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2019 New Motorcycle Helmet Arrivals – Our Favorites

2019’s New Motorcycle Helmets Finally Hit Store Shelves

What do you do when you get torrential rain and can’t ride all weekend? You check out deals on the internet and spend way too much money. That’s what happened to yours truly this weekend.  While buying stuff I didn’t need for great prices I also stumbled on cool new products, finally seeing all the awesome new products we have been talking about for months hit the shelves for the 2019 season. So instead of bringing you deals this week, I am bringing you all the new gear finally for sale, specifically all the cool helmets for 2019. 

Revzilla (a WBW partner) has a dedicated section for New Arrivals so that is where I started and was able to find some very cool things for the 2019 riding season. Here were my favorite items:

Shoei GT-Air II Helmet. The ultimate all-rounder has been updated to meet the demands of today’s rider. We have the GT-Air II being tested at the moment and expect to have that hands on review soon. Shoei says the GT-Air II has improved aero and ventilation plus the integrated SRL 2 Comm System. Check it out.


HJC RPHA 11 Pro Saravo Helmet. The HJC RPHA 11 builds upon the hugely successful RPHA 10, creating an even more finely tuned helmet for sport and track-day enthusiasts. The HJC RPHA 11 Pro was a big surprise to us when we reviewed it. The combination of outstanding ventilation, the light weight and solid build quality should make this a definite choice for anyone searching for the “perfect” full-face high-end helmet. Check it out.


Schuberth C4 Pro Helmet. The C4 made our 2019 best modular helmet list because it is a premium-priced modular with speakers and a mic built into the shell. The reality is that if you’re looking for a high-end modular, you’re looking at the Neotec II or this C4. Check it out.


Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon Tempest Helmet. Schuberth brings their Formula 1 racing technology to the C4 Pro to package it in a 100% carbon fiber shell making it the lightest Schuberth modular helmet ever. Want the awesomeness of a Schuberth Pro with less weight, then check it out.


Arai Signet-X Dyno Helmet. The Arai Signet-X is the next evolution of the famous Signet-Q. Arai has thrown everything including the kitchen sink at this premium motorcycle helmet. When we reviewed it we said that the Arai Signet-X is the answer for riders with “Narrow” head shapes and it brings all of the new Arai “X” features to their “Long Oval” head shape helmet. Check it out. 


Arai VX Pro 4 Combat Helmet.The iconic Arai VX Pro-3 receives its long-awaited replacement in the form of the Arai VX Pro 4 Helmet (see our full review here). The Arai VX Pro4 dirt helmet is for the serious off-road enthusiast, who requires nothing but the utmost in comfort and protection from their lid. Check it out. 


Simpson Mod Bandit Carbon Helmet. Simpson takes their touring Ghost Bandit helmet to the next level with the Mod Bandit Carbon helmet. Featuring the same design cues of the original Bandit plus the touring comforts of the Ghost Bandit, the Mod Bandit Carbon provides that extra level of convenience modular helmet wearers know and love. The 100% carbon fiber ultra-lightweight shell has been aerodynamically tuned. Check it out. 


HJC RPHA 11 Pro Venom 2 Helmet. Funnest new helmet definitely goes to the latest version of HJCs Venom helmet. Our sister site has been covering awesome themed motorcycle helmets for years but we know how to have fun too which is why it made our list of best new helmets. Check it out. 


Klim Krios Pro Arsenal Helmet. The Klim Krios Pro Arsenal Helmet upgrades the impact performance and ventilation with Koroyd materials and construction. A full carbon fiber shell with an unmistakable wide carbon weave cuts the weight while still providing a strong shell. A Pinlock-ready face shield along with a Transitions Photochromic lens are included so you can take on various light conditions. Check this out. 

Nexx XR2 Carbon Golden Edition Helmet. Take one look at the Nexx XR2 in this cool cold hue and you can tell it is an awesome helmet. With the Nexx X.R2, the best just got better. The two top vents are redesigned to increase airflow and reduce noise levels, carrying more fresh air directly to the forehead and interior of the helmet. The Nexx XR2 is a combination of technology, comfort and protection. Warning, this is for narrow heads only. Check it out. 

As always the guys at RevZilla have more than just helmets so check out their New Arrivals section.