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SA1NT Announces Jump into North American Market

Saint Unbreakable

The Australian motorcycle apparel company SA1NT, has announced its entrance into North America with local distribution. This announcement came today after much anticipation for the company to expand outside of Australia. SA1NT will be in North America in 2021 with its own direct-to-market online and warehousing solution.

SA1NT was originally developed by riders for riders. They have answered the prayers of all riders looking to wear protective gear without announcing it to the world. SA1NT’s “UNBREAKABLE” fabric technology combines style and safety as they are the innovators of “the world’s strongest denim”. 

The Australian company is proud to offer the North American market a technical solution without looking technical. This means their gear looks like regular, everyday clothing but offers the protection you would expect in obvious-looking motorcycle gear and more. SA1NT’s jeans offer amazing comfort and protection as they are 200 times stronger than denim. They have a slide time of six seconds or 246 feet thanks to the 66% Dyneema® in the material.

Per SA1NT’s press release, The brand has plans to expand its offering of men’s and women’s apparel in 2021. However, it’s most-immediate priority will be driving increased awareness within the core North American riding community about its game-changing fabric and its unrivaled promise of protection without sacrificing an ounce of style and comfort.

For more information, visit, or follow along on Facebook (@saintridefastridefree), Instagram ( and YouTube.

  1. I have ridden two years with my Saint Unbreakable riding jeans. They they look and very closely fee like regular jeans. They do not, however, insulate. So, size up to accommodate the long underwear in cold weather.

    When testing, please check out the heat from the friction of sliding. I’ve heard that the Saint jeans may be Unbreakable, but they can broil your biscuits.

    1. Hi John!

      You point out a real problem with the heat generated in a slide. It’s one of the biggest reasons to avoid synthetic riding gear because nylon will melt in a slide and embed itself in your skin if you travel far and fast enough. Yikes!

      There isn’t a good solution to this problem from what I’ve been told by experts in the field, but the people at Motoport USA produce riding pants and jackets made entirely out of kevlar (not just lined like riding jeans). I have a set of Motoport riding gear and one thing I have noticed is its resistance to heat. It’s black in color but the material doesn’t get hot even when I’m standing out in the direct sunlight.
      I suspect that in a slide the Kevlar would be the answer to any heat produced by friction.
      In the riding jeans however, the thick denim would definitely heat up and potentially burn your legs/arms/etc even through the Kevlar lining.
      Unfortunately we don’t have a great strategy for testing this in our arsenal of tricks… yet. I’m still thinking of how to do this without destroying the products.

  2. Right-o as an Aussie riding in the US desert often over 104 F = 40 C. How about airflow and burned backside riding. Hey, seat cover cooler/eski?

    Come on Aussies give us a reply.

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