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MV Agusta offers test ride incentives

MV Agusta test rides

Australian MV Agusta importer, Urban Moto Imports, is once again hosting customer test days around the country, but this time offering an incentive if you buy on the day.

Last year, they took their demo fleet around four states and attracted hundreds of riders to throw a leg over the Italian stallions in their “Riding Experience” events.

This time, MV Agusta will hold its first National Demo Event on February 20, 2016, at MV Agusta dealerships across Australia.

Riders will be able to test the current MV Agusta line-up and get a free t-shirt.

They are also being offered an incentive of $500 in-store credit on official MV Agusta accessories or apparel if they buy any new MV Agusta motorcycle on the day.

To participate, riders should register their interest online at Bookings are limited.

MV Agusta Riding Experience at Bearded Dragon Tavern - importer
2015 MV Agusta Riding Experience at Bearded Dragon Tavern

In an age where test bikes are few and far between, it is great to see an importer and dealers promoting demo rides.

Harley-Davidson is another brand that actively promotes test rides and even has a static bike display called the Jump Start where people without a licence can let the clutch out and at least get the feel of the engine and gear changes.

Victory Motorcycles also has an ongoing demo offer were they provide a free tank of juice and accommodation for a potential buyers to take the bike away for a whole weekend. Now that’s a test ride!

In 2014, an American study of customer satisfaction found that dealers who offered demo rides sold more motorcycles.

Why then, do too many dealers make it so difficult for customers to take a test ride?

Have you ever been denied a test ride by a dealer? Leave your comments in the box below!

  1. Yes. I was looking at an FJR at my local dealer and when I asked if I could take it for a test ride the salesperson said no as it wasn’t their demo bike. They told me if I wanted to test one I’d have to travel to Sydney. Of course the expectation was that I would return to purchase it from them. Needles to say I bypassed that dealer and Yamaha altogether and went elsewhere.

  2. Not that I go to a dealer that often as the last few bikes I’ve bought were either at auction or private sales mostly due to the attitude of most dealers when it comes to trade ins .
    The last time I went to a dealer I had cash to buy new and a sought after bike for a trade in ,I had had offers of six k cash for the bike , people would stop and ask me if I could help them find a similar bike and setup so I was pretty confident of at least four and a half as a trade in.
    They offered fifteen hundred I got one guy upto two and some riding gear but he tacked it back on the price of the new bike , I took it for a nice long test drive then said no thanks.
    I can only imagine that I wasn’t the first or last person to do that so I suspect that is one of the reasons why they don’t like test rides. That and they don’t understand that a small profit and high turnover is better than a high profit but no turnover.

  3. Not so much denied but almost as bad …

    In one case I took a Harley Ultra for a test ride and the dealer made me follow him (guided ) and we were back in about 1/2h. 1/2 hour gives you no idea what this bike will be like on long trips which is what touring bikes are for. Needless to say I wasn’t impressed and that dealer lost me for good.
    The other case was at BMW dealer were the guy made me extremely unwelcome. He made it sound like its such an inconvenience to him and I should be ever so grateful to him doing me this big favour….so long sucker.
    But in fairness I have also had many good experiences….so they are not all bad.

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