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Two wheels makes riders safest motorists

Ex-thief advises on securing your bike London motorcycles tax happiest commuters rampant A British survey has found that riding a motorcycle makes you safer on a bicycle and vice versa, while other surveys show riders are the safest motorists. bike insurance vehicles

A British survey has found that riding a motorcycle makes you safer on a bicycle and vice versa, while other surveys show riders are the safest motorists.

The latest survey, commissioned by British motorbike insurance company Carole Nash found that 58% said being a motorcyclist helped them to be safer on a bicycle.

It also found 47% said being a motorcyclist helps them to be safer as a cyclist.

At 94%, the vast majority of Carole Nash motorcycle customers who use their bicycles have not been involved in a road traffic accident.

The survey which comes during UK Bike Week reveals that 92% of their motorcycle customers also own a bicycle, 57% own more than one and 27% own three or more.Motorcyclists and cyclists are safest motorists

While there is some animosity between motorcyclists and cyclists, there is also a skills synergy, shared experiences and similar vulnerability.

We have often promoted cycling, especially for children, as a way to educate future motorists. We also believe there is much motorcyclists can learn from the active cycling lobby.

The latest survey follows many others which show that the most vulnerable road users are safety conscious and among the safest road users.

In 2016, a survey commissioned by UK motor insurance specialists Staveley Head declared motorcycle riders the safest while van drivers were the least safe.

In 2015, another British survey found riders would perform better if they had to retake their road test theory exam than car drivers.

And the 2014 British Association of Chief Police Officers report to the UK government confirms that motorcyclists are better motorists than drivers. The report even suggests more people should learn to ride so they are safer motorists.  And a 2013 Belgian road safety report says the more motorbikes on the road, the safer our roads would be.England British motorcycles bus lanesd

We agree that riders are the safest road users. We have to be. The consequences of not paying full attention, riding sober and being properly trained are dire.

We’ve seen how distracted drivers endanger us so we wouldn’t do the same to other motorists. We ride to enjoy ourselves, not to get from A to B, so we are concentrating on riding, not on distractions to pass the time.

Ok, some of us may speed occasionally, but we seem to do it when we assess the risks are low. We prefer to concentrate on the road and the conditions, rather than our speedos and some officially nominated speed limit.

That doesn’t make us reckless, but focussed.

  1. It is said that, many years ago, the British F1 racing driver, Sterling Moss made the comment, “Every prospective car driver should ride a motorcycle first, and those that survive will be better car drivers”, or words to that effect. These words are not verbatim, but the meaning is clear.

  2. There are motorcyclists and car drivers who occasionally drive bikes.
    Guys do yourselves a favour and learn how to be a rider not a driver.

    I can understand how van drivers are among the worst, the blind spots on most vans are so large you can have absolutely no idea you are about to change lanes on top of a massive truck let alone a car or worse a bike! I personally at a time when a bike was my only transport for years nearly took out another rider because he was in that blind spot. So here’s my tip guys than van driver may not be a crappie inconsiderate so n so your just in the blind spot! So beware vans trucks Volvos and people wearing hats and especially driving gloves oh yes and if they’re wearing a hat gloves and driving a Volvo horse float run for your life!

  3. That depends on geography, riders on underdeveloped countries are well known for being mostly daredevils, no gear, three+ up on a bike, drunk riding, no insurance, no license, and much more. Culture has a lot to do with it.

  4. I ride a motorcycle and drive a van and never had an accident were I was at fault. It is a poor excuse to blame the vehicle for the poor driving habits. Everyone in the UK should be made to ride a motorised two wheel vehicle before they can drive any other vehicle. They will then be aware of the dangers they will be putting others through when they drive their cages. From personal experience Audi drivers are the worst. One hit me on by motorcycle deliberately. One drove into the side of me while they pulled out at a junction. One pulled out on me on a roundabout, and there have been plenty of other occurrences involving audi’s. Van drivers seem to be the most motorcycle conscientious. While car drivers will always try to overtake you when there is no room for them to get back in lane.

  5. I agree with Sterling, if you don’t have the mental aptitude and coordination skills to ride a motorcycle where the biggest risk is to yourself why should you be allowed to be in control of any other vehicle where the biggest risk is to others?

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