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Iconic Limited Edition Husqvarna Bikes Released in Partnership with REPLAY

Husqvarna has just revealed their new sexy fleet of special edition models – and I’m drooling.

Save your pennies, boys and girls. Here’s a sneak peek from the photoshoot:

According to RideApart, the Swedish manufacturer has once again partnered with REPLAY, a premium casual clothing brand from Italy, to create a range of well-groomed rides that can stand out in a crowd.

Other companies that have recently gone this route include Vespa, who will be releasing a limited product range in partnership with Dior for similar hype. The concept of owning a piece of muscle that also serves as a status symbol and a sine qua non nod (Latin for ‘YOU NEED THIS’) to the higher quality things in life has become increasingly popular and fashionable in both the EV and moto-industry – and we absolutely love the results. 

Here are the three REPLAY edition models  – The 701 Vitpilen, the 701 Supermoto, and the 701 Enduro. 


Husqvarna Replay Edition Vitpilen 701

The Vitpilen 701 (anybody else know that meant ‘white arrow’?) has been blessed with a polished bronze tank finish, black and bronze accents, and an untouchable element of elegance. The strong positioning of the REPLAY logo gives off the air of a collectible.

701 Supermoto REPLAY EDITION

701 Supermoto REPLAY EDITION

The 701 Supermoto, by contrast, gives us an overall blacked-out stealth vibe, with the bronze accents on the rims and radiator shrouds hinting at luxury. 


Husqvarna Replay Edition Enduro

And then we arrive at the 701 Enduro with the thirst for more off-road elements

Now that I’ve gotten you excited to get your hands on a Replay moto, sorry to break it to you, but according to reports, there will only be 10 units of each bike released to the public, with the units being delivered with kid gloves to celebrities and VIPs.  The exclusivity is real, and the chances of acquiring one at this production release are slim to none – but that adds to the attraction, no?

Either way, if you’ve been holding your breath for one of these beauties, rest assured – Husqvarna is guaranteeing that there will be more production runs in the future.