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Motorcycle Cooling Vest Reviews

Motorcycle Cooling Vest Reviews

Helping Keep You Cool This Summer With Our Hands On Reviews Of the Best Motorcycle Cooling Vests

Most people think the only way to stay cool while riding during the summer is a well ventilated motorcycle jacket. For anybody who lives in really warm summer weather like us, we know that a jacket with vents can only do so much. Don’t sweat it (yes, i know), we’re here to tell you about the secret, little known world of motorcycle cooling vests.

Cooling vests are a pretty simple concept. Basically, evaporative cooling vests soak up water and then release it over time to help carry away excess body heat. Evaporative cooling is the same way our bodies work so it works really well. The hot air causes the water stored in the vests to evaporate, thereby drawing heat away from you body and cooling you down.

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Cooling Vest and Cooling Clothing Reviews

We’re always reviewing new cooling products so be sure to check out our most recent reviews here. Some of the more notable reviews of cooling vests and other hydration products can be found below:

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Where to Buy A Cooling Vest

Amazon is our top choice for cooling vests. There unparalleled selection and great service trumps the other retailers we’ve tested before.

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Keep Cool With Other Cooling Clothing Products

Cooling vests aren’t the only to stay cool on your bike during the summer heat. Check out some of our other suggestions for novel solutions for being more comfortable this summer.

Phase Change Clothing:  The MiraCool Phase Change vest can be frozen and then worn; claimed to keep the rider at 65 degrees  |  See the wBW review of the Roadgear AdaptiveTec Outlast phase change vest and jacket  |  More phase chance glove reviews listed on the wBW Motorcycle Gloves page

Cooling Neck Wraps:  Koolin’ Klothz Update for 2009  |  Original Koolin’ Klothz Cooling Neck Wraps evaporative neck wrap review; a good and cheap way to keep cool without having to wear an entire cooling vest

Powered Cooling Vests:  Got money to burn?  How about the Veskimo cooling vest, a $349.00 device designed to be worn over clothing; it holds chilled water and a battery powered pump circulates it through the vest.  And you can drink the water, too!