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[In-Depth] SENA Momentum EVO Review

The Sena Momentum Gains Mesh…

SENA Momentum EVO
SENA Momentum EVO Review Summary
Review Summary
The Sena Momentum EVO Mesh helmet is the newest member of the evolving Momentum line and its integrated headset capabilities are based on the Sena 30K architecture providing both Bluetooth and Mesh intercom features. With a long oval shape the EVO reflects a fit specific to the North American market along with a reimagined and slimmed down build for a slim, light weight, quiet and comfortable helmet. Bundled with the Sena WiFi Sync cable for seamless charging and automatic firmware updating the Momentum EVO helmet represents great value and a sound investment.
Build Quality
Fit & Comfort
Eye Port Visor
Airflow & Noise Management
Value for Money
Integrated BT & Mesh technology
Oval shaped shell specific for NA market
Attractive Matte Black finish
Blemish free finish including insert pieces
Removable headliner for cleaning, washing & replacement
Sena WiFi Adapter is slick, functional and included
Great battery life, short charge times
One or two more face shield settings would be good
No integrated or separate drop-down sun visor
Interior lining and pad sections not cut or fitted for optimal look or feel

SENA Momentum EVO

After reviewing the Sena Momentum Pro last fall, based on that positive experience, I was hoping to have another Momentum helmet review opportunity…seeing as how the Sena Momentum EVO with Mesh had just been announced while completing the Momentum Pro review.

Fortuitously, while coordinating the provision of a Sena SRL 2 modular headset system for the 2020 Shoei J-Cruise II helmet review, the Sena rep asked if I would be interested in reviewing the (now available) Sena Momentum EVO (for EVOlution). You can guess what my answer was.

Sena is continually evolving, refining,and expanding the Momentum line of ‘smart helmets’ and virtually all of them have slightly different feature baselines. So, its no surprise that the newest offering features some significant changes over other models, including changes to the helmet itself and their integrated system or systems. 

Where the Sena Momentum Pro has two integrated systems – the 20S-based Bluetooth headset and a QHD/FHD point of view camera, the Sena Momentum EVO delivers one integrated system – the headset. 

But this headset is now based on the 30K architecture meaning the user gets all related features and capabilities including Mesh Intercom technology. The Sena Momentum Pro has a great price point as well, although only available in Matte Black and M, L and XL sizes.

Sena Momentum Helmet Lineup

The current (listed) Sena Momentum lineup is:

  • Momentum EVO – 30K-based BT & Mesh headset, $399.00
  • Momentum INC Pro – INC, 20S-based BT headset, QHD/FHD PoV Camera $699.00 USD
  • Momentum Pro – 20S-based BT headset and QHD/FHD PoV Camera, WiFi, $599.00 USD
  • Momentum INCINC, BT 4.1 headset, $549.00 USD
  • Momentum – 20S-based BT headset, $449.00 USD, and
  • Momentum Lite – BT 4.1 headset, $399.00 USD

Note – INC = Intelligent Noise Control

Available Accessories – the Momentum Helmet line has both common and model-specific accessories available; the specific model page should be accessed, like the one here for the Momentum EVO.

Sena Momentum EVO Breakdown

SENA Momentum EVO

Sena has a definite evolutionary approach to the Momentum helmet line so there are always feature and capability differences between the releases and relatedly along with sizing and colour/finish options, with respective price points and the Momentum EVO follows this strategy with its long oval shape, restyling and integrated headset feature, but no camera… 

What the Sena Momentum EVO does provide is one of the most eagerly anticipated features that being Mesh intercom technology as the EVO’s integrated headset feature is based on the 30K that features dual-BT and Mesh intercom capabilities.

Other new features: long-oval shape specifically for the NA market (vice intermediate oval of the Momentum Pro); narrower more contoured exterior for sleeker look and better aerodynamics; redesigned liner and pads, repositioned speakers, new face shield mechanism along with an (optional) smoke shield; and, improved ventilation system and chin curtain.

In the Box

SENA Momentum EVO box contents

The helmet, Large, Matte Black, is carefully packed in the Sena Logo helmet bag. Also carefully packed and placed is a sealable (reusable) bag with the pocket-sized flip-style multi-language Quick Start Guide, safety foldouts and a 90-degree micro-USB charging/data cable. 

Other goodies include a tightly folded blow-up Sena helmet ring, a very welcome Pinlock Fog Resistant Lens 120 (Clear) for Momentum 2 Shields and the (new) Sena WiFi Sync Cable with related Quick Start and safety instruction foldouts.

Momentum EVO Features


SENA Momentum EVO

  • Composite fiberglass shell with multi-density EPS liner
  • Lightweight (listed 1590 gr, +/- 50gr, or 56oz) for Large size
  • Long oval shape (vice intermediate oval of Momentum Pro)
  • Two shell sizes – Med/Large and XL
  • Color choice – Matte Black
  • New design quick release face shield – Pinlock ready (Pinlock 120 lens included)
  • Removable, washable, replaceable liner components
  • Top and bottom front air intakes and rear exhaust port
  • Reinforced chin strap with double D-Ring closure
  • Neck roll with rear reflective safety patch and associated edge piping
  • Breath guard and redesigned chin curtain included
  • DOT & ECE certified (separate part numbers)

Integrated Dual Bluetooth/Mesh System

SENA Momentum EVO intercom

  • Bluetooth 4.1 
  • Profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, HID, Intercom
  • Audio multitasking
  • Advanced Noise Control
  • Built-in SBC (digital audio encoder/decoder) codec
  • BT and Mesh intercom ranges – BT up to 1.6km (1.0mi) and Mesh up to 2.0km (1.2mi) or up to 8.0km with minimum 6 riders, under ideal conditions and open terrain
  • Supports up to 4 users in BT mode and up to 16 users in Mesh-Closed and virtually unlimited using Mesh-Open
  • FM Radio Tuner with RDS AF
  • Apps – Sena Momentum EVO Utility, WiFi Accessories for Docking Station & WiFi Sync Cable and Sena ‘RideConnected’
  • Battery – 3.0hrs charge time, talk-time (Mesh up to 10hrs, BT up to 17hrs)

Build Quality & Finish

SENA Momentum EVO

This is the second Momentum helmet reviewed in the last six months and like the Sena Momentum PRO in its Gloss White with black inserts, the Sena Momentum EVO in Matte Black is another impressive looking product with lots of attention to detail.

The Momentum EVO’s shell is built up using a composite fiberglass approach with a multi-density EPS lining used. The helmet is long-oval shaped specifically for the NA market.

Everything on the exterior of this helmet is Matte Black, less muted silver accents to highlight the input controls – discrete and functional. The muted logos are equally discrete, properly centered and straight…

SENA Momentum EVO lower vent

Like the Momentum Pro and other models in the Smart Helmet full face line, the EVO keeps its minimalist but effective low-profile approach to venting. A single lower front (dual port) intake and another slim horizontal intake on top, both with Open/Closed settings. A vertically elongated exhaust port on the back is discretely fitted into the spoiler shaping.

SENA Momentum EVO headliner & pads

The redesigned liner and pads don’t feel as thick or plush as other interiors, but they are very functional, providing great support and comfort over the long haul. However, the interior liner sections don’t fit or layover as well as they should – more on this later.

Headset surface component design, layout and fit on the Momentum EVO is among the best seen to date; stylish, well fitted and truly functional in every respect for a classic muted look. 

A solid matte finish can be hard to bring off, especially when there are multiple cut-outs and insert pieces – eye-port, intakes, exhaust and control panel pieces, etc. Fit and finish on the Sena Momentum EVO shell is perfect.


Excellent. The new design for the exterior provides a sleek seamless look. New interior pieces feel and provide comfort but could be better shaped and fitted for a more encompassing layout. Other than this, attention to detail is obvious.

Paint & Colorways

The Sena Momentum EVO is only available in one finish – Matte Black. I don’t typically take to dark solid or dark pattern finishes in wanting to keep a high visibility profile along with the ATGATT approach; but I must admit that the Sena Momentum EVO in the Matte Black finish got and has kept my attention. 


‘Excellent’. The single available finish is smooth and shows no flaws, even between the helmet shell and insert pieces. A simple discrete simple look that is very classy. The finish so far has proven durable, less a couple of small nicks of my own doing.

Shape, Fit & Comfort

SENA Momentum EVO shape

Compared to other full-face helmet shells, the Sena Momentum EVO’s long oval shaping is obvious, especially when compared to the Momentum Pro with its somewhat larger wider intermediate oval shell (appearance-wise).

The helmet is indeed elongated and narrow, but the eye-port still provides a great view; not as panoramic like NEXX helmets, but still very effective without any peripheral cut-off sometimes observed with other helmets.

The most comfortable helmet specification for me is Large in an intermediate to long oval shape. Over the years and more than a few helmets, there have been few exceptions regarding comfortable accommodations in other shaped helmets – the Schuberth C-series being one.

Sena identifies that the Momentum EVO’s elongated narrower shape makes it easier to use the helmet – I won’t disagree as front to back shaping does facilitate the initial entry process, but it is still a narrow helmet and my head needs to be wiggled into it a bit, more so than with the Momentum Pro. But once the head is in, fit and comfort is excellent

SENA Momentum EVO

Eyeglasses Test – the shape and narrowness provides a very close comforting fit for my head but shaping and construct of the new internals comes with a price, at least for me as an eyeglass wearer.

There is virtually no passage point (thruway) for the temple pieces especially as the finish edging of the side pads along the front of the helmet extend up to the brow pad and the top snap for the side pads is just about where some clearance is needed.

An expedient workaroundtwo short pieces of 2.5cm (1in) Gorilla Tape affixed to the inside edge of the side liner padding are pulled tight to the front of the (EPS) liner material serving to compress the tops of the side pieces, creating enough clearance for the temples to slip in.

In appreciating the narrowness of the helmet and the redesigned side and head liner pieces, providing a thruway for eyeglass entry/exit could be achieved by reducing the height of the side pieces and relocating the top fastener downwards.

And let us not forget security, that being the chin strap. The double-D ring chinstrap works very well with the flat strap sections covered in soft brushed material for chin comfort. The overly long (18cm or 7in) strap moves around in cockpit air even with the loop fastener snap in use.


‘Very Good’. Accommodation for eyeglasses, of any kind, is or should be a given regarding interior pieces; thankfully the workaround with the tape works well. The pressure points are disappearing with more use and the pull needed to put the helmet on and off is accepted. But the conflict with and between liners impacts fit and comfort (more on this below).

Weight & Balance

SENA Momentum EVO

In first lifting the Momentum EVO out of its box, with its cover on, there is no denying that this is one lightweight full-face helmet. Listed weight is 1590 gr (plus/minus 50gr) so about 3lb 8oz for the Large shell. This compares to the listed weight of the Sena Momentum Pro at 1820gr or 64.2oz (4.01lbs) for the Medium (with an integrated headset and camera systems).

Measured weight for the EVO using the calibrated Pelouze scales is 1558gr or 54.96oz (3.43lbs), including its integrated BT/Mesh system that adds a few grams. This puts the Sena Momentum EVO in good territory among similarly built full face peers. 

There is a bit of weight bias to the back of the helmet, not unexpected given shaping and as the main headset module sits there above the back of the neck ring. But in use this slight bias isn’t noticeable and the helmet rides and feels well balanced overall.


Excellent. The redesigned shaping/contouring and long oval shape provides a sleek slimmed down, in every sense, lightweight full-face helmet that feels light, wears light and is well balanced regarding any head, neck and shoulder pressures.


Interior & Liner

SENA Momentum EVO interior

The individual chin guard, headliner and side/cheek pad pieces are indeed soft and very light overall and with the head in the helmet, feel and functionality of the pieces is very good, bordering on excellent.

Typically, the liner and pad pieces are formed to have some overlap or layering between the pieces so there is no lack of coverage anywhere while facilitating entry and exit of the head, especially around the ears.

The interior pieces of the Momentum EVO are a bit chintzy in this regard with virtually no overlap between the cheek pad liner section and the headliner – the linings tend to separate or bunch up when the helmet is used; not a major issue of sorts, but its noticeable and can be felt in use.

Maintenance-wise, the headliner is removable for cleaning or replacement and that’s all good although the cheek pad liner sides need to be loosened off to facilitate getting the headliner section out easily.

Design and fitment of the cheek pad liner is a bit more complex; its not meant to be easily removed for cleaning although it can be replaced (PN MOVM-A01) if needed. The breath guard and chin curtain sections are also removable, although a bit of care needs to be taken.

Keeping the helmet clean, in and out, is very important from hygiene and life cycle perspectives. But where taking all the removable pieces apart isn’t a quick and easy task (less the headliner) keeping the interior blown out and wiped out should be a regular activity especially if the helmet sees constant use.


Very Good. The potential is there, feel and comfort with the helmet is very good to excellent but, the issues regarding design and fitment of the liner sections and the difficulty in using eyeglasses detracts from the sum of the parts regarding the interior of this helmet.

Eye Port & Face Shield

SENA Momentum EVO

In not having measured, or possibly recorded the Sena Momentum Pro eye port, I can’t verify if the Momentum EVO has gained or lost vis-à-vis shaping, but for the record, the EVO’s eye port measures 22.5 (8.85in) wide and 12cm (4.72in) deep. Visibility from the eye port is very good, without any viewing issues.

Face Shield

Sitting tightly against an updated eye port compression seal is the Momentum 2 Shield, scratch and UV resistant, to go along with the new ratchet mechanism. The shield is optically correct through the main viewing area has some minor distortion along the rounded finished edges. 

And unlike the Momentum Pro face shield that had a heavy bead around its perimeter the EVO’s face shield is cleanly cut and well shaped with the only beading or reinforcement being at the bottom centre tab that facilitates raising and lowering of the face shield.

When the face shield is completely closed using a bit of light pressure it does so with a positive ‘thunk’. Sealing around the perimeter is absolute…no air whistling or related noise anywhere and no moisture egress.


SENA Momentum EVO

The face shield itself is well fitted on the helmet (noted above) and adjustability is very good. Although adjustment steps are minimal – fully open, partial (about 3cm from bottom edge), venting (1.5cm opening) and fully closed, these steps work well in use, especially the partial and venting settings that are just right for around town or back road use.

SENA Momentum EVO

Depending on the instrument panel and rider positioning, with the face shield in the partial step position, the bottom edge including the centre tab of the face shield may intrude on instrument panel viewing although a quick tilt up or down of the head can address this. 

The slightly open venting position allows additional direct airflow that is good if the main intake vents bottom and top are closed due to weather conditions; this setting also serves to minimize fogging or moisture buildup, important when wearing glasses.

Face Shield Removal/Installation

SENA Momentum EVO

The face shield mechanisms found on most modern helmets are typically very good, providing an easy to understand and easy to use process for removal and replacement; the Momentum Pro and now the Momentum EVO are good examples.

Raise the face shield to its highest position and with the helmet in a rest or cradled with support, push the spring-loaded lever (latch) forward to activate the engagement/release points between the shield and mechanism, then wiggle the shield slightly and pull up firmly to separate the two pieces. Repeat for the other side.

Replacing the face shield is even easier – orient the face shield in its highest position vis-à-vis the helmet and make sure the shield engagement tabs line up with the insert points, then push down gently but firmly to engage the two pieces – a positive ‘click’ should result. 

If the pieces don’t engage properly, remove the shield, realign things and try again. Using the spring-loaded levers helps decrease resistance as well. Always make sure the two pieces are fitted and working together – move the face shield up/down to check engagement, play and alignment.

Pinlock Insert

A welcome and appreciated inclusion with the helmet is the Pinlock Max Vision 120 Fog Resistant Lens (Clear) for Momentum 2 Shields. This insert is Pinlock’s top of the line solution providing a wide-screen fog-free view.

Installing Pinlock Lenses isn’t difficult, but attention to detail is important, as is reading and understanding the basic instructions printed on the inner side of the packaging. Better yet, browse through the Support/FAQ pages and watch the detailed instruction videos. Take your time and do it right – the results are worth it.

One observation here – the thin and well fitting Pinlock Max Vision 120 insert, along with the top edge of the face shield touches the eye-port seal as the shield is closed or opened. There is some resistance and (very) slight movement of the Pinlock insert, that could possibly impact its integrity over time…I’m keeping an eye on these surfaces.

Summary – Excellent. Very good visibility. Other than the slight friction between the eye-port seal and the face shield and Pinlock insert, everything else fits, seals and run smoothly. Face shield position steps are minimal, but those provided are very functional.

Airflow & Noise Management

SENA Momentum EVO venting

There is no doubt that the narrow profile and (restyled) exterior lines work; the Momentum EVO is indeed quieter by a good margin over the Momentum Pro, appreciating that it had the integrated camera housing sitting on top.

Aerodynamics are very good – frontally and otherwise. It is early days regarding motorcycles used while wearing the Momentum EVO, but neither the BMW F850GSA Rallye or the F850GSA Exclusive with its outstanding taller windscreen nor the open to the breeze 1975 Honda CB400F caused any issues while wearing the EVO.

Using the Momentum EVO on the two 850 machines with their differing windscreens (Hi and Lo positioning) reveals obvious variances in coverage and cockpit environment but outside of slightly more top of helmet buffeting with the Exclusive (windscreen on Hi) due to my seated height, the EVO copes extremely well with average coverage and no coverage environments.

Hanging out in the airflow on the Honda is just fine with the EVO aerodynamics coming to the fore and working as intended to minimize frontal air while channeling the flow up and around. The improved neck piece and chin guard pieces are extremely effective as well; it all works.

While cockpit noise and helmet noise increases depending on the environment and motorcycle in use, the Momentum EVO copes very well. There are no noisy areas on the inside of the helmet, and it is a very quiet helmet, with (the norm) or without (the exception) ear protection.


Excellent. The Momentum EVO may be lighter and the interior pieces seem trimmed down as well, but between its narrower shape, overall aerodynamics, minimalist but effective intake and exhaust ports and very effective neck roll and chin guard, the sum of the parts makes for one quiet helmet.

Integrated Headset System

SENA Momentum EVO intercom

Sena finally brings their industry-leading evolving Mesh intercom capability to the Momentum Line. And with the imminent release of the Sena Series 50 headsets with Mesh II along with backward compatibility for current Mesh capable systems Sena continues to expand this most versatile communications capability.

The Sena 30K has been well covered by wBW over the years and if you are using Sena 30K systems or +Mesh adapters you will be familiar with the unique comm capabilities provided by this technology, along with all the other 30K features. And thanks to ongoing firmware updates (a Sena specialty) the 30K features have evolved nicely thank you.

The main headset module sits along the back edge of the shell just above the back of the neck pad. The speakers mount in precisely placed liner recesses and the microphone sits behind the small grill positioned left of centre on the lower part of the chin-bar; its all there, invisible and unfelt, less the audio of course.

User controls are fitted into left and right inserts on the outer shell surface with each control distinctly shaped for touch identification and use. The left side provides (top to bottom) Volume Up (+), Main and Volume Down (-) while the right side insert features the (new) Mesh (M) control and the micro-USB interface port.

The current Sena speakers are not the best pieces compared to other audio components in use like the UClear Pulse Pro 2.0 speakers or even the Cardo PACKTALK Sound by JBL pieces. Sena does claim that helmet shape and speaker repositioning improves audio performance and I agree; the audio experience in the Momentum EVO is very good.

As speed and/or noise increases the system (depending on firmware settings) reduces the effects of ambient noise while maintaining audio levels. Fine-tuning of the audio environment is provided through direct input, the Momentum EVO Utility App or when connected to the Sena Bluetooth Device Manager. 

Everything provided with the 30K system is found on the Sena Momentum EVO; about the only observation made is what (seems) to be a slightly reduced range for both the BT and Mesh intercom features (antenna placement or ??) vis-à-vis the typical working range of the 30K.

This is truly a subjective assessment as this time, until more formal multi-party testing opportunities under all the desired conditions get done. Besides, the experienced ranges of 1.0 to 1.5km (0.62 to 0.93mi) aren’t too shabby.


Excellent. Integration of the Sena 30K architecture and features into this latest Momentum Smart Helmet offering is a big plus regarding communication and Bluetooth connectivity options. And no, Sena Momentum EVO users, along with other current Sena Mesh capable products are not going to be orphaned with the release of the Series 50 products. 

Sena Momentum EVO Utility App

Sena has a variety of Bluetooth connectivity iOS and Android Apps listed, most of which will connected to the EVO, but they won’t recognize and/or provide the specific features unique to the Momentum EVO…bottom line, use the Sena Momentum EVO Utility App.

With the smart device and Momentum EVO paired and connected (just make sure the WiFi Adapter is disconnected) and the App launched, the user is provided quick and easy access to all the features and services for the Smart Helmet: ‘Remote Control’, Pairing List, Basic Settings, Volume Settings, WiFi Sync Cable, Quick Guide, User’s Guide and, About screens.

The App does make it easy to manage the EVO’s integrated headset system on the fly, especially those unique to the Sena 30K feature-set, allowing Momentum EVO users to participate in the whole Sena communications community as well as with other brand headset users via the Universal Intercom feature.

Charging & Firmware Updating

With the Sena WiFi Sync Cable bundled with the EVO, users have another option for charging and updating. Either connect the helmet to an iOS or Windows system to go through the simple multi-part updating process or simply configure and use the Sena WiFi Adapter. 

Following the provided instructions, including those for using the Sena Momentum EVO Utility App, gets the Sena WiFi Adapter connected to the desired local network in short order. And while the adapter is plugged into a USB power source and the EVO, the helmet is kept fully charged and the firmware updated automatically or manually.

A tip – to turn the EVO headset system on for use or use between the paired device and helmet, unplug the Sena WiFi Adapter cable first…

On the Road

SENA Momentum EVO

Some late winter pre-COVID-19 restrictions riding down south and some ongoing social distancing self-isolating single motorcycle rides back home has the Sena Momentum EVO and head becoming very comfortable together. This is one very versatile helmet regarding aerodynamics and noise when riding differing motorcycles.

Its sleek, contoured stealth look has really grown on me, despite its relative lack of ‘see me’ conspicuity under many conditions. This has been addressed in one way through adding a mounting piece for the inView Wireless Helmet Brake & Turn Signal System.

All the helmets in use now sport a mounting tab and all the home fleet motorcycles have or will have the onboard harness; the system is now an integral part of our safety toolbox.

SENA Momentum EVO

Controls on the exterior of the Sena Momentum EVO are extremely easy to reach and feel. Alternatively, interaction with the system is done using the Momentum EVO Utility App if launched and safely accessible on the paired smart device or by activating the Voice Command feature…which works quite well actually in the EVO – go figure.

I could wish for a bit more audio output, even with Audio Boost activated (with/without ear protection) but overall, at the usual speeds and usual riding conditions, the speakers provide very good clarity and response; the ‘better positioning’ of the speakers seems to work.

Less a bit of wiggling to get in and out of the helmet and the workaround for eyeglass fitment, day in – day out use of the Momentum EVO is seeing most of the small nits regarding head comfort becoming less and less pronounced – wearing it all day is a comfortable experience; I’m thinking that the Momentum EVO may eventually rival the Momentum Pro for comfort…

Review Conclusion

The Sena Momentum EVO is a step forward or perhaps forward in a lateral sense, bringing a new shape, new exterior and interior styling and, the Mesh Intercom Technology, a feature that is and will remain a very valuable inclusion.

Sena did a smart thing in bringing a long oval to the NA market; it, along with other oval-shape configurations provide excellent options for so many enthusiasts. Fit = Comfort = Safety.

In having now reviewed both the Sena Momentum Pro with its intermediate oval shape and this Momentum EVO with its long oval shape, it seems my head is probably in between (not literally) the two…but the EVO could seemingly win the comfort prize…more time is needed.

And if you view the Mesh Intercom Technology as or one of the best features of the Sena Momentum EVO helmet, rest assured that you will not be orphaned or that the Momentum EVO’s headset become a young ‘legacy’ product.

To wit, the pending Sena 50S and 50R products have backwards compatibility with current Mesh capable systems (30K, +Mesh and the EVO) that will be enabled through a (pending) major firmware release for Mesh capable products; patience…

Sena Momentum EVO Bottom Line

Great sleek stealth look, smooth functioning and sealing face shield, effective controllable ventilation, seamlessly integrated headset with dual BT and Mesh capabilities, very quiet and very comfortable. Highly recommended, great value.


  • Integrated BT and Mesh technology
  • Oval shaped shell specific for NA market
  • Attractive Matte Black finish
  • Perfect finish including insert pieces
  • Removable headliner piece for cleaning/washing/replacement
  • Other interior pieces are removable and replaceable
  • Seamless headset integration and functionality
  • Sena firmware support for longevity
  • Sena WiFi Adapter is slick, functional & included
  • Great battery life, short charge times
  • Long warranty
  • Great investment 


  • One or two more face shield settings would be good
  • No integrated or separate drop-down sun visor
  • Interior lining and pad sections are not cut or fitted for best look

Review Information

  • Manufacturer: Sena
  • Price (when tested): $399.00 USD 
  • Made In: China
  • Colours: Matte Black
  • Sizes: Medium, Large and XL
  • Ratings: DOT and ECE
  • Warranty: Five years on the helmet and two years for the electronic parts
  • Review Date: February to April 2020
  1. These reviews are fantastic. I am looking to buy the momentum EVO and this helped a lot. Given your experience, do you have recommendations on speaker upgrades for the Sena 20S Evo? Once I get the Momentum Evo I will be giving my 20S comm unit to my wife, but I found the speakers were a bit quiet.

    Thank you!

  2. I was terribly disappointed with these helmet when I put my hands in one. The shell design and construction has some serious issues in the forehead, basically the interior line it’s not uniform. Instead of a round uniform line it has three protruding plastic bits that create specific pressure points in the forehead.

    Looking at the photos in this review I honestly can’t understand how you can review it in terms of sizing and fitting when the helmet is clearly too big for you, the breath guards instead of covering the tip of your nose are way down almost at your mouth level. The superior part of the helmet instead of sitting more or less at the middle of your forehead are almost touching your eyebrows.

    Only these two things alone are enough to say that the size of that exterior shell is not good for you, you may tell me that SENA only has two different shells, than expect to have issues regarding fitting.

    The construction and materials are very important when you talk about safety as it is using the right size for your head and having a good fitting.

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