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How to Purchase the Right Tires for Your Motorcycle

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(Contributed post for our European readers)

Purchasing tires for your motorbike on the web from can save you lots of money. However, it is important you to find the right tires as they are a vital part of your motorbike. There are numerous types and models of motorcycle tires available. It is up to you to settle on which tire to purchase, as per your motorcycle’s owner’s manual and specifications.

Are You Using the Precise Motorcycle Tires?

Utilizing proper motorcycle tires can turn to be a life-saver! Utilizing an improper tire for the bike can lead to tragedy! It is quite critical for riders to select the right tire for their motorcycles. There several types of tires for diverse motorcycles and varied tires for different road surfaces. Also, when selecting the type of tire, think about the type typical weather you will be riding in.

Motorbike manufacturers have already fixed their motorcycles with suitable tires. It is worthwhile that riders read the maker’s manual not only to select appropriate tires, but also proper maintenance. You should check your tires frequently, especially for correct air pressures, to guarantee their condition.

A motorcycle ridden chiefly on the street must have suitable road tires. Slick tires for racing might look great on your motorbike, but the rubber is softer and will wear down more rapidly, although you will have a better grip on dry and smooth road surfaces. Harder and more robust tires will give you extra mileage. The disadvantage is that you may also get lower grip.

It is important to know that if your tires become damaged, choose a substitute tire of a similar dimension, speed rating, and brand name.

It may be important to retain the same tire brand as was fitted from the factory. But don’t fit a different size on the rim as it will affect the handling, may fail and may void your insurance in a crash.

Keep in mind that rubber losses its pliability with time and consequently loses its grip on the road. Being informed regarding motorbike tires makes you a safer rider.

Choosing the tire design for your motorcycle

If a rider uses their bike for daily commuting, weekend fun rides and camp-out tours, they must look into all-terrain tires.

Various motorcycle tires offer a wide assortment for a multitude of terrain. The tread patterns may depend on what type of terrain you will ride, such as tar, dirt, sand, gravel and/or mud.

In conclusion, since a motorbike’s safety is reliant on the tires, you should choose the right tires, plus maintaining them will get you the most out of them.