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Gear Grind: Eleveit’s X-Treme Collection

A view of the Elevate 2022 X-Treme Motorcycle gear

In line with Enginehawk’s 2022 collection (now with options for us gals!), MV Agusta’s 2022 Heritage Collection (hope you like the OG logo) and Eleveit’s last Collection drop (featuring the top-spec MUD MAXI gear) comes the next offering from the Veneto-based moto gear company. 

World, meet Eleveit‘s X-Treme collection – a refreshed addition to Eleveit’s new Off-Road gear genre.

Here’s what the collection entails: 

A view of the Elevate 2022 X-Treme Motorcycle gear

X-Treme Jersey

Boasting a light fit, Eleveit’s X-Treme Jersey is a light polyester blend with breathable allowance in the underarm area, the sides, and behind the collar.

A view of the Elevate 2022 X-Treme Motorcycle gear

X-Treme Pant

Eleveit really went to town on this unit.

The X-Treme Pant features “an extremely scratch-resistant polyester that resists high temperatures and offers 4-way elasticity for excellent and perfect mobility.”

Expect the caboose of the pant to be polyamide, with rubber air intakes (and a mesh behind the calves) encouraging breathability. Eleveit also has grippy leather for the inside of the knee, complemented by the pleated spandex at the knee front (and lumbar area) for the ultimate flex. 

The whole kit is cinched in by a zipper and adjustable micrometric fastening, as well as velcro belts at the waist to ensure the pant doesn’t move mid-use.

A view of the Elevate 2022 X-Treme Motorcycle gear

X-Treme Gloves

The X-Treme Gloves have been completely overhauled, with the upper material now a breathable mesh and Nanofront® chosen for the palm (including the thumb-index space). Anti-blister padding has also been added on the interior of the gloves for longevity of wear. 

Finger protection comes in the form of PR Sonic patches, with TPR fastenings complemented by the Velcro® strap (with enforced Lycra section) to keep everything snug and cinched to a tee. 

A view of the Elevate 2022 X-Treme Motorcycle gear

X-Treme Gold (Boot)

Given Eleveit’s entry into the moto industry included their rad reputation for top-shelf boots, we expected a nice pair for the X-Treme Collection – and as per usual, Eleveit outdid themselves in both fashion and function. 

The X-Legend Gold limited-edition boot pays homage to the ex-world champion Alex Salvini’s successes in EnduroGP (as well as this season’s Andrea Adamo and Alberto Forato in MotoXP). The color scheme – white with gold touches – features the usual attention to detail, with four micrometric adjustment fastening levers setting off the patented Controlled Forward Flexion technology (the system that protects the back and forth movement of the ankle within easy range) and the Controlled Lateral Flexion technology (guides the lateral movement of the ankle). 

But you didn’t read this just for the pretty colors; Eleveit’s boot structure is the real main character of the X-Treme lineup, with the X-Legend Gold featuring “a PU heel that extends in height until it is anchored under the arch connecting the inside and outside of the boot.”

For the Gold, this also means that when the X-Legend boot and the limb flex forward, ‘the heel becomes more and more tensed until it stops the ankle movement,’ protecting your appendage in the height of competition heat without compromising the comfy factor. 

A view of the Elevate 2022 X-Treme Motorcycle gear

All told, this is a bang-on collection drop from our favorite Veneto-based brand, and we look forward to hearing what you guys think as they trickle into our local dealership racks. 

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*Media sourced from the relevant press release*