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Check Out Benelli’s New 302R Entry-Level Sportbike

A Much Needed Update

Chinese manufacturer Benelli has been hard at work since being reborn in the early 2000’s after a long absence from the motorcycle world. Although the design work is mainly done in Italy, the bikes have been exclusively manufactured in China. Qianjiang Group (the owner of Benelli), began the brand’s invasion into American markets last year, and now they have a replacement for the older 302R that will hopefully make its way to American shores shortly.

The updated 302R brings the model into 2021 with the technological advancement you would expect from a high-end low-displacement motorcycle. Benelli has opted to keep up with the time’s thanks to the new LED lighting, and digital TFT display.

Beyond the tech upgrades and slight updating to the motorcycle design itself, Benelli has included new inverted 41mm preload-adjustable forks in addition to an adjustable mono-shock located in the rear. A four-piston caliper brake upgrade is warmly welcomed to assist this 302cc twin in coming to a stop.

Speaking of 302cc engines, the drivetrain for this bike cranks out around 34 horsepower despite recent Euro 5 regulations, but to combat this change Benelli has also shaved a massive amount of weight off of the chassis making this bike 50 pounds lighter than the outgoing version. You read that correctly; fifty pounds have been removed from this bike bringing the total weight to around 400 pounds.

The Benelli 302R will be in showrooms with a sticker price of CNY 29,800 ($4,550 USD).


  1. Good job! Makes me want to buy one! I commute on a 750 but would enjoy a smaller bike to run around town and do small errands… this sounds perfect!

  2. If only they stepped up to 400cc to compete with the Ninjas 400. Seems like good competition to the R3.

    Twin discs… Interesting.

    Hopefully some cartridges will fit into the forks for fully adjustable upgrades.

  3. Made in China is a designation that should automatically turn off American buyers. The US likely will be at war with China in the coming decade. No point financing their war machine.

  4. I bought a brand new Benelli 251 a few years ago. Mechanically it was OK but the attention to detail cosmetically was atrocious, couldn’t wait to sell it, would never buy another one.

  5. I wouldn’t by a motorcycle manufactured in China. Benelli being owned by China they will get them on the market then cut off the spare parts supply rendering them useless.
    We know here in Australia don’t trust them, decoupling is a must.

  6. Aprilia needs to come out with a stylish bike to cover this market segment QUICK before people fall for this. It would be a great bike to compliment the new 660 and it could share the styling. Come on PIAGGIO!! Work your magic.

    Piaggio – the massive Vespa scooter/bike/machine maker in Italy that owns Aprilia.

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