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[REVIEW] Gryphon Moto Indy Pants

a front view of the Gryphon Moto Indy Pants with the CE level armor
Review Summary
The Gryphon Moto Indy Pants include CE Level 2 knee armor, good ventilation, and a full-length insulated liner. The pants are an excellent value for the price.
Build Quality
All-weather protection
CE Level 2 Armor
Insulated liner
Value Pricing
No height adjustment for knee protection
Only one color
Hip protection is not CE-Rated
Only one-year warranty


I will start by saying I am all for All The Gear All The Time (ATGATT). However, I’ll be honest and say that I often wear most of the gear all the time, as I often switch out riding pants for jeans. I am hoping the Gryphon Moto Indy pants change that.

The Indy pants and the matching Vancouver jacket are a complete technical ADV / Touring suit for around $500 USD for both pants and jacket. It features waterproofing, several pockets for storage, ventilation, CE Level 2 knee protection, and an insulated liner. An excellent value for the money.

I tested the pants on two different bikes. First, a touring/cruiser (Yamaha Stratoliner), the second a standard/naked (Kawasaki ZRX) bike. Oh yeah, and a quick ride on a 1961 Honda 55 Cub! See the picture below of the bear (me) on the tricycle (Honda Cub).

I am always anxious to get riding in the spring. So the Indy pants and Vancouver jacket seemed like the perfect candidate for riding in the typical mixed spring weather conditions.

The province put restrictions in place due to the pandemic, but I was able to get plenty of opportunities to test the Indy pants in combination with the Vancouver jacket.

A side profile of a rider trying out the Gryphon Moto Indy Pants, riding a motorcycle

About Gryphon Moto

I first came across Gryphon Moto through social media advertising.  The ad piqued my interest (mainly because it was motorcycle-related), and I clicked through to take a look.  I quickly realized that the gear was legitimate and reached out to Gryphon Moto for more information.

After exchanging a few emails with Gryphon Moto, I determined that they were a relatively new business located in central Ontario, not far from where I live. So a plan was set in motion to meet at Gryphon Moto warehouse in early spring.

By spring, we were in complete lockdown in Ontario (impacting my ability to ride), followed by a dock worker strike in Montreal. Both affected Gryphon Motos’ ability to refill their inventory for the riding season.

By mid-May, a friend and I rode up to Orillia to meet with Gary and Jenny Cuzner to chat, try on gear and pick up the Indy pants and Vancouver jacket for review.

Gary has been in the Powersports industry for over 40 years, working mainly at the distribution and warehousing level.  His experience and industry contacts influenced the design, production, and distribution of the Gryphon Moto product line.  Jenny runs with the social media and communications end of the business.  Their social media feeds are always active, with the latest news and images of their gear in action.

We enjoyed the time meeting with Gary and Jenny.  The front office of the warehouse has many pictures of Gary’s racing over the years.  We spent as much time talking about his racing motocross for Yamaha in the mid-70s and snowmobile racing as we did about gear.  It was easy to see where he gets his passion for the industry and the family business.

The goal of Gryphon Moto is to create quality motorcycle gear without the high price tag.

Gryphon Moto Indy Pant Features

The Gryphon Moto Indy Pants comes loaded with features for both weather and abrasion protection.

Key features for me include:

  • 600 Denier with 1680 Denier on high impact areas
  • CE Level 2 protection for back, shoulders and elbows
  • REISSA Breathable/Waterproof membrane
  • Ventilation panels on the thigh
  • Waterproof pockets
  • Thermal layer

For a complete list of features, visit Gryphon Moto Indy Pants.

Gryphon Moto Indy Pant First Impressions

When travelling any distance, I have always carried rain gear to go over my regular riding gear. So, I was looking forward to receiving the waterproof Gryphon Moto Indy Pants (and Vancouver jacket). I can always use the extra space when packing for a trip.

My first impression was that the pants appear to be well built. I liked the subtle black styling and subtle branding. After slipping the pants on (XL), followed by upsizing (2XL), they had an excellent fit.

A back view of the Gryphon Moto Indy Pants.

Gryphon Moto Indy Pant Construction

Outer Shell

The 600 Denier Anti-Abrasive Ballistic Nylon with 1680 Denier used in high-impact areas makes for a quality outer shell.  The pants also have a reinforced seat area and stretch panels at the back of the knees.

The high abrasion resistance comes at the cost of weight. However, once the pants are on, it is not as noticeable.  I didn’t notice the weight while walking around either.

The tag that comes with the Gryphon Moto Indy Pants.
Both the Outer Shell and Liner are 100% Polyester


Nylon mesh lines the interior throughout for increased airflow and comfort.  The red color looks fantastic!


The waistband features a snap closure as well as velcro adjustment on both sides. The closure is zippered, covered by a flap held in place by the snap and velcro.  Behind the zipper is an additional layer of backing material.  All this adds to comfort and weather protection.

The front zipper, waistband and pockets of the Gryphon Moto Indy Pants.


There are four pockets in total:

  • Two large hip cargo-style pockets with a velcro flap closure and rolled top for waterproofing.
  • Two front zippered slash pockets.

A side profile of the Gryphon Moto Indy Pants with the cargo pocket.


Hi-visibility is more a feature of jackets rather than pants.  So, any reflective elements are a bonus.

There are two reflective bands at the bottom of each leg. The reflective bands are very subtle in the daylight.  Reflection areas use 3M Scotchlite 360 Reflective elements.

Like most pants, the Indy is not a high visibility pant, but in this case, every bit helps.


Branding is white on black but remains subtle, which I like. The Gryphon name appears on the left hip. Additionally, the Gryphon name is on all adjustment tabs.


All the exterior zippers are YKK. The ventilation zippers tuck into hoods or “zipper garages” at the top of the zipper.

The main zipper also has an additional rain/wind flap with Velcro and a dome snap.

There is also a  zipper to connect the Indy Pants to a matching Vancouver jacket or other Gryphon Moto jackets.


The Gryphon Moto Indy Pants are only available in black.

Gryphon Moto Indy Pant Overall Build Quality


The Gryphon Moto Indy pants come in 7 sizes; S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL.

Using the size chart on the Gryphon Moto website, I selected the XL. My size at the time of the order was 6’3” in height, and I typically wear 38 W jeans, which fall perfectly in the XL sizing chart. However, when trying on gear during my visit to the Gryphon Moto warehouse, the XL was tight, so I went with 2XL. In addition, I often have an issue with the inseam being too short, but in this case, I did not.

The size chart lists two medium and large sizes and short, regular and long inseams.  But, the website only allows size selection of S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL and  4XL, with no choice for inseam. I would suggest using the Chat feature on the website if you have fitment questions.

Men's pants measurement chart for the Gryphon Moto Indy Pants.


I found the pants to be very comfortable with or without the insulated liner.

Articulating accordion stretch panels on the waist and knees help with flexibility and comfort. There is also a stretch panel at the back of the knees, which reduces bulk and adds comfort. There is no height adjustment on the knee protectors.

The adjustability levels of the Gryphon Moto Indy Pants.


The Gryphon Moto Indy Pants allowed for fitment in several ways:

  • Adjustable velcro at the waist
  • Zippers at the hem
  • Adjustable velcro at the hem

These straps and adjustments allow you to fine-tune the fit for comfort and reduce wind turbulence. In addition, the hem adjustment opens wide enough to slide over boots with velcro to tighten around the boots.

A view of the adjustable velcro at the waist of the Gryphon Moto Indy Pants.

A close-up view of the zippers and velcro at the hem of the Gryphon Moto Indy Pants.

Gryphon Moto Indy Pant Functionality


The Gryphon Moto Indy uses Gryphon’s Waterproof 2 Layer System, a REISSA Breathable/Waterproof membrane.

If possible, I try to do a water test on gear with the claim of being waterproof. This test could be either riding in the rain (preferred) or sprayed from a hose. In this case, I did both.

I rode about 30 km in what I would call a light rain with intermittent heavy rain on the first test. After that, I am happy to say I stayed dry.

Because the rain was relatively light, I thought I would make a second test under the hose in the yard. I did have an issue with the jacket, but the pants worked great.  The cargo pockets also remained dry.

A view of the waterproofing test for the Gryphon Moto Indy Pants review.


The Indy Pants contain ventilation on the thighs via an air intake.

So, from my two tests, I would say the Indy pants passed my testing.

A view of the air-intake of the Gryphon Moto Indy Pants.

I was able to use the Indy Pants in many weather conditions. From 5 C (41 F) in combination with the provided insulated liner/pants to heavy rain to 32 C (90 F) with a humidex of 37 C (99 F). Where I live in central Ontario, this is considered very hot.

On many spring rides, the day starts cool, so I keep the vents closed. By lunch, the temperature becomes moderate so I partially open vents. When the temperatures peak, I open the vents completely. I run hot, so I only used the insulated liner on very cold mornings.

Overall I thought the ventilation on the Gryphon Moto Indy Pants was very good.


The Indy Pants offers several layers of protection:

  • Outer shell made of 600 Denier Anti-Abrasive Ballistic Nylon
  • 1680 Denier used in high impact areas
  • CE Level 2 protection in the knees
  • Hip pockets for added armor (CE Level armor not included)

Many pants in this price level use the lower CE Level 1 armour. Well done, Gryphon Moto.

EN1621-1 is the Certification Standard typically used for the bony parts of the body – and the Gryphon Moto Indy Pants makes good use of the protection.

In the protection formula, Protector Style S = Shoulder, E = Elbow, and K = Knee.

Type A, in this instance, means that the Gryphon Moto Indy Pants have smaller dimensions than Type B, etc.

Level 2 Protection armor is better than the alternative Level 1.

With that all said, the armor used in these pants features:

  • Knee Certified (EN 1621-1:2012; S+E+K TYPE A; Protection level: 2)
  • Hip Armor has a foam placeholder, CE Level Hip Protection is not included

A view of the Type A knee pads in the Gryphon Moto Indy Pants.

Care Instructions

I found the best way to keep the pants looking good was to wipe them down with a damp cloth. Then, if you get caught in the rain, let it drip dry.

Here are the attached instructions on the pants.

Care instructions for the Gryphon Moto Indy Pants.

For details, please visit Gryphon Moto Care and Warranty

Insulated Liner

The Indy pants include a full-length insulated liner to keep you warm on those cold days.

The insulated pants zip on around the waist and have small loops near the hem to attach to the outer shell.

I snowmobiled for many years, and I think the Vancouver jacket and Indy pants, with their liners installed, is warmer than many of the snowmobile suits I wore.

The insulated lining for the Gryphon Moto Indy Pants.


The Gryphon Moto Indy Pants carries a one-year guarantee on materials and workmanship. One year is the minimum standard, and many manufacturers offer two or more years.

For details, please visit Gryphon Moto Care and Warranty.


A full side profile of the Gryphon Moto Indy Pants.

I picked up the Gryphon Moto Pants in mid-May, it is now the end of June, and I have put it on for almost every ride in that time.  Sadly, I still wear my jeans for brief rides or errands, but I am trying.

I found the Indy pants perfect for all-around use.  Cold day, add the insulated liner, warm day, open up the vents, hit some rain, no problem, it’s waterproof.  In most conditions, the Gryphon Moto Indy pants simply get the job done.  Add to that comfort, good looks and great value at $200.

Overall, the Gryphon Moto Indy Pants is an excellent piece of gear at a very reasonable price.


  • Ventilation
  • All-weather protection
  • Storage pockets
  • CE Level 2 Armor
  • Included Insulated Liner
  • Value Pricing


  • No height adjustment on knee protection
  • Hip protection is not CE rated
  • Only on color
  • Only 1 Year Warranty


  • Manufacturer: Gryphon Moto
  • Price: (When Tested) $200 USD
  • Made In: Pakistan
  • Colors: Black
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL
  • Review Period: Mar-Jun 2021

Important Links / Where to Buy

  • Gryphon Moto
  • Also available from several retailers across Canada.

Gryphon Moto Indy Pant Image Gallery

  1. Great test article! I sure like the way you really test waterproofing. That ’62 Honda 55 Cub was the First motorcycle I ever rode in 1966, at age 14! Memories came flooding back of showing off in the schoolyard by doing donuts and wheelies…back then you could ride a motorcycle under 100cc in Manitoba without a driver’s license, and, no helmets! by ’68 I was racing flat track….and still ride on the street today.

    1. Hey Ric.
      Thanks for taking the time to read the review. I was having a little fun on the old Honda Cub, I’m glad it brought back some great memories for you.

  2. “Sadly, I still wear my motorcycle jeans for brief rides or errands, but I am trying.” Why sadly? If they are actually motorcycle jeans they can quite readily be every bit or more protective on both impact and abrasion resistance as these will be.
    True not all that claim to be motorcycle jeans will, but then there are plenty of motorcycle pants that don’t really do that either.
    Is the reflective only on the front of the legs? Seems bizarre if that is the case, as who is going to notice that past a headlight?
    Good review though. Helpful on sizing, etc

    1. Ralph, thanks for taking the time to read the article.
      As for the jeans, sometimes things get mixed up in editing. My intent was normal jeans. Motorcycle jeans, for me, would meet the requirement for AGATT.
      I just checked the reflective strips are on the front. I was pleased to have any ;-). But, you are correct, it would likely be more effective on the back.

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