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Yamaha: Say Goodbye to the R1

Team Blue's Last Great Litre Bike Won’t be Updated to Meet Euro5+ Requirements

A guy behind a motorcycle.
A view of Yamaha's 2024 YZF-R1. Media provided by Yamaha.

Yamaha is closing the chapter on their master of domination, the YZF-R1 superbike.

Euro5+ is a cruel mistress, folks. 

In a recent update, Yamaha Motor Co. UK has apparently made a statement that they will not be updating their litre class bikes to Euro5+ compliance. This means that the well-loved inline-four YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M, considered by many to be “the best known and most successful of all Japanese superbikes” (via Visordown), will soon be pulled from Yammie’s lineup.

A sad day for all, though well-timed, considering 2023 was the celebration of 25 years of the R1.

(P.S. – if you were lucky enough to reserve one of those 2024 R1 GYTR PRO 25th Anniversary bikes that were accounted for by summer of 2023 – or you know someone who did – don’t get out of line. The bikes are likely appreciating in value just sitting there.)

A frontal view of a Yamaha R1.
A view of Yamaha’s 2024 YZF-R1. Media provided by Yamaha.

What did Yamaha say in their statement? 

According to Dan Sutherland’s coverage on MCN, an official spokesperson of Yamaha UK was quoted with the following:

Yamaha Motor Group has taken the decision not to develop an EU5+ version of the R1 or R1M, instead focussing on other mid-term business and product strategies that will provide future opportunities.”

– Yamaha Spokesperson, MCN (Dan Sutherland)
A man in a suit next to a sign.
Eric Seynes, Yamaha EU’s previous CEO. Media provided by LinkedIn.

What did Yamaha mean by “other mid-term business and product strategies?”

While the R1 contributed to a brilliant, high-revving culture, there’s no denying that Yamaha has a lot in store for their brand image.

Here is all the (bigger) company movement we’ve covered from the brand. We’ve included hyperlinks so you can peruse at your leisure.

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A front quarter view of a sport bike.
A view of Yamaha’s R7. Media provided by Yamaha.

What does all of the above mean for Yamaha?

New Yammie bikes are coming in (potentially ones trying to replace the R1 in our hearts, though good luck to them in that endeavor).

New tech is being tackled and revealed in order to keep up with the competition.

Asia holds great potential for Yamaha’s financial growth. 

Fuel options show a more complex equation for Yamaha’s future machines. Yammie may not be heading toward hydrogen bikes, but they have invested tech and money into the HySE Consortium, which is a joint effort toward hydrogen transport. Add to this an interest in electric tech with rumors that MotoGP could be detuning all motorcycles for 2027, and the demand to adapt is apparent across the proverbial board for our good Team Blue.

Bottom line, we will be sad to see one of the last great inline-fours leave the production belt. 

What do you think about Yamaha phasing out of their litre-class beauties?

*All media provided by Yamaha*