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best electric motorcycles

About Our Selections

These selections considered ease of use, rideability, price, and how effective each motorcycle was achieving the stated goal of its class. We are confident that any of these bikes will be superb options for most riders.

The only major criteria that these motorcycles had to have to be considered were that their primary form of motivation was a permanent magnet DC motor, and that they met the legal definition at a government level of a full motorcycle. This means that there are no mopeds on this list, but one scooter did make it into our selections as it has the power and speed of a full motorcycle.

2023 Energica Ego+

An electric sportbike so good that a modified version of it started an entire racing series, Moto E

2023 Livewire Motorcycles One

Harley-Davidson's new spin-off company is making ONE hell of an electric bike

2023 Zero SR/F

A sport naked electric bike that surprises with its performance and agility

2023 Lightning LS-218

One of the older electric bikes on this list, and a damned fast one at that

2023 BMW CE-04

Calling this thing a scooter seems kind of wrong, it has so much power and performance for its size

2023 Energica Experia

One of a few eMotos trying to break into the ADV market

Special Mention: 2024 Damon Hypersport

It's been in prototype hell for a while now, but if the reports are to be trusted, it's almost here

Special Mention: 2023 Ducati V21L Moto E Race Bike

The replacement from the Energica Ego Corsa for FIM Moto E from 2023 to 2026