RC390: KTM’s 2022 RC Range is Lighter, Leaner, Meaner

A view of the all-new 2022 KTM RC390

Well, KTM certainly didn’t take long to unveil the whole kit and caboodle, now, did they?

Welcome to the 2022 KTM RC Range – where racing DNA meets the street in a lethal package of lighter, faster, more efficient machines designed to handle like a breeze, feel like a dream, sound like a song… 

A view of racers trying out the all-new 2022 KTM RC390 on the track

Yadda yadda. 

Let’s dive into the specs because we all know that’s what you’re here for (besides the larger gas tank – yay – and that front headlight that’s oh so pretty)

Both the bikes (The RC125 and the RC390) sport a Grand Prix-inspired aesthetic, with an upgraded chassis courtesy of a swanky computational fluid dynamics design process. 

A view of the all-new 2022 KTM RC390
2022 KTM RC390, blue.

The 2022 KTM RC390 has also been gifted with a bigger bundle of electronics to keep the machines on par with the competition – that includes a customizable TFT display with the potential for Bluetooth connectivity via the KTM My Ride app.

A view from above of the all-new 2022 KTM RC390

We have a reason for that new front head look. According to the KTM press release, the head was redesigned to be larger for the sake of improved aerodynamics at higher speeds. 

A view of the front of the all-new 2022 KTM RC390


Fast, good…faster, better.

A view of racers trying out the all-new 2022 KTM RC390 on the track

The lighter (by a full 1.5kg) chassis now has a bolt-on rear subframe for increased stability at high speeds, as well as 30 full clicks of adjustable suspension in the form of a USD fork at the front and 5 clicks of adjustability for the monoshock at the rear.

A view of racers trying out the all-new 2022 KTM RC390 on the track

We’re also blessed with a WP APEX shock absorber with split-piston functionality.

The RC390 has still got the same 373cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine to putt about the village, though the engine mapping has been revised, and the torque has been tweaked to give a wee bit more pleasure in the pull. 

A view of racers trying out the all-new 2022 KTM RC390 on the track

KTM also rides true to the street aesthetic with 10mm adjustable handlebars to increase ease of commute when not laying the bike into the track twisties.

Oh – and the heating issue that has always been synonymous with RC390? 

A view of racers trying out the all-new 2022 KTM RC390 on the track

KTM says they’ve targeted the issue, cutting down on the roasting of the populace’s gonads and improving on performance via new aerodynamic side vents.

2022 KTM RC390, black.

Other features include a quick-shifter (up and down), a SuperMoto ABS Mode for increased safety of brake pressure on the corner, and the fact that this pretty beastie now sports a EURO5-compliant engine with twin overhead camshafts, four valves, and electronic fuel injection.

All sitting under a pretty coat of blue/black, reminiscent of the RC16. 

Odds are that the RC390 will compete with the likes of the Kawasaki Ninja 400 and the TVS Apache RR 310, perhaps even the up-and-coming Benelli 302R.

A side view of the TVS Apache RR310
2021 TVS Apache RR310

For more information, make sure to head over to KTM’s website or stick around for WBW’s 2022 KTM Lineup – coming soon.

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  1. Paul Cypert
    September 1, 2021

    Interesting bike for sure. Too bad we lost the dealers here in Bangkok. Owning a KTM is on the bucket list, but not while I’m here I guess. The team at Kiska has me overlooking all kinds of feedback issues 😀

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