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Hotline to advise police of your ride

Chris MearnsMotorcycle riders will now have to ring a police hotline number if they want to ride in groups of three or more in peace.
That is the preposterous proposal given to recreational riders today at an hour-long meeting with Queensland Police Minister Jack Dempsey and Police Commissioner Ian Stewart and Taskforce Maxima representatives over the implementation of the so-called Vicious Lawless Associations Disestablishment (VLAD) Act .
Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland president Chris Mearns (pictured left) says the hotline idea is “insane”.
“In essence, we riders have to take action to protect ourselves from the police,” he says.
“Is that where we really want to be?”
Chris says the hotline will be called Ride Safe, but he has no details of the phone number, when it will be set up and for how long riders will have to use the number to avoid being harassed by police with roadside licence checks.
“For ever and a day if you go riding with more than two people, the safest way to do it if you don’t want any interference is to ring the hotline … it’s insane,” he says.
Riders were also represented by Eva Cripps of the Australian Motorcycle Council and representatives of the HOG, Ulysses Club, Diggers Military Club, Patriots Military Club, Gold Coast Cruisers, Brothers in Arms Military Club, BMW Owners Club and the Military Brotherhood.
Chris says they provided five examples of police harassment of their clubs.
“None of those examples were denied by the Commissioner and they admitted that it was quite likely to continue,” he says.
“The only thing they could say was ‘sorry for that’.
“They said there were a lot of inexperienced officers who haven’t had to deal with this before so those situations are likely to happen.
“They promised they would try to put things into place to stop it.”
Eva flew in from Hobart especially for the meeting, but found the hotline suggestion “unacceptable”.
“As an interim measure it has allayed the fears of some of the clubs present, but I think it’s a dangerous precedent that if you don’t ring in you are likely to be targeted,” she says.
“A motorcycle is a legal form of transport and riders should be able to go for a ride without having to report to police.
“It’s like getting permission to do something that is legal.”
Chris says they proposed more meetings with recreational riders to discuss the VLAD Act.
“If they schedule a meeting, we’ll attend. You wouldn’t walk away from it.
“You have to keep the lines of communication open, but we still see major problems with this and god knows how long this situation will go on.”
Chris says the meeting may have been scheduled to head off the presentation of a petition tomorrow morning (November 1) against the VLAD Act.
It will be presented to the Deputy Opposition Leader, Bill Byrne, who is expected to table it in Parliament.
Click here to sign.
The Opposition Leader’s office expressed concern that a vast number of riders will attend the presentation which could trigger Parliament security to close the gates and lock us out, preventing us from lodging the petition.
They say security has been on high alert since the VLAD Act was passed.
To ensure our petition is lodged, we have promised to keep rider numbers low.
If you would like to attend, please email me at and we will tell you the time and place for the petition presentation.
If you would like to be part of a bigger show-of-numbers ride, Rebel FM is considering planning a major “In-Laws” ride where you bring one of your in-laws and another ride has been planned for 10am on Sunday, December 1, where riders are asked to go to their Parliament in each state as a show of support.

  1. Oh hell, it’s a police state. Next they will be jailing and fining us for not registering a ride.
    I just can’t wait to express myself next election.

  2. So is the penny finally dropping and the apathy wearing off among motorcyclists yet? The only solution to this and what is yet to come is a political solution. I don’t see too many bike riders who are now realising what the ramifications of this legislation is mobilising for the battle ahead. If you want to change the political dynamic then sign up to a party specifically created by and for motorcyclists. The Motorcyclists Australia Party. Visit the facebook page and like it and tell your friends then sign the petition so we can prepare for the next election.

  3. It sounds like you will need an official government pass to use the bathroom soon. Are there allot of tourist that ride in your part of the world. If so I can not see this law as being good for the tourism industry, I am sure tourism is the least of your concern but sometimes a hit in the wallet is the only thing that will make people listen..

  4. The most disgraceful thing I have ever seen in this so called ‘free’ country, and any person who supports this should be ashamed of themselves….. LNP you will never get my vote again as long as I live.

    1. I wonder how many people feel sick in the gut ,because they voted for this Nazi . What has happened to the Australian people to let this happen. Shame Newman Shame . he will start a war this one.

    2. I ride a bike and these rules are ridiculous.This government is ridiculous, but so are the people that voted for this government. If you could not see the writing on the wall,and voted for this government, you are the reason I can’t ride with my mates any more. You voted for them,not me

  5. Without stretching the imagination too far…will all motorcycles soon be banned in Queensland? That should solve the problem, because no criminals drive cars apparently.

      1. No, that’s impossible. They are OMG’s. The government states that they must conduct illegal activities only on bikes. Come on, let’s not let logic get in the way of a good freedom crushing law.

    1. There actually was an article which made it all the way to print just last week where one person’s opinion is to actually remove motorcycles from the streets completely. I was shocked that it had actually made it to print. That some people out there are dumb and have so few brain cells in their heads as to believe that removing motorcycles will equal solving violent crimes from happening. I knew that common sense is no longer so common, but now we are getting absolutely and totally retarded.

  6. Vlad the impaler commonly known as dracula. They may as well drain the life blood of every rider!

  7. So much for innocent until proven guilty! This is why I have never voted for LNP because this is what they’re good at. Is the Motorcyclists Australia party anywhere other than Facebook? I’ll never be on there and I suspect a lot of others will be the same.

  8. Hi Mark

    There is a disgraceful event occurring within Qld jails as a result of the new laws. I’ll use an example. Aaron Shears is an inmate at Lotus Glen. He has been incarcerated for eight years. The General Manager of the jail describes him as a model prisoner who has been involved in guide dog training; never been breached and a shining example of ‘corrections’ correcting.

    A couple of days ago Aaron was placed into the detention unit and is kept in his cell 23 out of 24 hrs. This allegedly is an instruction received by all jails as to the immediate treatment of any ex bikie. Remember, Aaron has been in jail for eight years and is now the subject of cruel and inhumane treatment.

    In effect he is being punished twice for something that occurred years ago

    His mothers name is Christine 0422 913 579 and I’m sure she would chat with you.

    In summary, these actions are simply wrong



    Sent from my iPhone


  9. This hotline is the line in the sand where the Feds or the Governor or Governor General needs to step in. Perhaps the petition should be directed to them instead of Parliament. After all they are our last stop for the protection of out democracy and asking permission to ride is outrageous.

  10. If they outlaw the things I love to do, they create another outlaw. Is that what they want?

  11. I think it’s a joke and an insult to us law abiding motorcycle riders.
    I feel this so called bikie crackdown is just a smoke screen to have more control of all motorcycle riding activities. Otherwise they wouldn’t have the media and people convinced. And support.

    It goes directly against our countrys freedom of movement by its people.
    It’s basicly a communist dictatorship rule on motorcycle riders.
    While the police officers are harassing motorcycle riders. They are doing what they are dictated to do.

    This is Australia!!!! A free land. Not a Communist country.

  12. So, riding schools, Ulysses Club runs, toy runs, etc are all needing phone calls. Well done Mr Newman and your mates who passed the law.

    1. If the Ulysses club had opposed these laws in the very beginning this wouldn’t have happened But NATCOM decided of thier own volition that the govt was doing the right thing & distanced themselves from the rest of the biker community so I hope Ulysses are worst affected by these laws They deserve it

    2. Newman is a Hitler ,..
      Best of luck with all this Newman ..
      I think you have created something that will be out of your control have bitten more of than you can chew

  13. That sounds like a great idea. Phone the police, let them know where you are going so they can target your mates.. These laws are well over the top.

  14. My suggestion is total and absolute civil disobedience anyone that rings this hotline should be black banned by other motorcyclists and the word should go out that no one comply with this

    1. No, the opposite! Let’s ALL ring the hotline with hundreds of FAKE rides every day, with made-up gang names (be sure to use an untraceable phone). Then we ride in a different direction! Waste their time and prove it a pointless exercise.

  15. So maybe when a group of car enthusiasts decide they wish to all go for a drive together they should have a hot line too. This is discrimination at its finest.

  16. What I want to know how the police can pick someone out of a crowd and harass them cause they have tattoos whether they own or ride a bike in a club or not . This is ridiculous and even to call ahead what next really. Not to mention the solicitors, police that own bikes or have tattoos, are these laws the same or different for them?

  17. Call their number each time you commute to and from work. When you are stopped, as you have followed their/his rule, could this be classed as harassment?

  18. What now the Bikers have to ring the Jax for permission to ride if more than three ..?..
    I’ve heard the lot now ..that little Hitler Newman has caused all this and he will be his own nemisis in the end
    Bring on December the 1st…

  19. Many of our biker citizens are ex-military and war-vets. Trained in the use of weapons and urban-warfare strategies. Of course the police don’t want to encounter this kind of opposition when civil unrest kicks in as surely it will. People are already fighting their backyards over McDonals, Monsanto, Gas tracking, open cut mining and logging. When the banks collapse and people try to get their money, there are gonna be a lot more angry Australians on the streets. As is the case in UK, USA and all across Europe….. The police do not protect us anymore… they protect a system that is in collapse. Those outlaws could prove to be OUR Robin Hood.

  20. So if I’m riding with my buddy and we bump into other mates on the road and they say ‘hiya, where you going? we’ll join ya” then I say..oh dear..we have to call the HOT LINE!!!! then the hotline is BUSY! !!!! so no buddy..We’re not allowed to ride together or we’ll get into trouble !!!!!

    1. This is the point where ‘civil disobedience’ kicks in – imagine, if you will, the ride to Phillip Island for the MotoGP or Superbikes or the ‘Barry Sheene’ ride – WILL IT EVER END


    1. Not long after this all went down I was heading home from work after 11pm from Booval in Ipswich to Camira and was stopped 3 times. I’m a female with a sports bike. I’m in no gang, so they will pick on anyone.

  22. “Hello Police Hotline. Can I go for a ride with 2 mates today?”

    “Sorry. We’re too busy checking up on other groups of riders today. Try to call us earlier next time. We might be able to slot you in for a short ride on a designated route in around 3 months time.”

  23. I wonder where an OMCG like Notorious stands – aren’t they the bikeless ‘bikies’ who have black 4WDs instead. Golly, let’s tell Herr Newman so he can insist that all drivers of black SUVs are harassed as well. Ok, all SUVs really – or maybe just all black cars… Oh look,. why not uncomplicate things and just make sure everybody in Qld has to get a travel permit for any time they go more than, say 5kms from home. Hmmm, This is all starting to sound scarily familiar.

  24. …and before anybody tells me that Notorious no longer exists – why would a technicality like that bother Dumbell? He has his stormtroopers looking for Scorpions as well, doesn’t he? AND Sons of Anarchy *snort*

  25. This is becoming a farce! Total overkill! There are far more criminals driving cars, than motorbikes. It seems this government has lost the plot. Surely these sort of laws must contravene our constitution! Australia is not a Communist country yet, but soon will be if don’t fight against legislation like this.

    1. The word ‘farce’ indicates some form of humour – I find nothing remotely funny about this situation.
      I agree with the sentiment though.

  26. So what exactly is the definition of “riding together” ? within 30 metres of another bike ? within 40 metres ? within 50 metres ? This really is bizarre and should be pretty bloody easy to get around BUT the whole priciple of having to inform authorities when you choose to go for a ride is such an invasion of our basic rights.

  27. I served this country for 20 yrs, and for what. If I feel like a ride on the weekend, with my mates, to get rid of the stresses of the working week, then why do I have to get permission. I am an adult and can make my own decisions. If it’s a fight you want then bring it on. I am not a criminal and will not be treated like one in my own country.

  28. What’s wrong with this country? It’s a generalisation that all motorcyclist are criminals. Adolf Hitler did the same thing to the Jews back in World War 2.

  29. Australia has begun her lesson for all the World to see. How a tyrant takes complete hold with the full permission of its people. Yes, the Liberal Party are nothing but tyrants who only seek to control every part of your life. In NSW, even children have become criminals in the eyes of the NSW Liberal Government by using chalk on concrete. Yes, chalk on concrete is now a criminal offence in NSW.

    We have this wonderful woman standing up to the tyrants. If only we had more of her type. In Canberra especially where there is another tyrant who won’t even let us know what he’s doing in power. All this makes me wonder how long it will be when those who dissent disappear.

    Australia voted for it. Now have we have it.

  30. I had no idea we had become a socialist country… ? Or Have we… this is not 1939
    We advertise to our future Australians immigrants, Come live in a fee democratic society safe from oppression from wars unfair oppressive governments’ famine, No matter your race creed or colour you will be safe..
    Well you can live here if you want, BUT you ride a MOTORCYCLE you will be tagged as an OUTLAW,,, BUT WITH TATTOOS and ON a BIKE YOU WILL BE SEEN AS AN OUTLAW.
    Freedom of rights for all law abiding citizens of a democratic and fair country, That’s what our forefathers and our serving forces have fort for, over the many oppressive wars, to bring justice for all people domestic and overseas. ….We cannot forget there contribution…. Freedom is what we hold close to our hearts as Australians.

  31. I remember all too clearly the Bjelke-Peterson era of the 70’s and the draconian legislation that he enacted. It only turned out to be a cover-up for the corruption in the Police Force (AKA Joh’s Army). THIS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN AGAIN

    1. Restriction of civil liberties, growth of police power…mmmm…sounds just like Qld became under Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen. Has he risen from the dead?

  32. Now I could be wrong here but the last time I tried to organize a “ride with the boy’s” ie: a day out on the bikes it took a lot of mucking around and quite a bit more effort than a few phone calls or texts.(And before any keyboard worriers start jumping online, think about it? It’s true) WTF is one more phone call to the police to ensure a hassle free day.Yeah I know in a utopian world you shouldn’t have to but thats the world we live in today and in the world that we live in today the police have a job to do, which by the way they have been ordered to by a democratically elected government. Thats life and I’m not Derryn Hinch!!

    1. Colin I almost agree with ya mate except as the president of a club I don’t have any problems organizing rides out anytime as we do all this at meetings on a weekly basis. NO PROBLEMS AND NOT 1 PHONE CALL… I refuse to give up my friends, associates and brothers to anyone who will use the information to road block and harass us. They can waste their wages and time chasing us all over QLD. I’m a free individual and the world will hear this government is against freedom of its population. THEY WILL FALL LIKE ALL THE REST…..

  33. what is the hot line number.. I will start a campaign to call it repeatedly when we go for a ride here is Dallas, Tx.. just for fun and shall we say harassment

  34. this is getting way out of hand, when bike clubs ride they wear their colors/patches so the normal joe blows out for a ride on their bikes dont have patches or colors so the police should be able to tell the difference between the 2 with them having to ring up and tell then they’re going for a ride, are they reporting to MUM AND DAD what the kids are up to for the day.

  35. These people cannot be allowed to make these decisions. They have NO RIGHT to do this. Freedom…. just a word now in OZ.

  36. How bout go get stuffed !!!
    I’m a working Australian that pays has always payed my taxes and never been locked up … Yes I own a bike … I pay rego.. And spend money on it so its in great condition .. It’s a sports bike .. I’m no bikie .. My mates and I regularly go for a weekend ride to get a steak lunch ..about 6 of us all up .. I will Never ring up and advise of my ride .. We are not kids and I’m not asking permission an never will!!!!
    This ha just made me lose what little respect I had for the government and police .. Congrats on stuffing up our country more and more !!!

  37. On the radio this morning, Napthine wants to use the same laws in Victoria. What a load of bullshit.
    I urge everyone to findout where there local Freedom Ride is leaving from on the 1st December and join in. And remenber ” When Injustice Becomes Law Resistance is Duty”. Dont let the bastards win or we are all F****d.

  38. so now you have to get permission to a legal activity…. and how is this ridiculous idea to be administered…. So after you call in.. and what? give your rego numbers and these will be sent to every police car, so they don’t? pull you up. So if thousands of riders call in…. they have to look up the list… Folks wake up! this is nothing to do with bikers. There is an agenda to this and that is that this fascist government who will demonise anybody who tries to get in their way. Why do you think the Abbott government is handing all environmental approvals to the QLD government. You are shortly going to see corporate/government environmental vandalism on a grand scale. Try to oppose it (eg like the “lock the Gate” movement and you get in a conflict with police (even if they start it) will be branded a VLAD group and im sure you can figure the outcome.

  39. Having ridden a motorcycle for 10 years
    I would say that it’s done more to make
    me calm than anything else. I cannot see any reason why motorcycling should be targeted itself, it’s only going to make things worse if they think motorcycling is the cause of society’s ills.

  40. It is quite simple, the Fuhrer has decreed that this is in out best interest. Remember, if you havent done anything wrong you have nothing to fear, unless of course the High Command decides that you MAY at some future date start thinking for yourselves. In this case thay alrady have a legislative framework in place. Just need to broaden it a bit..
    Arbeit Macht Frei

  41. G’day, well let them pull us over. Licence checks…big deal, but the wages and costs associated with pulling every rider up will soon run their funds low. If you are not drunk or under the influence then it’s all about time. They’re time they will be wasting chasing bikers instead of protecting the population. I will not be ringing anyone to tell them I’m riding out with our club, the exception being our own club members. If it was something they wanted event holders/planners to do when they plan an event well that’s a different story and I personally could live with that. Register the event and any bikers headed in that general direction would be assumed to be attending that event. NO TO GIVING UP MY BROTHERS. Cheers, BigW President of the Vagabonds MC.

  42. Interesting, ok we ring a hotline when we are riding in a group of 3 or more, so then to take this new law to the extreme, any club with vintage cars, or any group of people in 4×4 clubs, anyone walking in a group also must ring this hotline. Handicapped people in wheelchairs on an outing to the zoo, must also ring a hotline…… let’s be serious here, this is a free country, well so I thought.

  43. We used to be the country that people liked because everyone gave each other a fair go. Now we allow government to bully and harass members of our own country and treat them badly. We need to be ashamed! “CanDo”, you have done more than enough to make our state a worse place!

  44. We feel for the indignity suffered from Australian citizens by their chosen and very legal mode of transportation
    Gives “being hassled by the Man” a whole new meaning. We seem to have the same problem of politicians & fanatics slowly chipping away our human rights. There are laws for people that commit crimes…but with luxury of due process…that you are considered innocent until proven guilty…not for like-minded individuals that ride motorcycles together…are tour operators now criminals?…Now however, The police consider you guilty because are a traveler of up to 3 wheels…instead of 4 as they perform court trials on the side of the road. Has Australia become a police state? Bikers or Bikies or Motorcycle Enthusiasts …they are all citizens under the Oz constitution. I certainly hope all the major Motorcycle manufacturers sue the Government of Queensland for hurting sales of a legal vehicle made for highway use…meant to travel in traffic..albeit cars, utes ,trucks or other motorcycles. Fight for your right to ride. Ride Safe Brothers & Sisters of the road.

  45. Perhaps what needs to happen, is for all bike riders (even members of outlaw motorcycle associations) to join their local branch of the LNP. It would be very interesting to see the party work against its members…Or join the ALP for that matter – then it could be seen as a politically motivated smear campaign. This goose is making all the rules, we the people should use his own rules against him.

      1. you feel this is a good idea……. meaning that if 3 mates wanna go out for a sunday ride they should call up and let them know there not a “Criminal” before they can go out and do what we all love……. “feeling the rush as you lean that bike into a corner”

    1. That’s quite a clever idea. They are unlikely to know who you are personally unless the LNP/ALP Executives have information on people they aren’t legally entitled too.

  46. I generally ride by myself, but this sounds like madness. I can’t help but hear those words “Those who compromise their freedoms in the name of security, end up losing both”.
    It starts with things like this. It doesn’t matter that it’s probably not intended for your average rider, this is an erosion of basic freedoms of all individuals. Where do they draw the line ?

    1. Absolutely Peter. I agree, ignore this situation at your peril, for next it will be a group closer to your heart, and then another. We are just the thin edge of the wedge. Playing dirty in the media seems to be a regular game now. As for counting how many people are present and then advising the police where, when and who is going on a ride on any given day, please, who is honestly going to do that? Ooh ah, What if the police say “no, you can’t go?” Tell me that won’t happen! Don’t the police have something better to do with their time? How about catch CRIMINALS? We have a legal system for all potential criminals in Australia and we don’t need a pseudo legal system for groups of people that some people in power don’t like, but have probably never met.

    2. Guess future Ulysses Club Members Annual General Meetings won’t be held in Queensland any more !

    3. exactly, just the idea is disgusting, how can people of Australia be so controlled and restricted that they need to ask for permission for a bike they purchased, they insured, they registered, they maintain and regularly get inspected, to use a road that was built for the public, why must not a car driver do the same? this is disgusting targeting individuals depending on the vehicle they use

  47. It seems particularly discriminatory and easy for mass misuse by police.

    If police spot several riders in close proximity to each other, but not riding together, what checks and balances will be in place to ensure police can’t target them?

  48. Just for the record, not all patched riders are criminals either or even members of what is now trendy to call the OMG’s. Allowing oneself to get caught up in the emotion of what idiots or zealots are saying is not productive. Having a clear understanding of what is really going on is productive.

  49. What if by chance 4 or more riders – who have no association – ride in close proximity to each other?
    Do they need they need to stop on the side of the road and ring in?
    Once they know where you intend to go, they’ll know exactly where to set up the licence stations.
    I wouldn’t ring in on principle. Pull me over and annoy me as usual, thanks.

  50. This black duck won’t be ringing anyone when we go for a ride on the bikes, last ride 23 of us booked the whole motel out gave the owner $1200 for the night he was rapt said come back any time. The pub we ate at and drank at on the night made a fortune. The locals had a ball with us no fights everyone was happy. If you break the law then you as that individual should be punished not the rest of society. When criminals are caught doing something wrong then throw the book at them not a slap on the wrist. I am a member of the shooters and fishers party we have a motor bike branch in nsw we are worried about these laws.

  51. I think it is time for us to start thinking outside their square
    Here are some questions that may help
    Are you a PERSON when a person is defined as a corporation / legal fiction/ trustee in bankruptcy /gender neutral thing?
    Are you as a man /woman required to follow the laws of a corporation , legal fiction , say Mc Donalds?
    Are you aware that all you are to those private Corporations is a stake holder ?
    Sounds harmless enough does it not until you look up the legal definition of stake holder stakeholder n. a person having in his/her possession (holding) money or property in which he/she has no interest, right or title, awaiting the outcome of a dispute between two or more claimants to the money or property. The stakeholder has a duty to deliver to the owner or owners the money or assets once the right to legal possession is established by judgment or agreement. (See: escrow)
    does that answer the question of why the can take your stuff house /bike /car/children? oh and they forgot to tell you that when ever you registered something with them you gave them legal title with donative intent/ a gift with no ties . The longer you remain a person / an entity owned by the state / government ( yeah I know it sounds like fantasy but do your self a favour and do some checking to see if i am full of bullshit) the longer you will be a slave with your rights being only what government will grant you for those brave enough to replace the beliefs and dogma sold to you by corporate government check out these sites servant king by marcus the confusion videos CANADA ,tami pepperman CANADA sovereign warriors USA sothern freeman AU , OPPT au please people gain some knowledge before its to late

    1. I have seen this before and know you are right. Our Government has signed that many treaties with the UN, which holds all the titles for everything, that the only way to undo the damage is to remove BOTH parties by any means possible and go back to the way Government worked prior to Federation. We are all so heavily over legislated that even when you are obeying one law, chances are that you break another. There is no need for more legislation, there is a need for Politicians to work with the community to make things work. The Party system has allowed a system of dictatorship to arise in the guise of “Mandates” yet they are not given a Mandate unless a Referendum is held. We haven’t had one of them for anything important for a long while.

  52. So, my sister and her social motorcycle club friends have to ring up if they make a late decision on a Saturday night that they’re going for a ride on the Sunday. Is this hotline going to be available 24-hours-7-days-a-week or will such rides need to be booked a week ahead of time? What if the social motorcycle clubs all got together and rode anyway. Honestly, people are getting their homes broken into and burglarised; people are being assaulted when they go for a night out; people are having their lives put at risk by idiots disobeying the road rules… and the police are far too busy policing law-abiding motorcyclists.
    The police generally do a good job, but they can’t when they’re forced to work to our government’s agenda. If I lived in Brisbane, I’d gladly ride on the back of my brother-in-law’s motorcycle as part of an ‘In-laws’ ride! Wait a minute, does that mean if he decides to go for a ride with his wife and his two sons and daughter (all adults) on separate motorcycles they’re considered a gang?

  53. Keeping it simple… I don’t condone juiced up wankers with daddy issues running around like they’re immune to the law but can’t help feeling that basic freedoms are being trodden on here. If this kind of political interference is allowed to happen we all need to worry about how it will affect our futures. Do your jobs pollies!

  54. All the previous comments are valid. Have any of you visited the Motorcyclists Australia Party facebook page? If not, then I suggest you do as this party has been set up expressly to act as a political voice for motorcyclists as diverse and disparate a group we are, at least we have one potent interest in common. The only to change the laws is to either be the party in power or hold the balance of power and use it! Sign the petition!

  55. This is a typical response to a minority bad element. As is the case where a minority are causing issues there is the usually a reaction. The reactions are usually created by faceless beaurocrats who are required to make policies and legislation in most cases quickly and without consultation with the coal face that is in this case law abiding motorbike enthusiasts.

    Criminals who have actually committed an offense who don’t receive custodial sentences receive this sort of requirements. This legislation is a blanket response to something that has been left to fester until it became so unmanageable that we have come to this point.

    I belong to a motorbike enthusiast club, not a 1% as is seen to be the minority who are causing the issues. One of the attractions for me to participate in the club is the camaraderie, the interest and the rides as a group. It is a law abiding club that I belong to that has my wife’s approval because it is organised by a committee of volunteers. The club survives on membership fees, sponsorship from a motorbike dealer and the goodwill of the its committee and members.

    I feel that my right to freedom of choice and my legal rights are being impinged upon. That I am being considered to be guilty and placed in a box with those who flaunt the law before I have ever been associated in an illegal action.

    While I accept that there needs to be action taken to address an ever increasing criminal element, I am offended and adamantly opposed to any legislation that requires me or my club to report to police every time we as a group decide to have a ride. Let’s face it, not every police officer is going to be aware of every ride by every group over two and will in his execution of his duty pull over enthusiasts who are going about their right which they pay for in their taxes, registration and insurances.

    If you generalise this on to other types of activities then it won’t be long till other impinging will be encumbered upon citizens who are and continue to be law abiding.

    Please let common sense prevail and the law abiding motorbike enthusiast ask you to reconsider this blanket cover.

  56. If you can’t ride in a group whether you are part of a MC or a weekend rider of three or more because it may promote you as a gang up to no good, then footy fans shouldn’t wear their team supporters jersey to a game as drunken or pissed off fans who lose to an apposing team go on a rampage of violence or destruction many times when they don’t win, but they can proudly wear their colours while out and police have no say in that

    1. Give it time ,if they get away with this, that might be next! 🙁 They dont want groups of any sort.

  57. It defies belief that this can be happening in 2013 – what a complete waste of resources – I like the idea of joining the LNP would be great to see how that would go!! Members disagreeing with their leader wonder what legislation he will dream up to combat that outcome?

  58. This is a free country. My parents and grandparents went to war to preserve our freedom and I WILL NOT ring any hotline if me and my law-abiding friends want to go for a ride ANYWHERE in this country that our taxes pay for. Who gave Newman the right to dictate to me where and when I can ride and who and how many I can ride with. As for keeping numbers low to ensure that the petition gets accepted, don’t be gutless. Organise a mass ride to deliver the petition. Governments don’t listen to small numbers. This is all political bullshit to hide the fact that countless greedy and corrupt politicians have ruined this great state and country.

  59. What a pathetic response to a pathetic law introduced by a Government that is going to drag us back to the days of Joh whatever his name was..

  60. You have called the bikeride hotline. Press 1 if you are a criminal with nefarious intent. Press 2 if you are a Uselysses(misspelling intentional) member. Press 3 if you are a sports bike rider. Press 4 if you are a cruiser rider and look good in a dayglo vest and Press 5 if you are a member of the LNP but also ride a motorcycle. If you wish to return to the main menu, Press 6 to listen to the options again.
    We apologise, but all our lines are busy and the expected wait time is 45 minutes. You may get to speak to an operator before dark, if the Premier personally authorises it. This call will not be recorded for quality purposes, because frankly, we don’t give a shit! Have a good one.

  61. After looking around to try and find the source of this information… I have found nothing.
    Reading through it, I get the feeling that Mark Hinchliffe, the author, has deliberately left a VERY important piece of information out of the story.
    A piece of information that would make a very large difference to the feelings of the people involved.
    So… Mark… anything else you’d like to mention?

      1. So, just to clarify then…
        Are you suggesting that this law will target every single motorbike rider in Queensland?
        And that any motorcycle owner who wishes to go for a ride with two or more friends MUST call this hotline, regardless of their club affiliations?

        1. I’m not suggesting anything, just reporting what the meeting was told. They also suggested an online register of rides. Personally, I don’t see how they can manage either a hotline or online register. It would be a logistic nightmare. Let’s hope they see the folly of their ways and abandon the idea. But in its present form, yes it has the potential to affect anyone riding in any group of three or more.

  62. This happened to me the other day,i was riding to work and met 2 other riders at the lights whom i did not know. We were all heading in the same direction, does this now make us a group and guilty under this new legislation? scary!

  63. This is hard to believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Politics are bad over here but at least we don’t have something like this so far!

  64. Who is next on this madman’s agenda? Going on a four wheel drive weekend with friends and family? Call the hotline for permission. Car club run? Call the hotline.

  65. What if one group of “validated” riders happen to catch up another group of “validated” riders on the same stretch of road. Does this mean they are not allowed to overtake & have to drop back because at the point of the overtake that makes 6 riders travelling together. No doubt as luck would have it some jobsworth prick from the bacon patrol would happen to pass & pull the whole lot in because they are in violation of their validated run. You couldn’t make this up! Australia is turning into a carry-on film.

  66. Jamie, I’m intrigued. Exactly what information has Mark allegedly left out? The reports about this hotline are on the public record. This isn’t a grassy knoll conspiracy theory is it?

    1. Not at all, Paul.
      If this article spells out the entire truth, without anything whatsoever omitted, then Mark is absolutely right… it is an abhorrent idea and should be abolished before it makes it to law… and furthermore, its creators should be castrated so that they cannot breed.
      HOWEVER…. I can’t find that public record?
      I can’t find the record of this outside of Mark’s own writings… who, by his own admission, is already biased against these laws, making him an entirely unreliable source of truthful information.
      Without that record, Not I, nor anybody can make their own mind up as to exactly what these proposed rules will imply.
      Which is exactly my point.
      This does not feel like the whole story. It feel VERY strongly like one side… and one side only.
      And IF that is the case, then the author is guilty of propaganda style media reporting… Otherwise known as “Brainwashing”
      I would like to make my own mind up on this… and to do so, I need to be provided with all the information, from both sides…
      Anyone who believes they can make their mind up from hearing just one side of a story will always be a part of the problem, and can never be a part of a solution.

      1. Please re-read the story. It clearly quotes the MRAQ and AMC representatives as saying that the hotline was suggested. Furthermore, I have since spoken to other people who were there and they confirmed it. It has also been reported on the Brisbane Times (Fairfax) website. If you want to talk about bias, the fact that the Murdoch media hasn’t reported the preposterous hotline proposal speaks volumes for the bias of that organisation.

      2. Spot on Jamie, we really need to know who is paying Mark Hinchliffe to write this one-sided crap.

        1. I wasn’t invited to the closed meeting, nor was any media. I spoke directly with the two major motorcycle representatives. As for who is paying me … don’t make me laugh! I don’t get paid anything for this site, but I am open to advertisers (hint, hint).

      3. I found the page on the BrisbaneTimes website, cheers for that Mark.
        Anyone who’s interested in more of the story can find it at

        My take on this is still undecided, but there are a few key points in this brief that lead me to believe that my initial speculation is justified.
        In short :

        All in all, it appears that
        a.) This is nothing but an opening discussion about possible solutions to current police harassment…
        b.) It will absolutely NOT a mandatory service and has NOT been proposed that way.
        c.) The entire thing was brought about to try to help EASE the situation of innocent bikers being harassed by cops, not to make it worse.

        At length :
        The use of the term “clubs” when speaking about this proposed idea leads me to think that it’s very possible that this rule would apply only to members of said clubs.
        It also goes on to suggest that what this is is NOT a bad thing as so many seem to want to tout… however it is a possible REPRIEVE from the police harassment that the government deems necessary to “get of these parasites on the streets of Queensland”
        As they said… “These aren’t the people that we are targeting. We are targeting the criminal gangs and thugs, and we make no apologies. We’re going hard, we’re going fast, and we’re going to go further than ever before in relation to getting rid of these parasites on the streets of Queensland.”
        The criminal element of motorcycle gangs has reached such an epic level that they have been forced to toughen up… and go hard.

        I.E : The cops are going to go hard… and there’s not a thing anyone can do to stop them. (In my opinion, this can ONLY be a good thing… about damn time Australians hardened the f**** up and did something to stop the crap that happens)
        But in the meantime, there will be disruptions.
        They suck.
        But if you wanna avoid them, “here’s a number to call to let us know that you’re not criminals… etc. ”
        For motorcycle clubs, this SHOULD be a good thing. Meaning that you can conduct a cruise in peace.

        However… This DOES leave the possibility that if this hotline comes into play, that the police could it as a “Free List” and target anyone who calls in.
        In this case, it would be criminal misuse of a public system by the police. and >>insert comment about castration<<

        At the end of the day, how motorcyclists are treated by the government/police force will all depend on how motorcyclists act.

        Fact 1 : There is an enormous issue with criminal bike gangs… and it MUST be dealt with.
        Fact 2 : The "Dealt With" part is going to interfere with motorcyclists lives.

        If anyone has a solution that deals with Fact 1 while avoiding Fact 2, then put it into another petition, and I'll sign that one, too.But if all you do is whine about Fact 2 while ignoring Fact 1, then you're part of the problem.

      4. My only concern is that not taking all this incredibly seriously is the same as when the gun laws came in. The whole system with weapons licencing is totally unworkable and the amount of mistakes that are made are staggering. If the hotline does come in, then there will be a whole new department created, just like with the weapons, and over time, more and more rights will be eroded. Even if you did call in and somehow the person on the other end of the line didn’t do their job properly, just remember, you will be the one found guilty of not ensuring that all the correct info was registered. The buck will always stop with the people, never the Government. Time the whole community, riders and all others, came together and said “ENOUGH” There is already too much division on this page. Give it another week and people will be overtly hostile. Divide and conquer is the name of the game and the Government is dividing us again.

  67. Given how the cops pull up individual bikes on a road until there are ten or so and then say you are all in a group is the way they operate.
    Maybe we should all ring the line every time we ride to work or go on a ride in case we end up on a road with other bikes in a “Police” definition of a group.

  68. Jamie, after looking around to try and find the source of your information… I have found nothing.
    Reading through it, I get the feeling that you Jamie, the author, has deliberately left a VERY important piece of information out of the comment.
    A piece of information that would make a very large difference to the understanding of the people reading your comment.
    So… Jamie… anything else you’d like to mention?

  69. What I find the most ridiculous with this is even if you ring and tell them you’re going to, say Canungra, with a group of 6 or 7 guys, and another 10 groups of 6 or 7 guys ring up, then they see more groups that have 8 or 9 guys, how are they going to know who rang and who didn’t? Oh I know, they can pull you up and check all your details to see if you rang so that you wouldn’t be pulled over …

  70. It’s all smoke and mirrors with a small minority of over-powered individuals aiming unjust and unlawful legislation at an even smaller group of less than 1%ers who we all know deal and do the wrong thing. What of all the other Clubs that wear colours? Ones that have more members, groups of individuals who have meetings, gatherings, social events, Clubs that statistically have members who are responsible for more crime more assaults more anti-social behavior and many more of society’s problems.
    For example every weekend you can see these groups in and around were you live, some are peaceful some are a little loud some down right obnoxious, but all or most of them wear colours. Their group leaders or heroes make it into the media on a weekly basis some for doing good – some for doing evil.
    So beware people next time you go outside, of the evil people, Bowls Clubs, Football Clubs, Cricket Clubs, Soccer Clubs, School Children (school uniforms are colours), Croquet Clubs (very evil people they hit things with mallets) Cycle Clubs (very bad people no regard for road rules) and many more patch-wearing groups but beware the worst of them all the two most evil and and morally corrupt of them all Politicians (the old boys club) and Police (the ones who swear to do the right thing but all too often do the opposite).

  71. Once again Mark Hinchliffe grabs hold of one throw away idea presented in a meeting he wasn’t invited to and blows it well out of proportion, shoddy journalism at best, toeing the Criminal Motorcycle Gang line at worst. He quotes the MRAQ (an unrepresentative group with fewer than 50 members) and the Sydney based AMC represented by a young Left Wing Hobart Law Student flown up from Tasmania for the meeting (AMC whose membership includes the UMC a group representing Criminal Motorcycle Gangs). Mark perhaps you should try and represent the views of the majority of Queensland Motorcycle riders rather than manipulating the truth for the benefit of your sponsors.

  72. Mark, your opening line was an outright lie.
    “Motorcycle riders will now have to ring a police hotline number if they want to ride in groups of three or more in peace.”
    The key words being “have to” and “If they want to”.
    That misrepresentation of the truth removes any credibility from the rest of your story… true or not.
    Those of us who are concerned with the truth (Being both, unbiassed sides of a story) are absolutely going to want to “shoot the messenger” when that messenger only brings half a message.

      1. After RE-reading the rest of this story, Mark, I still fall to the same conclusion.
        Your opening statement was deliberately untruthful.
        The police have no intention of forcing anyone to call prior to riding.
        But perhaps you misspelled the word “Now”
        and the sentence was supposed to read “Motorcycle riders will not have to ring a police hotline number if they want to ride in groups of three or more in peace.”
        The above is a true sentence.
        Yours was not.
        And with that fact proven (In statements made by the concerned parties, which you have omitted in your story), that leaves the entirety of the rest of this articles already questionable nature in a rather precarious position.
        Your position here is obvious, Mark… you want people to hate the police and the government for their unjust laws….
        Yet you propose nothing to replace these laws, instead, you simply voice a loud, one-sided argument…
        Would you prefer it if the entire justice system was placed on hold… while criminal gangs ran rampant once again… while they found a way to deal with the delicate sensibilities of people unwilling to accept a harsh solution to a harsher problem?
        In my eyes, you are guilty of hypocrisy for while you allude to the corruption of one media source (Murdoch) you propagate your own corrupt, one-sided version of events.

  73. Jamie & James you blokes are blind the cops raided Viet Nam Vets MC not a 1% club, what a sick perverted act. These men fought for our country & for your freedom you siccos. Every biker should join in the Freedom Ride on Sunday 1st December in your state to protest these draconian laws. When injustice Becomes Law Resistance Is Duty. Stop these laws or we are all F****d.

  74. Take a breath Jamie and James Greene! I only met Mark fairly recently and I can say that he has no barrow to push. He was reluctantly drafted in as the organiser of the petition because no one else put their hand up. No AMC, no MRAQ. I personally have no faith in either of those organisations as they appear to be shit scared of upsetting the status quo and unwilling to go into bat for their supposed constituents, motorcyclists, in any meaningful way except for photo ops and thought bubbles.
    I can assure both of you that the Mark Hinchcliffe I have spent time with has NO agenda other than defend civil liberties and the rights of motorcyclists to pursue a legal pastime. That’s it fellas. So my query to both of you is what agenda do you have? Are you Government moles, Murdoch employees, Aliens among us?? Over to you fellas.

  75. Read it slowly:
    “Motorcycle riders will now have to ring a police hotline number if they want to ride in groups of three or more in peace.”

    Jamie, now take a deep breath and clear your thoughts and read the next sentence:
    “That is the PREPOSTEROUS PROPOSAL given to recreational riders today at an hour-long meeting with Queensland Police Minister Jack Dempsey and Police Commissioner Ian Stewart and Taskforce Maxima representatives over the implementation of the so-called Vicious Lawless Associations Disestablishment (VLAD) Act .”
    See. I put the two relevant words in caps in case you missed them… again.

  76. Xj900, you’ll forgive me for ignoring you as you have, quite obviously, ignored me.

    Paul… Fair enough mate.
    And in a sense, I agree with you. Those who don’t have the balls to stand up for the rights of their constituents do not deserve to be in power, be it the head of a motorcycle club or the head of state.
    My agenda here is one of informed justice… in the purest sense of the words.
    I’m a “Motoring” enthusiast… both for bikes and cars.
    Recently, my concern recently has been the horrendously bad interpretations of the “Anti Hoon” laws being thrown around.
    So many lies and propaganda surround those laws, that it is almost impossible to take any of it seriously.
    And this is no different…
    The government has enacted laws to deal with a situation that, we all can agree, is WAY out of hand.
    This has pissed a LOT of people off…
    But the most amount of damage has come from the lies and mis-represented truths being bandied about.
    I speak of stories like the Bikie in Mt Isa who was apparently arrested for wearing a belt buckle.
    When tin truth, he’d been yelling abuse at the local constabulary from the bar.
    Now I’m not saying that harassment doesn’t happen… It certainly does, and there needs to be a level of accountability for it. However, my view is that half Stories are the realm of bad media. Very bad media. If someone is leading a campaign based on half-truths and propaganda, then they’re no better than the Nazi party. (Yes, this also rings true for political campaigns)

    As for the petition, Paul… I’m sorry that Mark was forced into delivering it… I’m sorry because I do not believe that it will be taken seriously.
    Why? Because it is not offering any kind of solution… It’s simply asking for the law to be put on hold because “We don’t like being pushed around”
    You may as well sign a petition asking for the immediate ceasing of “randomly, and without any reasonable cause or suspicion, stopping and detaining drivers for the sole reason that the driver may be under the influence of alcohol”.
    The government has enacted harsh laws to deal with a harsh situation… if a solution cannot be presented to the first, then complaining about the second is nothing but verbal masturbation.

    At the end of the day, there is a due process for everything… and “HONEST” media is one of them.
    That process has not been followed here, and the end result is that many people are furious about a breach of their rights that has not… and very clearly will not happen.

  77. Jamie, while I appreciate your quest for honest and balanced reporting, this has to apply across the board I.e. the Murdoch and Singleton mouthpieces. The lies, distortions and propaganda sprouted by these sycophants during the Federal election should have all of us concerned. The fact that an American citizen who surrendered his Australian citizenship in his thirst for global power, can dictate to Australians what he believes to be the natural order is as outrageous as Fox News claiming to be ‘fair and balanced.’ Winston Smith would be rolling in his literary grave. This should concern all of us.
    We are a one paper city and a one party state. This is unhealthy for democracy as it is no longer one. The enacted laws thus far are a shape of things to come which will be far more proscriptive. I lived through the Joh years and this is déjà vu. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. That’s where we are today and until the next state election, because Queenslanders unleashed their blind fury against an admittedly incompetent Government, without any real thought to the outcome of their actions. Mate, gotta say that when anyone uses the Nazi comparison, they lose the debate!

    1. On this, I don’t disagree with you at all Paul.
      Media as a whole is entirely responsible for the impression that its stories generate.
      These laws are not nice. But they are not designed to be…
      As I see it, there are 2 types of debate sparked by these laws… .
      Healthy debate… and unhealthy debate.
      The unhealthy debates are the ones that are so twisted and distorted by mis-represented truths (from both sides) are overshadowing the healthy debates.

      The issue as I see it is not that we are facing a problem now… but that once these laws have achieved their goal… they MUST be repealed. They can only be a temporary measure.
      On this, I am certain you and I can both agree on.
      And that is where the problem is.
      If unhealthy debates are used as a primary form of opposition to these laws, then when the time comes to dismantle them, the arguments WILL be flawed… and there is a chance that the already imperfect government will seize the opportunity to exploit it… and HOLD those laws.

      The populace as a whole must understand the laws in FULL… as well as the ramifications of them… so that LEGITIMATE discussion can be brought to the table in order to disestablish them.
      But what the populace as a whole is being fed by stories like this… are ILLEGITIMATE claims and falsehoods… and when the time comes, if arguments like this are used against these laws… We are in a whole lot of trouble.

      (I disagree with you on the Nazi debate thing though… Understanding how and why the Nazi Party managed to get into power is very applicable to situations like this)

  78. Give the non problematic riders tags for their license plates that are visual, you cause problems you lose your tag. Those without a tag must not be grouped.

  79. Here’s a question open to all. If 2 bikes with 2 riders and 2 pillions want to go for a ride, does that constitute a group of 3 or more and will they be required to phone in details of their ride?

  80. Paul.. Firstly, I thought it was clear from the News link that this was intended on a per motorcycle basis… but who knows, in truth.
    But as for the second part… As stated earlier Paul, the answer is No.
    They will not be required to phone in…
    Nobody will be “required” to phone in.

  81. Jamie. It is forums like these that alternative views can be heard. The majority of us don’t have a voice through the mainstream media, which is controlled by vested interests, who have their own various agendas. These media outlets tend to run the gamut from conservative to reactionary, with the subsequent bylines and editorials supporting the views of their paymasters. Democracy is about all views having the same value. This is why the Murdochs of the world want to control as much of the online world as possible and drown out the voices of everyday punters like you and me. The Internet has to some extent tilted the scales back to the people in the same way the Forum in Ancient Athens provided a venue for the citizens to express their views. We can agree to disagree, because we live in a civilised society.
    Please note. The circumstances in Germany in the 1930s bore little resemblance to Queensland in 2013. The economy had collapsed, reparations from World War 1 were crippling, unemployment was high, inflation was out of control. In this atmosphere, the rise of Hitler or someone else like him was inevitable to foment discontent among the burghers. Mein Kampf drew the focus of Hitlers’ hatred of the Jews and to blame them for the economic climate. Somehow mate, I don’t see the similarities.

    1. I think the Government & Police Service may have different agendas, The politicians may be genuine in wanting to stamp out the criminal element within so-called bikie clubs. The police (or at least certain members) on the other hand are wanting to stamp out motorcycling as a recreation in Qld. If this was not the case then can someone explain to me why trained law enforcement officers cannot tell the difference between a couple of blokes riding a Yamaha & Honda sports tourer & a bikie gang? We were pulled over on Saturday morning 2nd November 2013 on the Centenary Hwy Springfield for an identification check & my mate on the Yamaha was eventually booked for wearing a helmet that is more than 2 years old. The helmet carried the AS1698 stickers but as they were faded it indicated an aged helmet & of course by quizzing the owner of the helmet he learned it was at least a few years old & according to this particular officer helmets must be replaced after 2 years, the result 3 demerit points & $330 fine. Whilst we were pulled over 3 more bikes came along the road & were immediately pulled in. I just wish them luck as two of them were on Harley-Davidsons & if the police officer thought we looked like bikies on our Jap bikes, heaven help those guys.

  82. I was at the meeting with the Police Minister and other senior Police last Thursday. The purpose of the meeting as far as I could tell from comments expressed by Minister was to open up the lines of communication with legitimate riders/groups and to express the government’s position that recreational riders were NOT the target of these laws and their recent activities; that the focus is entirely on criminal groups and their associates. The meeting did NOT address the new laws.

    After recreational riders had expressed a number of examples of poor treatment when being pulled up, there was some discussion on how riders might avoid drama on their rides. At one point the Police Commissioner mentioned the idea of something like the current Qld “Party Line”. The initial reaction from a few riders was that this might be good (I cannot recall anyone speaking against the idea). One rider rep then said they’d made a habit of contacting their local Gold Coast Police about all their rides and never been hassled. It followed that the police would be happy to engage with rider groups on their movements to be forewarned (just like a party organiser pre-warning the QPS in case it gets out of control). The suggestion was that maybe an email address could be set up too. As I recall, there was never any suggestion that ride groups must now (or soon will have to) report all our rides. Mark Hinchliffe appears to be quoting comments afterwards from the MRAQ and AMC reps who were present. They may have their own views.

    A hard-line view of the meeting on a single suggestion is but one legitimate response; but it denies the opportunity it provided for excellent follow-up to communicate further with the Police on how to reduce the incidence of recreational riders being hit as collateral damage in this saga.

  83. I spent a lot of years driving trucks all over Australia. Truck drivers have always been seen as outcasts, and as such, copped a fair bit of harassment from the plod.
    But, believe that the plod know exactly who they want and why and if you happen to be associated with any of these people
    you will suffer some grief. Given time they will get rid of the people that they want [need]to and maybe at times you will suffer a bit of grief but in the long run it will turn out OK. Stupid inflammatory carry-on such as here will not help you or the plod
    I know that my uncle would be turning in his grave reading all of this rubbish. He rode and raced bikes from when he was 15 till he was 75. The Broadford motorcycle park was part of what he did over the years with his mates, but they still copped it from the plod, particularly when they all went to Phillip Is as a group. They all had their colours as well, Hartwell Motorcycle Club. Wake up to yourselves and show that you are as innocent as you claim by helping to get rid of the criminal element that has given bikies such a bad name

  84. maybe we need to get 1000 bike riders together and all go park legally outside adolf newmans office and allow 500 cops to question everyone thereby allowing real criminals free reign over the streets?
    how many police are riders? do they expect to be pulled over and questioned just because they riding motorcycle.
    anyone who has tattoos on their forearms are also a target for the law.
    Queensland has basically been a separate country since joe bjelkes time, now newman wants to be the president of the country known as queensland………. Native born queenslanders are queenslanders before they are Australians…… sad.
    wont be long and everyone who commented here will be checked out by asio.

  85. on reading all about the ‘bikie menace’ i had a cruise around the net, looking looking for any figures on the actual crimes attributed to outlaw bike clubs the best i could find was around 1%. One writer in the australian estimated outlaw
    gangs were making 10 billion dollars a year out of their activities. From his own estimate of 4,000 omg members australia
    wide this would average 2.5 million a year to each member, yeah right!
    We have the mafia, responsible for the assassination of a politician in nsw ,asian gangs{responsible for the assassination of another politician in NSW ) neither of which triggered a response like this
    a lot of this present trouble appears to be middle eastern crime gang activity by people who may or may not ride bikes.
    from what i gather the protaganists at sydney airport arrived by taxi! when on any of your rides have any of you seen groups wearing colours?
    so why the hysteria?
    as a footnote aboriginals while making up 2.5% of the population make up 25% of the jail population, so is mr newman
    going to make it illegal for aborigines to go out in groups of 3 or more.
    we as motorcyclists are a very visible group, and now the omg’s wont be wearing their colours .We all look the same
    to the average car driver .Most of whom wouldn’t know a bmw from a harley anyway
    so every time they pass a cop on the side of the with some poor bugger on a bike pulled up they can rest a little easier knowing campbell newman is keeping them safe.
    This is just cynical politics

  86. They will need to hire more staff in every state or get a call centre in India if they want to keep up with all the calls if everyone obeys this ridiculous law.

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