Clutch PASC™ antihopping clutch, mechanically operated
Transmission 6-speed
Chain 520


Suspension Front WPXACTPRO7543
Suspension Rear WPAPEXPRO7746
Brakes Front 2 x Brembo Stylema Monobloc four piston, radially mounted caliper
Brakes Rear Brembo twin-piston floating calliper, brake disc
Suspension travel (front) 120 mm
Suspension travel (rear) 120 mm
Tank capacity (approx.) 16 l
Color Orange


Spark Plugs
Headlight LED
Tail Light LED


Overall Length
Overall Width
Overall Height
Ground Clearance 150 mm
Seat Height 820 mm
Dry Weight 140 kg



2022 KTM RC 8C

2022 KTM RC 8C Features


‘The KTM RC 8C is developed and built in partnership with Krämer Motorcycles, around a no-compromise, hand-built racing chassis with a 100% track-focused objective. With one eye on all out performance and the other on personal adjustability, this 140 kg machine is truly without equal.


Developed without compromise for the race track, the KTM RC 8C features a chromium-molybdenum steel trellis frame, which is precision engineered and hand finished to be ultra-stiff, pin-point precise and lightweight. Like the greatest of race machines, the frame also offers a multitude of adjustment settings.

Triple Clamp

Lightweight, CNC milled triple clamps feature an adjustable offset for tailored rider control. Offset can be set in two positions, 28 mm for improved high speed stability or 26 for faster turn-in, and sniper-like accuracy.


At this level of refinement, only the very best WP Pro Components will do. That is why the KTM RC 8C boasts suspension which is hand assembled in a special department at the WP headquarters – the very same place responsible for the assembly of the KTM RC16 suspension.

Front Fork

Developed from the expertise gained through international competition, the fully-adjustable WP APEX PRO 7543 closed cartridge 43 mm front fork features a high level of pedigree. Being specifically developed for racing, it is engineered from high quality, all-aluminum lightweight materials, and has no hydraulic stroke limitation, meaning riders can continually control the damping properties. Individual rider settings can also be finely and individually tuned with the fully adjustable compression and rebound damping and its split design allows for easy damping adjustability at the top of both fork legs.

Race Proven Parts

The KTM RC 8C is hand-built and boasts factory racing levels of premium componentry, from Dymag forged wheels, Pirelli Diablo rubber and the very best components from Brembo’s high performance component range


Cast in aluminum and precisely finished in the CNC machine, this bespoke swingarm provides the perfect balance of agility and stability. The swingarm also features integrated crash protection with specially developed aluminum mounting plates which hold the crash pads. This helps protect the swingarm in the event of a fall, allowing the aluminum plates to bend, absorbing the impact and protecting the swing arm.

The LC8c

Rocketing the KTM RC 8C off the line is a ultra-potent, lightweight and compact 128 hp 889 cc LC8c engine. If that sounds familiar, it’s the same, celebrated powerplant found in the KTM 890 DUKE R, but with more focus on more and drive out of corners. The benefit of using a production engine is easy maintenance and parts availability, without sacrificing on performance.


The KTM RC 8C’s powerplant features high-pressure cast aluminum, horizontally split crankcases. This allows for reduced wall thickness for weight optimization. The open deck cylinders are integrated into the crankcase for a more compact assembly.

Mission Control

On the track, data equals speed. The KTM RC 8C makes use of a race-focused, easy to use dashboard with data logging technology which records multiple aspects of your lap. All data cam be imported to the AIM RaceStudio for easy and concise studying later.

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