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Indian Motorcycle Racing Dominates AFT Season Opener With Back-To-Back Wins

AFT Indian First Win 2021 Season

2012 Called, They Want Their “WINNING!” Back

Indians’ Flat Track Motorcycle Racing division is no stranger to utter domination when it comes to the American Flat Track racing series. The heritage American motorcycle company extends its successes into the 2021 Americal Flat Track SuperTwins racing series with a proper first step into the season, securing two very important wins at the Volusia Half-Mile doubleheader event.

Privateer Brandon Robinson and official Wrecking Crew rider Jarad Mees came in clutch for the company’s AFT representation when they took turns crossing the finish line at the season-opening doubleheader. Bradon Robinson took his trusty Indian FTR750 into victory lane to secure his fifth victory with the bike, and Robinson’s win marked his third back-to-back in dating back to the season finale of last year making this accomplishment worthy of celebration.

AFT Indian First Win 2021 Season

The first race of any racing series is always important when it comes to the greater picture of how the season will play out. The first race is always the perfect litmus test to judge how far teams have come in developing their vehicles during the offseason. Sometimes teams slide back in rankings over the offseason, and sometimes teams with a poorly performing vehicle from the season prior will come back with updates and unleash holy terror on the rest of the grid (Brawn Formula 1 Team, I’m looking at you…).

“Despite being injured for the bulk of the 2020 season, Brandon finished the year with incredible momentum, so it was truly exciting to see him pick up right where he left off and reach the top of the box,” said Gary Gray, Vice President – Racing, Technology & Service for Indian Motorcycle. “Having swept the Volusia Half-Mile doubleheader last year, Jared entered round two with fierce determination to secure the win and garner the all-important points at a track he’s exceptionally comfortable and confident on.”

The next race on the calendar for the 2021 AFT season will land itself on May 1st at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. If you enjoy watching badasses fight it out while drifting circles around each other on loose dirt, it’ll be worth a watch.


  1. This entire business about Indian being allowed to field a race-only flat track engine with absolutely no connection to any street bike engine made by Indian is a sad joke. Harley and Yamaha and Kawasaki at least run engines that are derived directly from street engines, just like Harley’s KR-750s when I was a pro flat track racer 55 years ago. Ditto BSA and Triumph bikes. Now, the series’ top class may as well be called “Indian Twins” because except for the “short” half miles, nobody else has a chance. AFT has turned flat track racing into NASCAR Lite. No privateers, all entrants in Indian Twins make the main. Boring. I switch off the computer/TV after Production Twins and Singles. I had hoped that AFT would dissolve after the virus wrecked the sports viewing economy but sadly it has not and USA flat track racing is no longer fun to watch. Indian has nothing to celebrate.

  2. I enjoy new found sport of flat track. Indian I believe is responsible for the new interest. But they had to split things up in class because Indian dominated. I now am a paying spectator at flat track racing.

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