Honda: New Filings Show Potential for Revised CB1100 Hawk by 2023

A view of the patent image associated with a potential new Honda 1100 Hawk
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Honda might have a new bun in the oven – and if the registered patents are anything to go by, we could be looking at a new CB1100 Hawk. 

We don’t have much to go by, apart from the fact that the image does indeed appear to be taken from a recent filing from Honda and that the bike in the image itself showcases a standard bike design wrapped around a tubular steel frame – very reminiscent of the Rebel 1100

“It’s very plausible that this motorcycle will make it into production and is set to join the Honda lineup in due time,” muses the report from RideApart

“The current CB1100 has been in production and selling since 2011, and a final edition in Japan marked the end of the generation’s stint in the market. Honda hasn’t updated their emissions standard for the current 1100 as well, so that makes it in dire need of an update at this time.”

A view of the patent image associated with a potential new Honda 1100 Hawk, as imagined by Young Machine

Source: RideApart

“Going off the historic nameplates of Honda, Young Machine called it the GB1100, in line with the naming of the recent GB350, and the initials of the old GB500. The GB models came with twin cylinders, and Young Machine even styled it according to the old Honda Hawk models. “

If this bike does end up being an addition to the 2023 year – as speculated by Young Machine –  the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer will likely make the bike Euro-5 compliant – and there’s even talk that the machine could house the Africa Twin’s 1084cc Unicam parallel-twin. 

Whatever this bike brings, we will keep you posted on any more updates as we come by them on this topic; in the meantime, be sure to check out the “EICMA 2021” category that we curated for you to keep up on the latest from the world’s greatest motorcycle show, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.