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Harley-Davidson Teaser Hints At New Bike for January 26

A view of the Harley-Davidson teaser trailer for January 26

If there’s one thing I have huge respect for, it’s a brand that doesn’t seem to stop blazing forward – and if there was ever a brand that felt galvanised into radical evolution over the past few years, it’s Harley-Davidson

We needn’t say much on the 2020 Hardwire Strategy that the American motorcycle manufacturer placed into effect in a nose dive to appeal to newer gens and boost bgone sales figures; CEO Jochen Zeitz’s vision for the brand was ambitious, but by all accounts has been working in the company’s favour. 

A view of the Harley-Davidson teaser trailer for January 26

Source: Youtube

From the LiveWire One (H-D’s very first electric motorcycle), to their first adventure model, the Pan America and the Sportster S, both sporting Harley’s all-new Max Revolution engine – all these machines have by all accounts been doing rather well when it comes to sales. 

So it stands to reason that the company’s Strategy should have a couple more beasties in the bank, ready to set loose on the populace for 2022. 

We haven’t much to go by, apart from a teaser showing glimpses of a peanut tank with the H-D brand name in bronzed capitals across the thing and a few more obscure close-up texture shots of random gears and gadgets.

A side view of the Harley-Davidson Low Rider S, for which we could be seeing a new variant for 2022

Source: Harley-Davidson’s official website

Word is that Harley-Davidson could be giving us a touring model of the low rider S, though I think it more likely that we’re due for another variant featuring the 1,252cc, liquid-cooled, V-twin Max Revolution engine – especially considering they’ve pulled a page from Ducati’s book and called it a ‘world premiere’, complete with registration for ‘updates and reminders leading up to the event.’ 

It sounds big, and we’ve already signed up for anything and everything that could give us further clues.

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*Title media sourced from Youtube*