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[REVIEW] Raven Rova Falcon Pants

Raven Rova Falcon Pants
Raven Rova Falcon Pants Review Summary
Review Summary
The Raven Rova Falcon pants are a textile and leather hybrid that is made from high quality materials and offer the same amount of protection compared to their premium-priced counterparts. In an industry where female riders often struggle to find gear, these motorcycle pants not only fit well but come with a myriad of functional features and a modern aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye.
Build & Quality
Proper shape and sizing for ladies
High quality materials
Superior construction
Great protection
Ample air flow
Durable zippers and snaps
Customizable waist band
Fully lined
Plenty of pocket space
Limited colours and sizes available
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  • Manufacturer: Raven Rova
  • Price (When Tested): $251.00 USD
  • Sizes: Ladies Sizes 6 – 22 US with proprietary sizing
  • Review Date: June 2021

Raven Rova Falcon Pants

The Raven Rova Falcon pants are a textile and leather hybrid that offers a fantastic combination of more unique features than I was expecting. I live in Phoenix, AZ, and I am ALWAYS on the lookout for gear that I believe will combine the airflow I want with the safety and protection I need.

Over the years, I have learned to settle for somewhat ill-fitting men’s gear to get the variety and durability I was looking for, particularly in pants and jackets. The big-name companies appeared to refuse to address the fact that there are ladies out there who are as tough on gear as the guys but need some extra space in the thigh, waist, and chest area.

Fortunately, 2019’s crowdfunding helped Raven Rova fill this massive void. The Falcon pants offer supreme comfort and quality construction in a product that really fits. And at the cost of $251 USD, these are far more affordable than many pants that offer less protection and don’t fit the curves and shapes of the ladies out there who deserve quality gear.

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Rear view of the Falcon pants Front view of the Falcon pants

Starting From The Top

I am always concerned about buying motorcycle pants. In most cases, I end up with something that is doable in length, I am 5’10”, waist and hip room but it never seems to come all together and fit properly. That was until the Falcon pants arrived. My first impression was that these are made with quality materials and craftsmanship. And of course, they look great. Again, I hate to admit that I buy some things based on their visual appeal and the Falcon pants ticked that box as well as all the other more logical requirements.

I selected a size 14 after a quick review of the sizing chart and the fit is perfect. I went on the higher end of the scale to accommodate the hip armor and my personal saddlebags that have appeared as I enjoy my 50s. The waistband is about 2-inches wide and includes two accordion panels that measure nearly 5-inches long each.

Closeup of the Falcon pants waistband

When expanded, they nearly double in length to provide a great deal of flexibility and a comfortable custom fit. The accompanying velcro tabs add even more customization to the waist. I like the velcro tabs for a much-needed adjustment when I transition from a seated riding position to standing or walking.

Falcon pants waistband expanded to provide additional flexibility

High Quality Closures

The YKK metal zipper on the Falcons is a heavy duty feature that you don’t find on a lot of riding pants anymore. The closure zipper is flanked by identical heavy duty zippers on the two slash style front pockets and the vertical vents on the tops of the thighs.

Closeup of front zipper and button

The two side cargo pockets are secured by metal snaps that provide easy access to the pockets thanks to the pull tabs located below each snap. The zipper at the back of the waistband mates with all Raven Rova jackets to provide total comfort and protection from head to toe.

Closeup of side cargo pockets

The Legs and Seat

The inseam comes in at 33-inches for a great fit for me. The sizing around the legs and hips fit snuggly with the armor in place, but was far from uncomfortable. The stretch panels on the inner thigh are perfectly located to allow for the expansion you need when sitting or crouching on a bike for a long ride. Even with the CE-2 gel hip armor, these pants fit great and flex in all the right places.

The majority of the Falcons are constructed of 500 Denier Cordura. And if you have even grabbed a pair of riding pants and thought they were way too stiff and rough, you will be very excited to slip into these pants. The feeling is similar to a favorite pair of khakis that you might wear to work. The fabric is smooth and flexible yet it has enough mass or thickness to let you know that you are well protected.

Along the same lines as the Cordura, the perforated leather far exceeded my expectations. The flexibility and comfort are amazing. The only thing better is the airflow. I wondered how comfortable it was going to be to have a leather inset from my wait down across the tops of my thighs. My guess was that it would feel more restrictive than the fabric. But when I jumped on the bike for my first ride, I never noticed anything but the awesome airflow through the perforated leather.

Closeup of perforated leather on the Falcon pants

I am always a little skeptical of the accordion knees. Some other pants that I have tested felt like I had an old burlap tarp over my knees when I was seated. But the Raven Rova team has mastered the construction of this critical feature. I enjoyed ample flexibility and mobility without the bulky abrasive feel of other pants.

Accordion knee material on the Falcon pants

Rounding out the legs are leather wrapped inner shins and two more super duty YKK metal zippers. I completely understand the function of the shin leather for those who have pipes that can sear your ankles.

This thoughtful addition is just one more example of the attention to detail that makes the Raven Rova Falcon pants and all Raven Rova products worth every penny you spend on them. And if you ask me, we are getting a bargain on this gear. I would pay far more for this quality construction and exceptional fit.

Leather wrapped inner shin and YKK metal zipper on leg cuff

On The Inside

The inside of the Falcon pants are as impressive as the outside. They are fully lined with an antimicrobial athletic mesh lining. This is a huge step up from the sometimes abrasive finish created by all the seams and behind-the-scenes stuff that you find inside riding pants. The lining is a welcome addition for added comfort and range of motion in hot weather.

Inside out look of the antimicrobial mesh lining for the Falcon pants

From past experience, I have learned that my legs tend to get really hot with my Ducati exhaust snaking up under my seat and past my thighs. So I always wear a pair of spandex leggings to wick away moisture and ensure that the lining does not stick to my skin.

The Falcons offer plenty of space for that extra layer and the great airflow kept me very comfortable even with the close proximity to a 200 degree exhaust pipe.

The Verdict

It is a tall order to offer a piece of clothing that offers the protection a rider needs but also the comfort that ladies want when out enjoying a sedate cruise or a screaming run down a nice smooth stretch of asphalt. And the Raven Rova Falcon pants have found the sweet spot. But above and beyond that, the attention to detail is amazing.

From the perfect seams and finish on the inside of the pants to the precise locations of the stretch panels and the vents. I can’t say enough about the quality, other than to say that I am sure there are going to be a lot of guys out there who see the Falcons and wish that Raven Rova offered a line of gear for them.

Full disclosure: I struggled to find a con with the Raven Rova Falcon pants.

I have to say that I was incredibly impressed with them. Everything from the fit and function to the appearance is perfect. And even more impressive is the fact that this is a ‘one-woman show’ as the website states.

But clearly, it is one very capable woman who has done something that the huge gear makers could not get done. I am a fan of Raven Rova and look forward to saying in a few years when they are loved by female riders everywhere that I was testing their gear back when they were just a tiny start-up!

Open YKK zipper on the leg cuff


  • Proper shape and sizing for ladies
  • High quality materials
  • Superior construction
  • Great protection
  • Ample airflow
  • Durable zippers and snaps
  • Customizable waistband
  • Fully lined
  • Plenty of pocket space


  • Limited colours and sizes available


  • Manufacturer: Raven Rova
  • Price (When Tested): $251.00 USD
  • Sizes: Ladies Sizes 6 – 22 US with proprietary sizing
  • Review Date: June 2021

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