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REAX Traveler Waterproof Pants Review

reax traveler waterproof pants
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REAX Traveler Review Summary
Review Summary
The REAX Traveler Waterproof Pant is an extremely well-made lightweight garment providing functional features reflecting sound design and requirements for a useful, durable product. Attention to detail is everywhere - cut, layout and finishing - inside and out. Generous sizing, a high cut gathered waist, a wide curved leg cut, full length side leg zippers and gathered bottom with Velcro tab provide outstanding ease of use, especially over other riding gear. Very packable, it can be rolled or folded and carried almost anywhere. A must for wind and rain protection, they are the real deal and at $39.00 USD, a real bargain.
Design & Innovcation
Build Quality & Materials
Fit & Comfort
Value for Money
Absolutely wind and waterproof
Lightweight and very packable
Design, quality and build is top notch
100% nylon shell with coated and taped inner seams
Generous cut designed for ease of use and riding comfort
Good use of reflective markings and logos
Outstanding value given quality, function and performance.
No internal pocket for self-storage
Reflective markings are effective but minimal; better defining needed

We’d like to thank the RevZilla team for providing this REAX Traveler pro overpant at no-cost for the purpose of this review.


With spring waning and summer waxing, we finally seem to be putting the cooler wet weather behind us, although as we head into the warm (hot) humid (sticky) days of summer, thunderstorms and rainy days will be experienced; don’t forget that I mentioned the ‘wet’ stuff…it’s relative to this review.

The global COVID-19 Pandemic is impacting all of us to varying degrees. Thankfully, for many motorcyclists (but not all) getting out for social-distancing self-isolating rides is viable while still appreciating the issues and in not ignoring local restrictions, but please don’t become a burden on precious first responder resources…

And in talking about riding and safety, my premise is, depending on where you live and travel, that like riding boots you never have enough rain gear, the essential pieces protecting you from the elements – a wet, cold and miserable ride isn’t always a safe one.

We’ve had our fair share of the wet stuff over the last three months – some of which started as snow and sleet but then thankfully changed to straight rain, along with light nuisance showers to heavy tropical-style downpours…conditions all experienced while out riding.

The current rain gear collection varies from lightweight pull-on pieces to heavier duty mix-n-match sized two-piece suits hung ready for departure use or carefully folded/rolled in stuff bags for packing into side or back bags for prolonged travel activities.

On a day to day basis, a lightweight rain pant and rain jacket typically stuffed into two small compression sacks and packed into the Kriega 10L drybag that serves as the transferable tank bag for whatever motorcycle is in use is the norm.

And as most riders discover quickly, these lightweight and space-effective garments serve to not only keep one dry but also protected from the wind and related windchill.

And this brings me to the second REAX product review – the REAX Traveler Waterproof Overpant. This short review is actually a companion piece of sorts to the REAX Apex Pro Mesh product review – between the waterproof liner of the jacket and a set of these pants, you have the essentials to provide top and bottom protection from the elements.

About REAX

RevZilla is an energetic and growing player in the powersports industry focusing on all things moto-related. In 2016 it became a subsidiary of the newly formed COMOTO Holdings LLC., which includes Cycle Gear and as of 31 January 2020, J&P Cycles.

In wanting to leverage a decade of customer interaction and literally hundreds of RevZilla product reviews, a new product development team was formed as an in-house activity under COMOTO.

The goals of this effort are to design, build, and offer motorcycle gear that does what it is designed to do, without all the hype typically associated with exclusive brand products.

From this ongoing in-house activity comes the REAX brand with offerings featuring a balance of function, protection, and looks.

reax traveler waterproof pants

REAX Traveler Waterproof Overpant Breakdown

(Feature List – Compilation)

  • Ultra-lightweight and very packable for easy storage and transport
  • Windproof/waterproof nylon material
  • Taped seams and an extra high-rise waist band keeps wind and water from intruding
  • YKK full length outside leg zippers for quick and easy on/off
  • Elastic in the bottom hem for better fit/seal over footwear
  • Bottom overflap and full-length zipper gutter (overflap) for added sealing
  • Six Velcro tabs secure outer overflap
  • Pant legs are cut wide and curved for more comfort when riding and less pulling at the knees, helping to maintain overall coverage, no matter the riding position
  • Reflective overlays at outer thigh and calf on each leg
  • Large Reflective stylized ‘REAX’ lettering on back of raised waist section along with large reflective style logo on the back of each lower leg

Aesthetics & First Impressions

Loosely packed in a well-marked sealed bag, the REAX Traveler Waterproof Overpants are quickly pulled out and hung to air and allow a closer first look.

First impressions are good. The pants look and are cut large – they are an over pant remember. In (usually) wearing a 2XL (or sometimes a 3XL for heavy gear layering) in this type of garment, a 2XL was chosen – sizing is right on.

The 100% nylon shell reflects quality, strength, and durability. Full-length leg zippers are a huge bonus point with me, as are elastic gathers at the waist and leg cuffs.

More points are accumulated in not finding any misaligned sections, loose threads or unrolled or unfinished edges. The coated interior is equally well done with encompassing smoothly sealed seams and tight well-stitched zipper points; all good so far.

Design & Build Quality

This type of garment is typically not seen as ‘exciting’ or even attractive and as such, it is one that many (but not all) riders tend to forget about relative to their personal riding gear collection.

But depending on where you live and ride this garment and its related upper body counterpart provide or can provide an important or even critical role in contributing to rider well-being and safety.

And in working through the multi-box checklist for this type of garment, the REAX Traveler Waterproof Overpant ticks virtually all the boxes with ease, particularly those focused on design and build.

It is lightweight and very packable, while also providing shape, substance, and form; the overpant has obvious quality and strength that bodes well regarding functionality and durability, something not often a focus with other related garments.

Some riders will feel or find that the Traveler Overpant is cut big; acknowledged, but then the pants are also sized to fit like an outer pull-on garment should – generously cut in all areas allowing them to be put on quickly and taken off just as easily.

A high cut waist and frontal shaping contribute to overall fitment and long-term comfort while providing a better seal around the waist, especially with an overlapping upper garment, like the matching REAX Traveler Waterproof Jacket.

Elastic gathers on each side at the waist eliminate or mitigate an oft-seen fitment issue of how to keep the overpants in place, especially as many motorcyclists do indeed go up one or two sizes for this type of gear, for the fitment and ease of use points identified earlier.

A 100% nylon shell provides a smooth friction-free outer surface for basic protection from the elements including wind/windchill. The moisture and wind-blocking underside is equally well-finished with sealed and taped surfaces providing a sealing environment.

And when addressing the easy on/easy off requirement, the smooth running, although only one-way full-length leg zippers are one of the best features of this overpant, although a two-way zipper would facilitate reaching through to undergarment pockets perhaps…when needed, I just reach in through at the expandable waist.

When the zippers are closed, a narrow gutter-fold flap sits over the zippers to seal and protect them seals and protects them with the wide outer shell overflap adding a second covering layer in totally covering the zippers on the outside.

Six Velcro-tabs on each leg provide additional sealing and keep this top to bottom overflap in place and laid flat to facilitate airflow over the garment for less buffeting resulting in less whipping of the material around or against the wearer.

Everything regarding design, cut, fitting and quality-control is first-rate. Most sections are double stitched with single stitching used for (stronger) overlaid sections or gathers and there are no missed tape points or otherwise observed weak areas.

Overall Rating: Excellent. Design and build of the REAX Traveler Waterproof Overpant reflects insight regarding requirements and attention to detail in construct. For what is often seen as a basic simple garment, these over pants reflect quality, strength, and durability.

reax traveler waterproof pants


Size, Fit, & Comfort

I’ve had wind and/or rain overpants that were identified as ‘overpants’ and supposedly sized accordingly but getting them on over anything, even next to skin, proved hard or even impossible due to sizing and/or interior finishing.

The REAX Traveler Waterproof Overpant is not a disappointment in the size, fit and comfort categories. And yes, a generously sized garment can hide other shortfalls, but this one doesn’t.

A high-cut waist, slightly higher at the back and beveled down a bit at the front, along with elastic gathers on both sides above the hips works extremely well for getting in, getting out and in keeping the pants in place…no suspenders, belts or a shoelace needed here…

With a 34-inch inseam, it isn’t always possible to get well-fitting overpants let alone outer gear that is long enough especially once in the saddle with knees bent and feet on the pegs.

But not to fear with the REAX Traveler Waterproof Overpant. The legs are long without excess to drag around or trip over when dismounted and wide enough to facilitate light to mid to heavy garment layering – a shortfall observed on more than a few pair of overpants over the years.

And when the pants need to be pulled on in a hurry (the norm it seems), over the riding gear, just separate the side Velcro tabs, unzip the full leg zippers and step in, then zip things up and secure the tabs – done.

If starting out and the footwear has not been put on yet, or a smaller set of riding boots are worn, the pants generous cut and shaping might allow you to literally step in or step out; the well-finished interior inside an impediment in pulling the pants on, rather than stepping into them with the leg zippers undone.

The overpant legs have a slight curve fitment and inherent roominess that better accommodates the leg and knees when in the seat and results in less material pressure at the knees and relatedly, less pull up at the ankles – especially important if the pants fit a bit short or the footwear worn is low or mid-height.

Overall Rating: Excellent. Yes, this is as much a subjective as objective assessment but in having used a lot of wind/rain over pants over the decades these are among the best used; comfortable, encompassing and totally functionally.

reax traveler waterproof pants

Elemental Protection

The REAX Traveler Waterproof Overpant was first pulled on into action back in early spring when taking my spouses new 2019 F850GS Adventure in for its first service, with the spring weather even worse the day it came home, with a generous mix of snow, sleet and rain along with rapidly dropping temperatures – you get the picture…

In layering up for these trips, after pulling on the usual mid-layer of insulated liner pants and in accepting some risk in not wearing the cold weather armored pants, the Traveler pants became the outer layer; providing an expedient means to assess their performance as a wind blocking garment and waterproof layer.

The trip up and back isn’t long nor high speed, but the weather was doing its best to discourage riding, so I was pleasantly surprised to experience no discomfort at all with the Traveler pants that worked to both defend against the cold and win the day regarding moisture intake.

Since that first experience, the Traveler Overpants have been used steadily for cold wet weather riding. Between the high waist cut and comfortable fit, when paired with a good overlapping upper outer garment the combination keeps me warm and absolutely dry.

I typically wear this type of over pant on the outside including over the footwear so there is uninterrupted coverage and protection from the waist down. But for those who prefer a different layout, the Traveler over pant is light enough to allow gathering and use inside footwear.

Overall Rating: Excellent. A basic garment that functions and performs without any fitment or use issues. The REAX Traveler Waterproof Overpants are a great wind layer and totally waterproof outer garment and solid enough to not be whipped around or stressed by airflow. Pack them up and don’t hit the road without them.

Protection & Safety

As a basic but very functional garment, the REAX Traveler Waterproof Overpant is designed to provide a protective encompassing wind and waterproof layer, not the PPE oriented protectivity.

But the Overpant garment does provide good visibility with the use of reflective overlays on the outer thigh and calf areas of each leg along with a large reflective stylized ‘REAX’ lettered logo on the back of the raised waist section (not likely viewable depending on layering) and a large reflective logo on the back of each lower leg.

This placement of reflective elements is OK, but additional pieces along the outer legs and around the knee area would serve to provide additional reflectivity and definition of the rider.

Overall Rating: Good. But more shaping with reflective material is needed, for top and bottom garments.


After almost three months of use while out riding and outside in the yard undertaking some snowy or, rainy day tasks, there are no discernable signs of wear or tear and even when wet, they remain easy to use.

Any moisture that might accumulate on the outside can be shaken off or the pants hung to dry off in minutes. Road crud build-up on the outer nylon surface is easily wiped off with a wet cloth or alternatively a hose or, just put them in the washer – machine wash cold, do not tumble (on or off the body) dry.

Overall Rating: Not yet ratable, but a long and useful life is anticipated for this garment.


reax traveler waterproof pants


Over time there has been a tendency on my part to orient more towards a single garment solution regarding the cold and wet; in other words, the use of multi-functional upper and lower garments for warmth (or perhaps) cooling and protection endowed with the required technology-related components, like Gore-Tex.

But at no time, even on short day trips out and about the back roads, is a ride undertaken without wind and rain protection pieces being packed and carried – a preparation and planning step that has served me well over the years.

And when lightweight (ventilated or mesh-based) gear is worn, perhaps with minimal layering due to the heat and humidity, having an outer wind and rain layer readily at hand can mean the difference between comfort and discomfort and ride continuance or ride cancellation.

With the REAX Traveler Waterproof Overpant packed, along with a lightweight Gore-Tex based upper shell, there is comfort in knowing that one or both of the garments can be drawn into action within a minute or two and that they will function as expected.

Leaning against the motorcycle on the side of the road, usually in a brisk wind and driving rain with wind blasts from passing traffic while trying to pull on (leg by leg) a rain pant isn’t a desired scenario (been there, done that, learned).

As such, one of the best functional features of the Traveler pants are the full-length leg zippers – zip up to open, step in and zip down, secure the Velcro tabs along the leg and the lower cuff and away you go; minimal muss, no real fuss and no falling over…

Outside of perhaps wishing for more strategically placed reflective markings, there isn’t anything else to mark against the REAX Traveler Waterproof Overpant, although an integrated pack sack as found on the Traveler Rain Jacket would be good…

The Bottom Line: the REAX Traveler Waterproof Overpant is well designed; well made; and very, comfortable. The garment is totally protective against the elements – especially the wet stuff. This overpant is as well made and as functional (or more) as rain-oriented pieces (single or top/bottom combinations) priced at double or more than what these pants cost. They are the real deal and for $39.00 USD, a real bargain. Highly recommended piece of kit.


  • Absolutely wind and waterproof
  • Lightweight and very packable
  • Design, quality, and build is top-notch
  • 100% nylon shell, with coated and taped inner seams
  • Full length leg zippers for step in/step out use
  • Dual over-flaps for zippers with side/bottom tabs for added security
  • Generous cut designed for ease of use and riding comfort
  • Good use of reflective markings and logos
  • Outstanding value given quality, function, and performance


  • No internal pocket for self-storage
  • Reflective markings are effective but minimal; better defining needed

Review Details

  • Manufacturer: RevZilla
  • Price when tested: $39.00 USD
  • Made In: Pakistan
  • Colors: Black
  • Sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL, 2XL, 3XL
  • Warranty: (unknown)
  • Review Period: March-April 2020