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Riders Share Motorcycle Rental Program Now Offers Off-Road Bikes

a picture of the side of a motorcycle with a hanging helmet, courtesy of Riders Share Rental Programs

Riders Share is a motorcycle rental company that offers rentals to riders from all walks of life – and now their diverse showroom has expanded to include off-road motorcycles.

According to Guillermo Cornejo, owner of Riders Share, the rental program not only offers the newest models (for all terrains) from giants such as BMW, Ducati, Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, and Yamaha – it also offers the convenience of booking your ride all in one website. 

a rider experiences the joy of renting off-road motorcycles with Riders Share

Simply rent your bike of choice and book your route – that’s all there is to it.

On top of offering a wide range of motorcycles to the populace, Riders Share also has created a crediting system that allows riders to pay their discount forward.

Refer a friend to the Riders Share program, and when they sign up with the referral link, you’ll earn $100 at the rental of their motorcycle, and $35 for their first successful trip.

Better yet, riders can save their credits and choose to spend them on their next rental with Riders Share, saving money and investing in memories for the future.

three riders promote the Riders Share rental Program

“Riders Share is dedicated to helping adventure and dual sport riders figure out how to make all their dream rides happen this summer, with rentals that are on average 50% cheaper than dealerships, the options are limitless, just like the bike selections”, says Neil Storz, a fellow rider connected to Riders Share.

And with the new addition of off-road options, riding a motorcycle with Riders Share has never been easier.

For more information on the Riders Share Rental Program, head over to their website.