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SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots Review [New for 2020]

Late-April 2020 Update

Sidi Adv2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots
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SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Review Summary
Review Summary
New for 2020, the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots are shorter and lighter compared to their full height sibling while proving more comfortable for off the motorcycle use. Featuring the same sold design and build of the full height Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boot Sidi wisely did not change much protection-wise while endowing the mid boots with a narrower more flexible feel with only a bit less leg coverage - it all works. If full-height protection isn’t always needed, then the Mid Boots could be the trick and save you $100.00 USD to boot.
Fit & Comfort
Durability & Protection
Elemental Protection
Value for Money
Pros Proven design, quality materials, & build
SIDI fit & comfort from get-go
Great foot & ankles protection
Gore-Tex membrane for waterproof protection & long term foot comfort
Reduced height & weight with mounted
dismounted comfort & flexibility
Less height for easier entry & exit
Durable comfortable Vibram sole
Quieter (no squeak yet)
Great value for $$
Lower height marginally reduces coverage and protection
Fitting and keeping pants inside the boot uppers could be an issue
Adjusters initially stiff – use and some silicone helps

SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots

It seems spring is here, although most of us are hunkered down somewhere coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic. While many of us are probably not getting in a whole lot of riding… there are exceptions and overall, where allowed, getting out for a ride is still a good thing.

Besides, if you can’t go riding or work on your bikes, you can spend constructive time online… looking for new stuff to read, such as this updated review of the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots, first published 2 March 2020. Enjoy.

Review Introduction

2020 SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots

Wade Thiel’s “Motorcycle News” from 19 November 2019 regarding the release of the Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots was the catalyst for this wBW review, and while some the usual fall update releases were expected, the Adventure 2 Mid Boot came as a surprise.

And for this avid adventure rider, in having looked at much lighter weight mid-height riding footwear and never settling on anything, the chance to pursue this outstanding requirement in getting a pair of mid-height boots, based on one of my favorites couldn’t be bad, right?

Is the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boot a bit of a ‘unique twist’ for an adventure boot with a balance of adventure level protection with added dismounted comfort and capability – or a timely marketing initiative leveraging a proven product or perhaps both?

It’s interesting to note that the main Sidi site has the ‘Mid Adventure 2 Gore’ boots listed under the Touring category while here in NA they are listed as the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots under the Adventure/Touring category; a slight industry and marketing change, but one that also reflects how energized the Adventure/Touring segment is overall.

For those of us who have been riding on and off-road most of our lives and survived leaner decades, it seems with limited motorcycle choice and even less choice regarding (good) accessories while touting the positives of this discipline, it’s now good to be able to think back and say, “I told you so”.

Needless to say, when it comes to the personal ATGATT mantra, protective functional footwear is a priority not to be overlooked and as the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots illustrate, viable options do indeed abound.


Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots Overview

Borrowing shamelessly (and why not) from the full height Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots reviewed in May 2017, the mid boot features less height (classed as a medium) and less weight; all claimed to provide better less-constrictive ankle articulation and fewer restrictions overall for walking or hiking extended distances on mixed surfaces… all part of the adventure.

These mid boots retain all the proven features of the full height Adventure 2 pieces, including the totally functional Gore-Tex membrane that encases the foot and ankle to wick moisture out while (completely) stopping external moisture from getting in.

Viewed from the sole up it’s hard to differentiate them from their taller siblings until the gaze upwards comes to a sooner than expected stop. These boots are obviously part of the Adventure 2 family, but do they live up (pun intended) to the family reputation?

2020 SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots

Feature Listing (compilation):

  • Adventure-style off-road level protection with enhanced dismounted comfort
  • Height is 30cm (11.8 in) compared to the full height Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots at 40cm (15.7in); the mid boots are 10cm or 3.93in shorter
  • Weight, for pair, is 2180 gr (4.8lbs) compared to the full height Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots at 2764gr (6.09lbs); the mid boots are 584gr or 1.2lbs lighter
  • Featuring world famous Gore-Tex breathable and waterproof membrane for a waterproof yet breathable barrier between the elements and the rider’s feet, Gore-Tex membrane breathes more so perspiration escapes easily while outside moisture is kept out, feet stay warmer when its cold and drier when you perspire in warm temperatures
  • Bonded non-slip lug type (Vibram-style) rubber sole
  • Replaceable cam lock buckles, adjustable straps, and memory retention clips
  • Expandable sections at overflap (gaiter) and top back of the boot to facilitate use and expansion as needed to tuck pants inside
  • Velcro tab closure at top front of boot
  • Upper formed of Microfiber and Cordura (suede). Sidi’s Full Grain Microfiber has leather-like characteristics but is not affected by aging – it looks better longer, has excellent strength, tear-resistance and flex endurance
  • Nylon non-slip inner sole, with removable arch support insert pad
  • Foot area lined with anti-abrasion Cambrelle for comfort while the upper section is lined with Teflon mesh, preventing (complete) absorption of water and sweat; neither material retains water or sweat on the inside of the boot and the materials facilitate quick drying while preventing the onset of mold
  • Slim, cool non-bootie design, mid boot height provides easier slip-in, slip-out action
  • Wraparound ankle flex system is in place and seemingly without the annoying squeak
  • Elastic padded section in calf area
  • Rigid shock-resistant anatomically shaped heel cup for maximum grip, comfort, and protection
  • Shaped side scuff/top shift pads stitched on both boots
  • Reflective panel sits above the heel for night riding visibility
  • ‘CE’ marking, indicating that the product meets the basic health and safety requirements of European Directive 89/686/EEC

Form & Features

If you put both the full height and the mid boot variants of the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots side by side and give them a quick walkaround, there are lots of similarities but also a few differences, including the almost four inches in height between the two sets of boots…

But until the gaze moves beyond the front instep or back calf area there isn’t a lot, less the upper strap placement, to clearly differentiate these two products; until the top of the boot is reached.

The Outside

2020 SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots side view with Cordura insert

The upper is formed of full grain microfiber and Cordura (suede) for the motorcycle side insert to provide a better feel for the rider. One strap and buckle assembly cross over the padded instep and the second just above the optimal ankle/foot flex area. The overflap features a full-length gaiter for seal with a triangular-shaped overflap and hook-n-loop fastener.

At the top of the boot is a narrow padded stretch section that increases in depth (height) as it wraps around the outside and flows in with the overflap; this section is indeed an important comfortable pressure-reducing layer as the lower height boot can rub or put pressure on the lower leg area more-so than the full height coverage boot does.

2020 SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots reflective material

Another section of the padded stretch material with a small reflective insert stitched in at the bottom is found in the calf area just above the harder TPU backplate section. The back and outer side of the boots feature shaped TPU sections for strength, impact resistance, and help minimize scuffing that can create friction when boot-to-whatever clearances are minimal…

With continued use, these reinforcement layers and TPU sections prove more and more effective and valuable in protecting the foot, ankle and lower leg, particularly when clearances decrease or objects may be encountered; and, with less overall damage to the boots, to boot.

Each boot has a strong stitched/bonded shift pad extending from the bottom welt up to the center of the boot; this extra-sized layout provides very good side scuff protection as well – a missing or weak feature on other adventure-style footwear.

Finishing off the outside is the non-slip rubber lug-style sole that provides a solid yet sensitive feel both on and off the motorcycle along with excellent grip, mounted or dismounted. Whether the sole itself is replaceable remains an outstanding question…

Summary: Excellent. Other than the reduced height and thus overall coverage, these mid boots are as solidly constructed and protective as the full height Adventure 2 Gore-Tex footwear; no cutting corners here.

The Inside

2020 SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots interior shot

The inner boot is a comfortable protective environment consisting of the full layer Gore-Tex waterproof breathable membrane along with a Cambrelle liner for encompassing comfort and facilitate sliding the feet in and out of the boot.

2020 SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots interior membrane

As identified for the original Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex review, the combination of Gore-Text insert, Cambrelle liner, and a good (removable) insole is a near-perfect environment for the feet, especially when day in, day out use in ever-changing environments is the norm.

Summary: Excellent. Another area where these mid boots mirror the build, comfort and foot protection of the full height product.

Sizing, Fit, & Feel

Sidi uses a conventional sizing guide for all their footwear and most Sidi footwear is built with a men’s ‘D’ width based on molds or ‘lasts’, although Sidi does offer a large range of widths and sizes between their product lines.

2020 SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots instructional booklet

For the record, my foot is a relatively narrow size 46 (11 to 11.5 US men sizing) and for about 90 percent of the footwear used or tried on a size 46 in standard (D) width is bang on; with the other 10 percent requiring the need to move up to a size 47 – as found with the REV’IT! footwear (a known issue to consider). When opportunity allows, always try the footwear on.

There is no real difference in protection for the foot and ankle between the mid and the full height Adventure 2 boots, something that Sidi did not want to compromise and didn’t; from the foot perspective, the two sets of boots feel virtually identical.

2020 SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots height difference between full and mid boot

From the shin up towards the knee however, there is some offset in that the mid boots are 10cm or almost four inches shorter than the full height boots. But for a large part of my riding activities, the mid boots are more than adequate and, depending on the ground to be traveled, a set of knee/lower leg guards can be utilized – pieces now added to the ATGATT duffel bag.

Relatedly, most of the riding pants have long or extended knee/leg protective inserts of some sort that serve to minimize the decreased boot length coverage.

Regarding flexibility and on the peg comfort, the mid boots actually have a bit of a leg up – they are more flexible overall, while not seemingly lacking protection and strength and have a slightly narrow profile due to the shorter slimmer upper boot – noticeable whether sitting or standing on the pegs.

The initial assessment, without extended riding time yet, is that the mid boots regarding size, fit and feel are at least the equal of the full height pieces.

Since the First Look was published, the mid boots have been used for almost all the riding time accumulated while south of the bortder and then back home again. Partial days and full days in the saddle and up on the pegs have served to further validate how important it is to have the right sizing, fit, and feel for a riding boot.

Summary: Outstanding. These boots, now fitted with a slim set of gel insoles, are one of the best fitting and feeling pair of adventure boots owned or reviewed; and I expect this level of performance will continue for many years…

Height & Weight

The Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots stand 30cm (11.8in) tall at their highest point (top front) versus 40cm (15.7in) for the full height Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots.

2020 SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots is four inches lower than full boots

This almost four-inch difference is about the norm between the mid boot and other full height adventure travel offerings used and this differential does or can impact fitment inside or outside of riding pants or a more protective over-pant layering as well.

If wearing a lighter weight pant, like jeans (hopefully protective style), they could be tucked inside the lower top of the boot or, if long enough, just worn outside without issue.

Heavier single, or double-layer riding pants or over-pants, depending on overall leg length and any ride-up due to seating and protective pieces, are likely best worn outside, which is how I am wearing both the REV’IT! Offtrack pants and my treasured aging Firstgear HT Overpants with the mid boots.

As well as being a bit more svelte (trimmer), the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots are notably lighter than the full height footwear, to the tune of 584gr or 1.2lbs lighter as verified by the scales. This height and weight differential are felt on and off the motorcycle and it’s not a bad thing.

Despite wearing three different pairs of medium to heavy-weight over-pants (two identified above) and a pair of the (packable) REAX Traveler Waterproof Pants, the reduced height of the mid boots isn’t an issue at all.

With all my current gear, inseam/finished length is (purposefully) long, so the usual ‘pull-up’ when seated does not become an issue, something that can be an impact when wearing paddock-style or mid-boot footwear.

One riding excursion did result in the reduced coverage becoming felt when temperatures dropped suddenly from cool to cold with some significant wind chill; but adding the (always carried) mid-layer resolved the issue.

Summary: Excellent. With the somewhat reduced coverage of the mid boots appreciated and thus planned for when it comes to riding activities (see above), the height isn’t an issue nor is the (feelable) reduction in weight – the slight trade-off vis-à-vis leg coverage is accepted with the footwear.

Protective Features

Sidi did not want to compromise protection in any major way and given that most of the trusted Adventure 2 features are found on the mid boot variant any compromise is indeed minimal.

The thick tough durable microfiber upper provides obvious strength while the inner side suede insert offers a different surface that translates into a better feel for the rider when on the pegs.

The anatomically shaped TPU section at the back and strategically shaped side inserts keep the foot securely housed and protected. The wraparound Flex System that parallels the Vertebra system originally used on other Sidi boots is also utilized as with the full height boots.

A back-of-calf padded stretch insert provides good support while remaining flexible for the increased movement possible with the lower height boot, something appreciated on the motorcycle and even more appreciated when dismounted.

2020 SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots scuff and control pads

The shaped combination side scuff and shift pads stitched on both boots really help minimize side impacts, rubbing and damage to boots from other surfaces, along with motorcycle parts/controls.

Summary: Outstanding. Yes, there are heavier duty adventure style footwear available, but as a singular product, the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots, full height or mid boot, are among the best available. Yes, the mid-boots do provide less lower-leg protection, but based on their design and features, their protective performance is not compromised.

Protection From The Elements

This is kind of short but sweet for now… It is going to take a lot more riding time to fully assess just how good the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots are for day-in-day-out elemental protection duties, but initial performance in wet and cold environments as winter set in was very good – a good sign for the longer term.


Ye Olde wBW Bucket Test

Something that did get done immediately after the boots were received was the time-honored wBW Bucket Test, a must when testing boots and gloves. Now admittedly, as is the case for these boots, the ‘test’ is often completed through a series of activities.

First up (literally) is the big-tub test with ice-cold water – although not as full as used for the full-height footwear tests of course. With the standard socks on the feet are inserted into the boots that are then immersed into the tub with the water level just below the top of the mid boots.

After a couple of minutes, the cold of the surrounding water could be felt but there was no discomfort and not a bit of moisture made its way inside over a period of fifteen minutes. At the end of this first activity, the cold could be felt more, but it was tolerable.

From this point on, the (initial) test activities and related environmental protection challenges are real world, in -3 to +5C (26.6F to 41F) temperatures (excluding wind chill), some rain, some sleet, and some snow… at no time did any moisture from the outside make its way into the boots.

Between the effectiveness of the boots, including the Gore-Tex membrane along with mid to heavyweight technical-blend socks worn a comfortable dry environment is maintained for the feet; pretty much an expected bottom line when wearing any of the Sidi Gore-Tex based footwear.

Summary: Outstanding. Exterior and interior design and construct keeps the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex footwear at or near the top of the shelf regarding elemental protection and foot/ankle/leg comfort. There is no denying the key role that the Gore-Tex membrane plays in the ‘sum of the parts’ approach and performance.

Closure System

2020 SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots buckles and closures

The Adventure 2 Gore-Tex mid boot uses the same micro-adjustable buckle closures with indented memory-regulation straps found on the full height Adventure 2 boots although with slightly different positioning.

Everything else – buckles, straps and retaining clips are the same and are replaceable; the buckles using a single (screw) mounting point.

Between the buckles that pivot independently and the (relatively) quick adjustment straps, feet and lower leg shapes and sizes are easily accommodated for a customized supportive (safe) fit that remains comfortable over the long term.

2020 SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots buckles and straps

As the adjustable straps on the full height Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots aren’t a problem, the initial issue (difficulty) in adjusting the straps of the mid boots was kind of puzzling. But it really comes down to a matter of effort; possibly related to ‘newness’ or possibly due to different manufacturing tolerances.

With continued use, a bit of silicone on the retainers and in learning to firmly pull the notched slider straps back to release them from the retaining clips, adjust them and then push them back down engaging the retainers works best.

And besides, unless some adjustment is needed to accommodate sock thickness, the adjustable straps don’t need much attention; fit the boot, adjust/tighten the overflap and flex the foot a bit while introducing the straps to the buckles and then get that positive ‘snap’ when the buckles lock in to place.

Continued use, along with a bit of silicone spray on the slider straps, is the trick in getting the straps, clips, and retainers working smoothly together. It is now much easier to get the straps to the desired length and once done, latching and snapping them down or releasing them is a one-finger exercise.

And this ease of use has not resulted in any weakness regarding security – it might be a one-finger exercise to release the strap fasteners, but it takes a bit of force and even in getting a bouncing blow from some side of path branches, the fasteners stayed locked.

Overall, unless an adjustment is needed to accommodate a sock or perhaps an underlayer, once properly set, the adjustable straps don’t take much attention; fit the boot, fold and tuck in the overflap; flex the foot and ankle a bit before introducing the straps to the buckles; and, make sure you get a positive ‘snap’ when the buckles lock in to place.

The full-length gaiter provides the additional seal while the top Velcro overflap with hook-n-loop fastener material and the padded elastic top sections make for a comfortable, easily adjusted trap/flap closure with expandable inner gaiter and elastic panel on calf area (top of boot).

Summary: Excellent. A bit of a rocky start is now a smoother path regarding fitting and use of the closure system, although every now and then the components get fussy to use, necessitating cleaning (that should be done) and a light coating of silicone.

Support, Traction, & Comfort

2020 SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots soles

The upper boot shaping and strength, along with the ankle flex wraparound, the main TPU rear heel block, and the two crossover straps provide a strong secure housing for the feet and ankle and a bit of the lower leg.

2020 SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots heels

The heavy-duty rubber sole with its Vibram-style lug bottom grip pattern is strong and supportive (important when up on the pegs) absorbing impacts and vibration while still providing great feedback to the feet – this ‘connectivity’ minimizes the isolation and stiffness that many users complain about when wearing adventure or pure off-road style footwear.

2020 SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots bottom soles

And when dismounted, the rubber sole and pattern used by Sidi remains a favorite, whether hiking for extended hikes over gnarly rough terrain or walking on hard flat surfaces for a few hours; I have hiking boots that aren’t as comfortable or as effective.

Mounted & Dismounted Specifics

This is an easy to rate category for both variants of the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex products. Both sets of boots work extremely well on the pegs – sitting or standing, but even with limited riding use so far, the mid boots seem to be as or even a bit more comfortable for peg use. And once dismounted, they are the more comfortable boot – a clearly stated objective for Sidi.

Riding – the riding experience with the mid boot version of the Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boot is pretty much akin to that experienced with the full height variant. There are some minor differences related to the upper – a bit more pressure can be felt on the upper shin from the top of the shorter boot, but the offset is far more overall flexibility of the upper boot itself given a shorter and somewhat narrower profile.

Walking – as mentioned above, the shorter, lighter and slightly narrower profile mid boot lends itself to virtually any sort of dismounted use, including the long walks or hiking forays over mixed ground; feel, flex, and grip is never an issue with these boots.

Summary: Outstanding. These mid boots are becoming my go-to footwear for almost any type of riding excursion – be it around town, the backroads or highway use; they are that comfortable, protective, and accommodating. Dismounted use over the short term or day long, hard or soft surfaces – not an issue; full control and total comfort.

Conclusion (Updated late-April, 2020)

2020 SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots

It is truly early days regarding use of the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots, but the experience remains a positive one. Respecting local COVID-19 restrictions, I’m out and able to ride and for the most part the SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid-Boots are seeing constant use – they are that good.

The slowly accumulating time on the pegs with exposure to road crud and some off-road debris, along with some hiking time, hasn’t put a dent in the mid boots regarding wear-n-tear. A serious hosing and cleaning with a soft brush was needed at one point, but otherwise a warm damp cloth keeps them looking (almost) new.

About the only riding use observation so far is that on cold wet days, even with heavy-duty protective riding pants worn, the coverage differential vis-à-vis the full height boots is noticeable, but it’s not a big hit against the mid-boots. In knowing and appreciating this and being prepared for it (before or while on the road), it’s not seen as a point-discounting issue; these mid boots have a clearly stated marketed role and they fill that role without shortfall.

On the flip side, the mid-boots are likely to prove cooler when it’s hotter. It will take more time and travel to see if this and other observations are to be made – all will be provided in the final tally follow-up.

The ‘hot’ weather has yet to materialize up here, but 10C – 20C (50 – 68F) temps down south served to provide initial validation that the mid boots are likely to be a bit cooler (in a good way) than full height footwear.

I do need to make my usual point about the minimalist, singular, poorly placed reflective insert on the back of the upper; – a piece easily obscured by outer riding gear or a combination of things.

Other outer gear has or should provide the reflective properties; but every piece of gear worn, top to bottom, in or out, should have a minimum profile regarding (high) visibility and reflective attributes.

Most lower areas of boots take most of the abuse that is acknowledged…meaning any markings or inserts need to be durable; we just need to be creative and find solutions or utilize technology/processes that already exist.

First Look & First Impressions Bottom Line – if first impressions count (and they do), then the newer, shorter, trimmer and lighter Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boot boots are going to be just fine. So far, the experience is all good. C U in the spring for the follow-up.

The Spring Update Bottom Line – it doesn’t differ much from the original First Look; First Impressions summary; the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots are one excellent (dare I say outstanding) pair of great looking, protective and comforting boots. On a daily basis they are now the go-to boot of choice and if there is no real riding game plan and I happen to wander off road, the confidence is there that they will be up to virtually any demand placed upon them. You might find another adventure mid boot product for less but at $349.99 USD, the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots are worth every penny.


  • Proven design with quality materials and build
  • SIDI fit and comfort from get-go
  • Great foot and ankle protection
  • Gore-Tex membrane for waterproof protection and long-term foot comfort
  • Reduced height & weight with mounted/dismounted comfort and flexibility
  • Less height equals easier entry/exit
  • Durable comfortable Vibram sole
  • Quieter (no squeaking yet) in use
  • Great value for $$


  • Lower height does reduce coverage and protection
  • Fitting and keeping pants inside the boot uppers could be an issue
  • Adjusters initially stiff – use and some silicone helps
  • Adjusters initially stiff, need TLC (cleaning and silicone) from time to time


  • Manufacturer: Sidi
  • Made In: the EU
  • Distributed By: Motonation, exclusive US and Canadian Distributor
  • Pricing: $349.99 USD
  • Sizes: Motonation Listing – 8.5/42, 9.5/43, 10/44, 11/45, 11.5/46 and 12.5/47. Other sizing 39, 40 and 41 listed internationally
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: One (1) year from date of purchase
  • Review Period: November 2019 to April, 2020