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About Our Selections

These selections considered ease of use, rideability, price, and how effective each motorcycle was achieving the stated goal of its class. We are confident that any of these bikes will be superb options for most riders.

It should be noted that we also consider direct drive transmission, which are what almost every electric motorcycle uses, as automatic transmissions, as the DC motor itself is the transmission.

2023 Can-Am Ryker

A three wheeler for those that like trikes or can't otherwise ride a regular motorcycle at a great price

2023 Can-Am Spyder F3

Robust and powerful, for the thrill seeker that wants to explore a canyon road on three wheels

2023 Can-Am Spyder RT

A distance touring variant of the Can-Am Spyder that emphasizes comfort over sheer power and speed

2023 Honda Gold Wing DCT / Gold Wing Tour DCT

The King of distance touring, now with available DCT to make crushing continents even easier

2023 Honda Africa Twin DCT

An ADV that is happy both on and off the pavement

2023 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT

A more robust, off-road oriented version of the Africa Twin that wants you to get muddy!

2023 Honda Rebel 1100 DCT ABS

All the comforts of a power cruiser, with the ease of a DCT transmission

2023 Honda NC750X DCT ABS

Honda's mid-range adventure tourer that is more pavement oriented, but can still mix it up with the best of them

2023 Honda Super Cub C125 ABS

It's just so easy to ride, especially with the automatic, that it's no wonder that it's the most produced vehicle of all time

2023 Honda Navi

A pocket bike for when you need to do some small runabout errands or just have a fun little ride

2023 Livewire Motorcycles Livewire One

An urban oriented electric motorcycle from Harley-Davidson's spin-off company

2023 Zero S

A sporty electric motorcycle designed to be affordable enough to introduce everyone to the new technology

2023 Zero SR

A more serious electric motorcycle for the urban and suburban jungles

2023 Zero SR/S

Zero's flagship electric sportbike, designed for the sport rider to be able to carve some corners

2023 Zero SR/F

The naked sport version of the SR/S, just as gutsy and agile as its brother

2023 Zero FX

The model that put Zero on the map

2023 Zero FXE

An electric supermoto... need we say more?

2023 Zero DS

The base model electric dual sport, perfect for the urban rider

2023 Zero DSR

A more serious dual sport for those wanting to attack both pavement and dirt in equal measure

2023 Zero DSR/X

The all-new electric ADV, with extended range and the most torque of any Zero