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BYOD: Build Your Own Ducati

A picture of a gas tank of a Ducati bike.

Who says you can’t make dreams a reality?

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati has just created a new budget column for our wallets by offering the masses a sweet chance to customize a Ducati bike – whether it be a new beastie set for our own personal showroom or accessorizing a current Ducati machine. 

Here’s what they mean by the tantalizing word ‘customize’:

  1. You get your Ducati tailored to your preferred specifications. For some models, this includes the obligatory paint options, as well as different spoke choices, exhausts, clutches, brakes…everything customized to the rider’s preferred riding style. 
  2. Should you already own a Ducati, you now have the opinion of getting accessory inspiration for your current bike.
  3. Choose from any of Ducati’s current model lineup for customizing options: The Multistrada, The Panigale, Diavel, and XDiavel, The Hypermotard, Streetfighter, Monster, or Supersport.

the side fairing of a Ducati Motorcycle

We here at WebBikeWorld decided to hit up Ducati’s website and give the configuration process a little go on your behalf (so generous of us, we know).

Here’s how the process went:

    • I’m eager to see the customization potential, so why not go all-out? 2022 Panigale V4 R, and “Next”. 
  • Select, if applicable, what ‘Accessories’ you want for/included in your motorbike.
    • THIS blew me away. I’m scrolling on the available list of Ducati accessories for what seems like a good four seconds before I get to the bottom of the website bar. Folks, they’ve got it all; I’m looking at everything from engine performance upgrades to plastic, fiberglass, and carbon parts in full and partial fairing kits. We have a ‘Special Materials’ category with clutch brake fluid reservoirs, handlebar balancing weights, brake, and clutch fluid adapters, etc. Chassis and Brake Systems? You’ve got it. Electric/Electronic Components? Got that too – including tyre warmers, an anti-theft kit, DTC EVO2 software for slick – rain tyres…even a multimedia system. The lineup finishes with a “touring” category and a “Sundry Accessories” subheading where you can find your standard bike stands, cover, anti-slip stickers…the list goes on.
  • Select, if applicable, what ‘Package’ you want for your motorbike.
    • For the Panigale V4 R, here were the available packages: The Sport Panigale V2-V4 accessory package, complete with the following:
      • Billet aluminum handlebar balancing weights.
      • Billet aluminum tank cap.
      • Clutch lever.
      • Pair of dynamic LED turn indicators.
      • Brake lever.
    • The Pit Stop Panigale V4 accessory package, complete with the following:
      • Front service stand.
      • Rear service stands for a single-sided swinging arm.
      • Panigale V4 Tyre Warmer Set. 
  • Select, if applicable, What ‘Gear’ you want to be included in your purchase.
    • Everything you typically find available with the Ducati logo is under this heading. We’re talking toe to the top of the head – they’ve got it covered.
  • Select, if applicable, What ‘Outfits’ you want to be included in your purchase.
    • Racing suits for days – and I love it. 
  • “The Ducati of your dreams has been configured!”
    • A final prompt from Ducati’s website to complete my purchase of $62,505 USD (yum) and a neat notification that I can send the order immediately to my nearest local Ducati Dealer, who will get in touch and find the best offers. 
A view of the 2022 Ducati Panigale V4 R
2022 Ducati Panigale V4 R

Bottom line, if you’re the type to go all or nothing, Ducati has just made it extremely easy to paint your days red and spend that extra bonus cheque.

Have fun, folks – and make sure to leave a bit in the budget for the gas.