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Rumor Has It: Yamaha Will Drop their YZF-R9 By the End of 2024

We Might Be Getting an SP Variant, Too.

The front of a Yamaha motorcycle.
The front of Yamaha's R7. Media provided by Yamaha.

Rumors from the WSBK circuit are pointing toward a YZF-R9 by the end of this year!

Back in 2021, paperwork from Yamaha was found showing registration of the moniker “YXF-R9” in India

This was followed a year later by CycleWorld’s Ben Purvis, who stated that the Japanese multi-conglomerate marque had also filed “initial trademark applications” in Australia showing “stylized R9 and YZF-R9 logos that will appear on the bike itself” (CycleWorld).

A view of Yamaha's R range of motorcycles.
A view of Yamaha’s R range for 2024 (including the R125). Media provided by Yamaha Europe (YouTube).

A look at Yamaha’s current range

Yamaha already has their MT-03 and MT-07 nakeds rolling up beside their full-fairing counterparts, the YZF-R3 and YZF-R7

Add to this the phase-out of their R6, and the above paperwork seemed, at the time, an official nod that Team Blue wouldn’t leave their MT-09 lonely for long. 

The back half of a Yamaha motorcycle.
The back half of a Yamaha MT-09. Media provided by Yamaha.

What are the rumors surrounding Yamaha’s R9?

We now have confirmation that the YZF-R9 is in development, with a debut anticipated for next year. 

This new take comes from the Team Manager for Yamaha Ten Kate Racing, who let go with the following in an interview conducted by MCN’s Dan Sutherland

The only information that we have is basically on the racing model…[which] is already in heavy development, and many things are already happening about that.

“The only thing I can tell you for sure is next year in World Supersport, the Yamaha R6 will be replaced [by] the R9, but by my information, it is unclear when the bike will be available for on the road.”

– Kervin Bos, Team Manager, Ten Kate Racing (MCN)
The bottom portion of Yamaha's MT-09.
The bottom portion of Yamaha’s MT-09. Media provided by Yamaha.

What does this mean for Yamaha’s R9?

Currently, we only know of the R9 that Yamaha is prepping for the World Supersport stage; beyond that, it’s all faith in the registered patents, which cann’t be approved unless the product is to be debuted in a reasonably timely fashion. 

*Media provided by Yamaha and Youtube (Yamaha Europe)*