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Motorcycle Tech: D30’s Shock-Absorbing Goo “Worthy of Tony Stark’s Lab”

A close-up of armour created using D30's non-Newtonian goo
Credit: 24helmets

On September 10th, I covered a new tech prototype that was being tested for stab-proof vests. The material was a variable-rigidity chainmail-style of interlinked shapes that allowed the user full flexibility without compromising on protection. 

A view of the variable-rigidity material currently being created as a prototype for stab-proof vests
Credit: WBW

Today, we’re talking about non-Newtonian materials (substances that absorb shock or stiffen on impact) in the business of protective gear – and who better to give the world an update in protection than D30?

A close-up of the manor created from D30's non-Newtonian goo
Credit: Louis

For those of you who don’t know, the blokes at D30 are experts in safety – specifically impact protection and shock absorption. They make the best of the best – athlete armor, military vests, football helmet padding, motorcycle armor, etc. – and they’ve built a top-notch reputation with their high-impact CE Level 2 armor for the biker community (our mate Mark Kitaoka reviewed some D30 armor with the KLIM Marrakesh Textile Jacket.) 

A front and back view of a motorcycle jacket featuring CE Level 2 D30 armour using the non-Newtonian goo
Credit: D30

Currently, D30’s non-Newtonian fluid is mixed with chemicals that cause the goo to stiffen, creating a puffed foam that can then be injected into molds for a client’s armor of choice. 

A close-up of D30's non-Newtonian goo
Credit: MOW

So how does it work?

D30 says molecules in the liquid move about freely, creating a flexible state very much like silly putty. When hit, the molecules lock, absorbing and dispersing energy, then relax back into the putty-like consistency. 

A view of the absorption potential of D30's non-Newtonian goo
Credit: Musto

The reactive state of the putty is the money-maker – and Allison Barrie, a military defense specialist on FoxNews, can’t get enough of the potential.

“This isn’t any ordinary goo that you’ll see in your typical nursery school,” she says.

A close-up of a hand punching D30's non-Newtonian goo
Credit: Motor Authority

“This is an orange goo worthy of Tony Stark’s lab…but it’s actual stuff.  It’s not Hollywood fiction; this is something that we’re currently using and have been using at military special operations.”

A close-up of a hand wrapped in D30's non-Newtonian goo
Credit: Youtube

Obviously, it’s not possible to twist yourself up in the stuff (although specialist Barrie did wrap her finger in the goo and confirm that she couldn’t feel the hammer pounding away at her digit). D30 is still exploring the many uses of the non-Newtonian fluid that they’ve patented for their armor, as well as the shelf life expectancy for each variant that they release. 

A back view of a motorcycle jacket BlueGrass Seamless Lite D30 BTM Back Protector featuring the non-Newtonian goo made by D30.
A back view of a motorcycle jacket BlueGrass Seamless Lite D30 BTM Back Protector. Credit: SingleTracks

Stay tuned for further updates on this brilliant material, and make sure to head over to the garage and check that your gear is up-to-date with the latest and greatest (we’ve got a list for that, just in case).